Trump reveals his Achilles’ heel- UPDATED

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My Spidey sense is tingling.

As you well know, there is an ongoing feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. Kelly called out Trump about with comments he made in the past about women:

The feud between Trump and Kelly first started last August at the very first Republican presidential debate. The two had a contentious back-and-forth.

In a question directed at Trump, Kelly listed derogatory remarks she said the GOP hopeful has made about women, from “fat pigs” to “dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”

Trump does not like being embarrassed. He does not like being put on a spot he can’t control.  Following the first debate, Trump launched a war on Kelly:

Donald Trump is once again pushing the limit, bringing Megyn Kelly’s anatomy into a feud that had already opened him to charges of sexism — and the risk of losing support among the Fox News anchor’s rabid following.

After a day of escalating hostility, Trump took his attacks on Kelly to the next level on Friday night, apparently insinuating that the moderator had been menstruating when she questioned him during Thursday’s first Republican debate.

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever,” he told anchor Don Lemon during an appearance on CNN.

He hammered her non-stop on Twitter.

Since then the feud has waxed and waned, but the simmering has come to full boil once again. Trump is refusing to appear in the next GOP debate. Trump demanded that Megyn Kelly be removed as a moderator of the debate and Fox News refused:

Trump’s campaign followed up shortly after the press conference with a statement harshly criticizing the network.

“Unlike the very stupid, highly incompetent people running our country into the ground, Mr. Trump knows when to walk away,” the statement said. “Roger Ailes and FOX News think they can toy with him, but Mr. Trump doesn’t play games.”

Trump instead threatened to hold his own event during the debate to undercut Fox’s ratings.

Trump’s campaign manager issued a veiled threat to Fox and Kelly:

“In a call on Saturday with a Fox News executive, Lewandowski stated that Megyn had a ‘rough couple of days after that last debate’ and he ‘would hate to have her go through that again,’ ”

Trump continued to browbeat Kelly as a “lightweight” and “not a reporter” and then he whined when he got a stick on the eye retort from a Fox spokesman:

“We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

Trump let them know that he’s special and need to be treated special:

“The point is with me, they’re dealing with somebody that’s a little bit different,” he said. “They can’t toy with me like they toy with everybody else so let them have their debate and let’s see how they do with their ratings.

Trump has a point there. The media eats out of his hand every single day. Everything on every network is “what did Trump say?” You have to hand it to him- he’s played the press brilliantly and they have been his useful idiots.

Thing is, Megyn Kelly has found Trump’s soft underbelly- his Achilles’ heel. He is intolerant of being reminded of how misogynist he is. He is intolerant of being tenaciously called on the carpet. The bully doesn’t like being bullied. He knows this and he’s afraid of her. His ego is driving the show and Kelly knows how to prick it, if you will. She will not be intimidated or bullied and he can’t stand it.

If Trump can’t handle Megyn Kelly how is he going to handle Putin?

I could imagine Putin sitting next to Trump and reminding Americans of how Trump calls women “fat pigs”, “dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” Just to piss him off. what’s Trump going to do? Boycott the next START Treaty talks?

Does he think he can turn to Putin and say “Ya fyud”?



And my Spidey senses started tingling when I heard Trump boast about how great he gets along with Reid and Pelosi and how he could make deals with them. He sure as hell isn’t going to get along with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio should he become President, and they are ones he’ll need on his side.

Unless he needs Reid and Pelosi more. Unless he really is a Trojan Trump.

Don’t forget that it was Trump’s good friend Bill Clinton who urged Trump to run.

I’m not liking the way this is going.


FYI: Just for fun, listen to the way Trump keeps repeating things, as though repeating words increases their validity.

When asked about Ted Cruz’s “New York values” charge, Trump said, “The truth is, he’s a nasty guy. Nobody likes him. Nobody in Congress likes him. Nobody likes him anywhere, once they get to know him. He’s a very — he’s got a edge that’s not good. You can’t make deals with people like that, and it’s not a good thing for the country. Very nasty guy.”


That’s one example. Listen to him. He does it all the time.

UPDATE via Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt

Donald Trump is out of Thursday night’s debate? Fine.

Back in 2011, Trump planned to moderate a GOP debate in Iowa; only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum agreed to participate. In an interview with Megyn Kelly at the time — pause for irony — Trump said, “We’re not seeing a lot of courage here, are we? Not lots of courage, these Republicans. They’re supposed to be brave.” He went on to add, “Say what you want about Newt, Newt heard about the debate, ‘I want to do it.’ So there’s a certain courage or confidence or something.”

A joking exchange with Kelly later:

KELLY: “Do you really think you’re a better moderator than I am?”

