Obama’s Legal Apartheid System is Actually a Great Opportunity

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A recent post by Flopping Aces’ Dr. John laments what he termed as a legal apartheid system by President Obama. And while Dr. John is correct that this is causing serious problems, I see a major opportunity in the ongoing war against Radical Leftfist idiocy. His piece is worth reading in its entirety, but I’ll recap some of it’s more relevant points. First, the source of the problem:

President Barack Obama is backing a controversial campaign by progressives to regulate schools’ disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are penalized at equal rates, regardless of individuals’ behavior.

His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote “a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”

“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,” said the order, titled “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence.”

With predictable results:

Los Angeles Unified School District is seeing a similar spike in campus offenses after its school superintendent followed federal orders to reduce suspensions of African-Americans. Even threats against teachers are ignored, as administrators’ hands are tied by the new policy.

“I was terrified and bullied by a fourth-grade student,” a teacher at a Los Angeles Unified School District school recently noted on the Los Angeles Times website. “The black student told me to ‘Back off, b—h.’ I told him to go to the office and he said, ‘No, b—h, and no one can make me.’ ”

Complained another LAUSD teacher: “We now have a ‘restorative justice’ counselor, but we still have the same problems. Kids aren’t even suspended for fights or drugs.”

And Attorney general Loretta Lynch is hoping to graduate this programs’ results out of schools and into neighborhoods:

As New York moves to decriminalize low-level offenses, arguing enforcement is “rigged against communities of color,” other large cities are coming under pressure from the Justice Department to do the same thing.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has issued a warning to municipal and state judges across the country that their courts could lose federal funding if they don’t ease up on fines and arrest warrants for minor crimes involving poor offenders, indigent minorities in particular.

There’s more, and as I suggested earlier, read the whole thing. Here’s where the opportunity comes in – why stop at race discrimination? Why not extend it to other groups that have suffered from discrimination as well? Were you aware that despite making up just under half of the population of the United States, men represent over 90% of the prison population? Clearly this is a blatant case of gender bias! Obviously the solution is to prosecute fewer males for crimes committed until the female conviction rate is enough to correct this disparity. And following this line of thinking, we should also look at rape convictions. I haven’t been able to find any data, but common sense tells us that men are disproportionately represented among convicted rapists. Obviously, the solution here will also be to throw out any rape convictions until half of all convictions are given to females. As an added bonus we can get all of the radical feminists on board to ensure that womyn are treated equally! And don’t even get me started on ensuring that the LGBQwerty community is properly punished at all levels relative to the population.

Obviously, mine is a stupid idea, but the only difference between what I’m proposing and what the president has pushed onto these communities is that I don’t have the power to make my bad idea the law of the land. So why not enact my ideas in the communities whose schools have already been infected with the similar ones coming from DC? At least the members of those towns and cities who don’t have children will see what those with kids have to live with. And better still, it will get people asking, “Why did we vote for the idiot who came up with this idea?”

Why indeed.

Now, do any lawmakers in these districts have the guts to bring a law like this forward?

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3 Responses to “Obama’s Legal Apartheid System is Actually a Great Opportunity”

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    Until a few tens of millions of women die in war, no man should serve in the military..

    and men should be given lots of money from women to balance out the ratio of on the job deaths, given women want equal money but don’t do the death jobs.

    why not? wouldnt it be fair and equal?

    oh, i know, women should not get custody of their kids because of that 90% rate too… and they should pay alimony for over 100 years the way the men have…

  2. 2


    Or you could just hold a lottery…
    For every black person who is sent to prison, you randomly choose a white person to go to prison to serve the same sentence.
    For every male child who is suspended from school for fighting, a female child is suspended as well.
    And so on, until every person in America shares collective guilt for every illegal act committed by any other person.
    Sort of what is happening to white males today.

  3. 3


    I hate to bring this to sporting events, but…. Shouldn’t there be all races and both sexes be represented on football, soccer, basketball and hockey teams? After all, isn’t equal representation more important than selecting the most competent person for the job?

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