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    Wordsmith, you listening?

    Normally these days, not. 🙂

    But catching the unusual number of comments on a Sundays Funnies brought me in.

    Sorry about the image size. Has that been the case on just this post? Or has it been like this for a while now?

    If the latter, it might be because I’ve been saving photos through my phone since my laptop has been slowing down. So maybe the image size gets shrunk? I’ll try and fix this next time (busy weekend up ahead, though!).

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    @Petercat: Noticed the current Sunday Funnies came out small, again. I downloaded from my desktop so it isn’t an issue of downloading from my phone. It’s something else.

    @Richard Wheeler: My feelings are more nuanced than the rhetoric coming from both the left and the right, regarding the Syrian refugee issue. That’s all I can say for now for lack of time to properly formulate a sound argument in advocating my position.

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