Obama’s Excellent Communist Adventure

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Obama landed in Cuba and then the fun exploded.

First, he bows to Raul Castro:


Obama appears to try to put a wet one on Raul and Raul is having none of it:


Castro is strongly critical of the US and Obama “Personally Would Not Disagree”

obama sends out a tweet to the people of Cuba


But in that ideal socialist nation only 5% have internet access. Maybe they share a lot.

And while the current President is on foreign soil, a President who soiled a dress laid into him, talking about obama’s “awful legacy of the last eight years.”

“But if you believe we can all rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the 7 years before that when we were practicing trickle-down economics and no regulation in Washington, which is what caused the crash, then you should vote for her,”

No regulation? Well, there was no regulation of Wall St and its high flying gigantic derivative cash machine thanks to Bill Clinton.

“On derivatives, yeah I think they were wrong and I think I was wrong to take [their advice],” he said. “[S]ometimes people with a lot of money make stupid decisions and make it without transparency.”

And thanks to Clinton’s boy Andrew Cuomo, who made predatory lending legal.

It’s been a fun day!


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    So nice to witness the liberals dems eating their own. Happening everywhere. So they broke it, only have plans to continue it. Oh now after the upper crust dems have made a ton of money with the policies they will surely regulate the crap out of it.

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