Just before caucus, Hillary abandons Iowa and courts her real constituency- Wall St

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hillary for wall st


Each October the cliff swallows leave California and in March they come back to Capistrano. Similarly, Hillary Clinton spends a few weeks on the road but then has to return to Wall St. bankers, her one true constituency. Hillary did several cameos (including bowling!) doing her best to convince the people of Iowa that gives a damn about them. But then, one the eve of the Iowa caucuses, the call of the greenback was too strong to resist.

Despite being dogged with questions about her ties to Wall Street, Hillary Clinton will take a detour from the campaign trail in Iowa to do a finance industry fundraiser on Wednesday.

Clinton will appear in Philadelphia at a “gala” fundraiser hosted by executives at Franklin Square Capital Partners, a $17 billion investment fund. Rocker Bon Jovi will reportedly play an acoustic set for “friends” who pledge $1,000 and hosts who bundle up to $27,000. (Giancarlo Stefanoni, a Clinton campaign staffer, confirmed that as of Tuesday afternoon, the event is still on.)

The Philadelphia Inquirernotes that “Franklin Square employs Ivy League-educated money managers and salespeople with experience at big Wall Street firms — plus four personal trainers and a dietitian to keep staff happy and productive amid the gym, yoga and nap rooms, Sol LeWitt art installations, and fancy cafeteria.”

Clinton was supposed to do another fundraiser with the top executives of Black Rock, a New York firm.

Clinton was then scheduled to head to New York City on Thursday, where she was to speak at a lunchtime “Conversations With Hillary” fundraiser, now set for next month. This one is co-hosted by Matt Mallow, a senior managing director and general counsel at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm. As we’ve reported before, having a conversation with Hillary is not cheap.

Hillary’s relationship with Black Rock is quite illuminating:

BlackRock’s ties to Clinton go particularly deep: Cheryl Mills, one of Clinton’s closest advisers at the State Department, sits on BlackRock’s board, and perhaps not surprisingly, Clinton’s plans for the industry align with the company’s financial strategy.

Bernie Sanders wasn’t about to let this slide.

“I do not believe that you can get huge speaking fees from Goldman Sachs,” Sanders told him, “and then with a straight face tell the American people that you’re prepared to do what is necessary to take on the greed and illegal behavior on Wall Street. I don’t think people think that passes the laugh test. . . . Why do special powerful interests give you money? Are they dumb? I don’t think so.”

Morning Joe piled on:

“She certainly handed Bernie that line on a silver platter,” co-host Willie Geist agreed. “The group is called Franklin Square Capital.” (“You can’t make this up!” Scarborough laughed.)

“Here’s the mitigating factor; it featured a concert by Bon Jovi,” Geist said. “And it’s telling, she canceled two fundraisers tonight in New York City.”

“She was going to be in New York tonight raising money three days before Iowa?” piled on host Mika Bzrezinski.

“Wow, she must be very confident that the people of Iowa don’t care whether she’s there or with bankers raising money on the East Coast,” Scarborough snarked. “Well, and Bon Jovi, too… must be a really, really wealthy investment bank to afford Bon Jovi.”

It’s not her fault. Hillary is just not comfortable with people having a net worth of less than $10 million. Here’s a list of Hillary’s top career contributors:


21st Century Fox $340,936 $340,936 $0
Akin, Gump et al $364,478 $360,978 $3,500
Cablevision Systems $336,613 $307,225 $29,388
Citigroup Inc $824,402 $816,402 $8,000
Corning Inc $322,450 $304,450 $18,000
Credit Suisse Group $318,120 $308,120 $10,000
DLA Piper $700,530 $673,530 $27,000
EMILY’s List $609,684 $605,764 $3,920
Goldman Sachs $760,740 $750,740 $10,000
Greenberg Traurig LLP $327,890 $319,790 $8,100
JPMorgan Chase & Co $696,456 $693,456 $3,000
Kirkland & Ellis $329,141 $312,141 $17,000
Lehman Brothers $362,853 $359,853 $3,000
Morgan Stanley $636,564 $631,564 $5,000
National Amusements Inc $328,312 $325,312 $3,000
Skadden, Arps et al $469,290 $464,790 $4,500
Squire Patton Boggs $328,306 $322,868 $5,438
Sullivan & Cromwell $369,150 $369,150 $0
Time Warner $501,831 $476,831 $25,000
University of California $417,327 $417,327 $0


Clinton must be feeling the disdain. She put off the New York gig until February. She’s got to race back to Iowa to convince Iowans that she really, really does give a sh*t about them.

She doesn’t. And everyone knows it. Her dumbass move could not have spoken more loudly, but she did try.

Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton on Thursday said she does not regret taking extravagant speaking fees from Wall Street firms before she ran for president, arguing that she cannot be bought at any price.

“Anybody who thinks they can buy me doesn’t know me,” she said in an interview with the Des Moines Register.

Oh sure, these Goldman Sachs types are morons. It’s not like they invest money where they might see a return. They only want to hear about her Bin Laden exploits. It’s not like they know she’ll care for their interests above all others or anything.


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    The Clinton Campaign is up to its Usual Tricks with their use of Anti Democratic and Unprincipled Methods of Lying and other Dirty Tricks, and we will see the Reasons for this.

