5 Responses to “When Books Fall Open, You Fall In….Unless the Character doesn’t “look like you””

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    It’s a shame she applies her personal bias, prejudice and bigotry to her reading.

    The LAST thing I think about as I’m reading is the color of the character’s skin.
    I’m reading Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” for the third time and it’s just occurred to me the lead character, Shadow, is black. Or half black like our president. Was he white before this? No, it’s just irrelevant to my enjoyment of the story.

    The fact that she thinks she NEEDS to be reading about colored people says more about HER and HER culture than the books and authors she chose before now

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    Nanny G

    Good for her!

    If all it takes is a black twist to all the characters in books to get black people to read, go for it!

    One of the things we need in this country is for black people to stop insisting that learning to read, to write, to speak clearly, to dress for success is ”acting white.”

    I would couple this increase in black book characters with an end to welfare whenever a person shuts himself/herself off from success by defining such things as proper dress, speaking and literacy it as ”white.”
    Because we coddle such ”invalids, our safety net has become their hammock.

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    It’s funny, my favorite authors have very diverse casts.
    David Weber? Many of his major characters are black or Asian. The empress of his core star system is black. Nobody cares.
    Tom Kratman? An entire series that is centered around Central Americans, and some very good Middle Eastern muslims as well.
    Louise McMasters Bujold? Russian.
    Elizabeth Moon? Hispanic.
    Why is it that race in books only matters when the characters are white?

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    So books need to be written 3 levels below grade, with ghetto grammar, and normalize crime and welfare? All alien enemies must be whites?

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    Spurwing Plover

    Liberals want to rewrite all classic fairytales to be more PC perhaps they should read Politicly Correct Bedtime Stories

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