TRUMP: “No. I could never beat you. That wouldn’t even be close. That would be no contest. You’ve done a great job. I mean it.’


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  1. 26



    @Kauf Buch:

    You ignore that Trump HAS NOTHING TO GAIN by engaging in such theatrics.

    Trump is all about theatrics. He has the press eating out of his hand. This is simply another part of it. What is everyone talking about?


  2. 28


    Freedom of speech and opinion died with third wave feminism…
    just look how silent the swedes are about their imported rapists for their rape culture

    they can say nasty things about men in general, but a man cant say a nasty thing about them specifically… how equal… some are more equal than others.

    “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin

    “The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness…can be trained to do most things.” — Jilly Cooper, SCUM (Society For Cutting Up Men)

    “When women can support themselves, have entry to all the trades and professions with a house of their own over their heads and a bank account, they will own their bodies and be dictators in the social realm.” — Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    “In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.” — Catharine MacKinnon

    I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them. Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor

    The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race. Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future – If There Is One – Is Female

    40 years of that and you still cant tell a woman her butt is big…

  3. 29



    think so?

    well maybe its not about him, or kelly
    maybe its about letting the losing candidates beat up on cruz for a while
    and give cruz no one to share that, and no one to gang up on
    and of course, maybe, just maybe, it might influence the news centers to ask questions that matter not bs feminist angre crudola

    we have had alcholic presidents and the one in office now is a drug user
    we have had some really nasty stuff in elections, like making fun of a candidates illigitimate children, not liking them cause they are catholic, getting into duels that can kill, violating the constitiution, and on and on.

    and people think that saying disparaging words about some really nasty women is the key here…

    March 2002: Proving to be a publicist’s nightmare realized, here’s how O’Donnell responded to criticism that her professed love of Tom Cruise misled people about her sexuality: “I said I wanted him to mow my lawn and bring me lemonade. I never said I wanted to blow him.”

    November 2003: Despite having lost her mother to the disease, O’Donnell allegedly told a cancer-survivor employee of her magazine that “You know what happens to people who lie. They get sick and they get cancer. If they keep lying, they get it again.” O’Donnell later apologized.

    March 2007: Displaying a characteristic love of broad strokes and snap judgments, Rosie called “American Idol” “weightist and racist” after they kicked off contestant Frenchie Davis for shots.

    [the site wont let you say a word that means you have no clothes on]

    February 2011: For no particular reason, O’Donnell wondered to the press why “Glee” didn’t hire a “pretty heavy girl” as opposed to actress Ashley Fink. “They should’ve gotten someone beautiful like Brooke Elliot,” she complained.

    April 2011: O’Donnell even has trouble being gracious while being honored. Accepting an award in New York, she thanked her publicist, but didn’t miss a chance to add a putdown: “Without her, I don’t think I’d be here. I’d be on the macadamia nut farm with Roseanne Barr.”

    Taxpayers Spend $3.5 Million to Find Out Why Lesbians Are Fat

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”

    – H.L. Mencken, the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

  4. 31


    @Petercat: good points about the misogyny..

    they tried to snag him on it and he pays better than feminist hillary…

    in fact, trump has NEVER had good press.. which is part of his attitude issue after over 40 years… i met him more than once, and the second time a year later he remembered me and not the fake way… he asked a question…

    i was signed doing photography for one of the top 4 agencies… so i have met the clinton family (and photographed bill but dont know the two of them – though i do know that clinton went to school in the soviet union under fulbright scholarship), the hearsts daughters, the hiltons, bloomberg, and a few others. out of all of them, and ignoring the hearst girls as young clubbers, only the hiltons and trump remembered me and were nice to me and so on…

    watching this is like watching people complain that the water they drink from the press is dirty and never clean

    then watching them the next day complain that the coffee must be bad cause it tastes funny forgetting how the water is..

    Goebbels, Walter Duranty, John Reed, Sergei Eisenstein, and Willi Munzenberg all knew people more than they knew themselves!!!!
    [you can throw bf skinner in there too.. among others]

  5. 32

    Nanny G

    @Artfldgr: Interesting comments/quotes by ”feminists.”
    It is ironic that ”feminists” are buckling to Islam in Europe even as ”femen” are getting incredible backbone.
    This week a feman (woman who used to be male, added breasts and it looks like he either was very cold or had also had his genitals redone) hung himself from a bridge in Paris to protest France welcoming Iran’s Rouhani.
    His act mirrors perfectly the hangings Iran does of teenage boys who the regime claims are ”gay.”
    Meanwhile what are ”feminists” doing?
    They are keeping quiet about the rapes, the improper touching, the spitting, the taunting.
    It is the non-feminist housewives and youngsters who are insisting something be done.
    And, for that, they are being called ”racists.”