    The Real Reason that the Clinton Campaign is doing this is because Hillary Clinton is Anti Democratic, and this should Not be a surprise, because we Know that the Bush and Clinton Dictatorships of America, which began decades ago, and it continues under the Guise of Dictator Hillary Clinton’s Secret Puppet Obama Administration.

    The Slanders by Hillary Clinton is that Senator Sanders is planning to bus in young People from different States to the Iowa Primary Vote, and that Bernie Sanders staffers have posed as Union Members in Las Vegas.

    The Clintons Slanderously Accuse others of what they Themselves are doing, and so it would be Hillary Clinton who wants to bus in out of State young People to the Iowa Primary Vote to Vote for Hillary Clinton, and Clinton wants to make it look like these young People from different States are Bribed by Senator Sander to Vote for Senator Sanders.

    However, it is the Bank and Corporation Funded Hillary Clinton that has Much Bribe Money at https://www.google.com.au/search?q=lots+of+cash&biw=1120&bih=571&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwih86z2-83KAhVGNqYKHYvRAqgQ_AUIBigB .

    Dictator Hillary Clinton would Wrongly gain the illegitimate Votes of those young People who should Not be Voting in Iowa, and she wants to Deceive legitimate Voters of Iowa to protest against what they Wrongly imagine that Senator Sanders has done, and to do that by Voting for Dictator Hillary Clinton, even though Senator Sanders has Not done what he is falsely accused of, and Hillary Clinton is a Master of Deception to Deceive Voters.

    If Dictator Clinton wins the Iowa Primary Vote, then she will falsely say that the Vote for her would have been higher if Senator Sanders had not cheated, and if Dictator Hillary Clinton loses the Iowa Primary Vote, then she will falsely blame this on Senator Sanders.

    The use of Slander in an Election Campaign is Evidence of Treason against Citizens, and of being Anti Democratic, because American Voters including female American Voters have the Human Right to Vote for Honest Candidates, and to give their Votes to a Candidate based on Facts and Not to be Manipulated by an Unprincipled Slanderer, and then give their Vote to the Unprincipled Slanderer rather than to an Honest Candidate, and we Know that Dictator Hillary Clinton has said that Women’s Rights are Human Rights.

    Dictator Hillary Clinton said that Bernie Sanders staffers have posed as Union Members in Las Vegas.

    The Reason she Lied about this is because she hopes to Deceive Workers to Vote for her against their own Interests.

    Dictator Hillary Clinton has a History of being against Workers and Unions, and Wal Mart is one example of this.

    Hillary Clinton was a member of the Wal Mart board of directors between 1986 and 1992, and she remained silent as the world’s largest retailer waged a major campaign against labor unions seeking to represent store workers, and Anti Democratic Hillary Clinton is Known for using Dirty Tricks during Elections and at other times at http://www.alternet.org/story/73782/hillary_clinton's_dirty_campaign_tactics .

    Hillary Clinton will use Unprincipled Methods, and she will Pay her Campaign Activists to Pretend to be Ordinary People, and these will Phone each other on their Mobile Phones, and it will be made to look like natural and unrehearsed phone calls, and these People could be on a crowded bus or lining up in a supermarket to purchase their goods, and one will send a Text message to the other one to say to make the phone call, and then during the Conversation, they will Slander Senator Sanders by saying that he is a communist; whereas Senator Sanders is a Social Democrat.

    Social Democrats believe in Regulated Free Enterprise with Free and Fair Competition, and some Socialism, and France and other European Countries have had Many Socialist Governments, as France currently has a Socialist Government and a Socialist President, and any problems with Socialism in Europe is Not because of the limited Socialism, but because they foolishly share the Common Euro Currency, but America has its own Currency.

    This is why Honest Americans will direct Voters to the Official Websites of the Candidates, and Encourage them to consider only those things on the Candidates Websites on which to base their Voting Intentions, but they Need to Understand that Dictator Hillary Clinton is a Hardened and Compulsive Liar, and they should Not believe too much of what she promises, and that they Should Consider Voting for Honest Candidates.

    Hillary Clinton is the wrong type of woman to be President of America, because the Abundant Evidence Proves what Hillary Clinton is, and this is why there are Many Democrat Voters who think that it is Proper for Americans Voters to Vote for Anyone But Clinton, because Americans should Respect America.

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    ANOTHER example of the left having no principles but only political weapons. The same people that criticized Romney for having worked to amass a fortune are who blindly support Hillary that has amassed a fortune by talking to wealthy entities expecting repayment in favors.

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    Tony Plank

    For the life of me, I do not understand how anyone can single out Hilary as being so evil for being bought and paid for by powerful interests. It seems obvious that they all are.

    To me this post completely misses the point by not making a clear advocacy for campaign finance reform. Or are you naively suggesting that only Democrats are capable of this form of corruption?


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    @Nanny G, #5:

    Hillary Live is a phony twitter account, which explains why it has only 21 followers. The internet may ultimately make it almost impossible to separate fact from fiction.

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    @Greg: That’s your best defense? In reality it is probably the only defense of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Your repeated, effete, and futile attempts to defense the indefensible reveal the level of your stupidity and , worse yet mendacity. Please do our Republic the favor of abstaining your vote.

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