Hillary promises to keep half of all schools closed

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This was just too good to leave alone.


Washington Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton has the support of powerful teachers’ unions, but they may not like what she just said at an Iowa school on Tuesday.

Speaking at Keota Junior-Senior High School in Keota, Iowa, Clinton said that underperforming schools would be closed under her administration.

“This school district and these schools throughout Iowa are doing a better-than-average job,” Clinton said. “Now, I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing a better-than-average job. If a school’s not doing a good job, then, you know, that may not be good for the kids, but when you have a district that is doing a good job, it seems kind of counterproductive to impose financial burdens on it.”

By Clinton’s logic, about 50 percent of the schools in the United States would be shuttered as a result of this policy.

Clinton used to be in favor of charter schools but has thrown children under the school bus as a sacrifice to the union gods.

Now click this link to see the video offered by the Weekly Standard. It’s hilarious.


I told you she has brain damage.




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    By Clinton’s logic, about 50 percent of the schools in the United States would be shuttered as a result of this policy.

    And then all the other schools will be overcrowded, and they will all become underperforming.

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    Relax folks. Hillary’s talking out of her *ss again. A President has no authority to close state and local run schools. All she could do would be to withhold Federal funding which would hurt all a district’s schools. Nor would closing down schools do anything to improve the situation.

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