  6. 33


    Just finished watching the clip of Reagan’s address to the nation after the Challenger disaster 30 years ago.

    Nice to remember what a REAL president was like.

    RIP, Ronald. You are sorely missed.

  7. 36


    Trump bailing on this debate not only proves he’s a misogynist, afraid of Kelly’s questions and can’t really handle tough questions anyway, he’s also convinced he should be able to control the media. A sign of what his Presidency will look like. This and the ‘liberal’ CNN covering Trump’s Veterans Event are making righty’s heads explode! TBaggers eating their own! Gotta love it! Anyway…Vets don’t want his money:

  8. 37


    @Reem: So, the fact that no Democrats would participate in a Fox debate says….. what? The fact that Hillary will not be interviewed by anyone from Fox says… what?

  9. 38

    Nanny G

    @Bill: Add to that the fact that OBAMA tried to claim Fox News was not a legitimate news organization and have it removed from the White House Press Pool early in his 1st term.
    Seems the Left is far more interested in getting control of ”the media,” than those on the Right.

  10. 39


    Trump’s one-man alternative to the republican debate is being carried live in the same time slot by MSNBC. It’s also being broadcast live online here. Interestingly, the linked live feed is via a FOX channel—FOX 10, out of Phoenix.

  11. 41

    Rich Wheeler

    I think tonight marked the beginning of the downturn for Trump and the rise for Rubio—I’ve been watching Rubio for years and never seen him lose. He’s dynamic ,focused and has the best chance of beating Clinton or Sanders.

  12. 42


    @DrJohn: #22
    I don’t think he’ll want to. In fact, I think he’ll look forward to it.
    As will conservatives and libertarians across the nation.
    A one-on-one match of Donald Trump vs Hillary will probably be the most watched debate in television history.
    Donald will destroy Hillery, and he knows it.
    A better question is, will Hillary avoid debating Donald?

  13. 45


    All of this discussion, because hack moderators want to appear clever with gotcha questions; however, could you imagine the outrage, if Obama had been asked such ignorant and biased questions?

    Think back to the debates of college; were they conducted differently? Of course, they were; they were actual debates, not reality shows of media personalities. It’s time to elevate the playing field and drop the Kardashian nonsense.

  14. 46


    @Greg: One wonders why CNN and MSNBC would provide Trump with such a sympathetic platform… just to try and gouge Fox’s ratings? While I think Trump made a big mistake not debating, I would not be a bit surprised for this, once again, to result in a major boost to his campaign.

    @Skookum: What has been lost in the fog here is that this is exactly what the media is supposed to do. They should be probing and intimidating and if they ask a stupid question, the candidate has the opportunity to turn that around on them and enhance their prestige.

    The difference is, they are expected to treat EVERY candidate the same, which is what has been notably absent.

    We have actually seen what happens when Obama is asked a variety of questions. When he is asked tough questions and not allowed the opportunity to dance out of an answer, the questioner is vilified. However, when Obama is interviewed by an ignorant rapper or some goofball from a bathtub full of cereal, this is a break-out event.

    Hillary has been running from anything that might develop into a questions asked situation, for obvious reasons. Not a lot of media coverage of that transparent fear of exposure.

  15. 47

    Common Sense

    @Rich Wheeler: I agree Rich, I am not convinced Trump is the guy, in fact he runs good cover for the real candidate just like Bernie. Bernie is a smoke screen to hopefully keep the MSM away from the failures and lies of Hilldabeast. No one has more scandals and failures in their closet than Hilldabeast.

  16. 48



    …they are expected to treat EVERY candidate the same, which is what has been notably absent.

    Exactly. And this election season has finally shown to the voters that there is no longer any question of debate bias by the media.


    Think back to the debates of college; were they conducted differently? Of course, they were; they were actual debates

    Yes, think back to college debates. Did they allow ‘gotcha’ questions by moderators, did moderators conspire to stack the deck against one specific debater to remove them from the debates? Were moderators allowed to present ad hominem attacks on a debater? Were moderators allowed to debate the debaters? Of course not.

    Yes, tough questions should be asked of political candidates, but there should also be fairness and balance in asking tough questions of ALL the candidates, not only of a candidate the moderator has a negative bias towards. It is not the moderators job to “prepare” the candidate for future debates. Every candidate has people on their team specifically paid to do that.

    What has also been seen is that there is a decided difference in how debate moderators (and the news in general,) has treated candidates from one party when compared with the other. The blinders are off. The public has become aware that they can no longer trust any of the news to be fair and neutral parties when anything involving politics is involved, so how can they trust anything else the news tells them?

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