“How to expose CNN’s dimwitted, by turning on your own” . . . by John McCain

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CNN runs a little-watched, and grossely-misnamed assault on intelligence called State of The Union hosted by resident halfwit, Jake Tapper.  Today’s audience of 2 were entertained with Tapper making an absurd statement, accusing Republicans and the current crop of Republican candidates of being “bigots.”  Worst of all, he used John McCain to make his charge.



Tapper rambled through a boring, nonsense swap, waiting for the end of the exchange to pounce on McCain.  McCain had to that point looked as if the Saturday night sleeping pills hadn’t yet worn-off.  Tapper and his puppet masters thought they were being clever by setting him up using an attack on Trump and turning it into a faint praise of McCain (@7:10 on the linked video below),  and then . . .  the hateful and too-conspicuous lunge at McCain (@ 8:33) with — slightly paraphrased,

“Why don’t people in your party condemn bigotry?”

Answer from McCain,

“I’m not sure, . . . . . .” 

Ouch.  Stunning, jaw-dropping, paralyzing, would barely begin to describe this one minute of noxious  and brain-hurting airtime.

The rest of what McCain said is as irrelevant as CNN generally, but this typical moment in media mediocrity, hypocrisy, and stupidity, demonstrates the breadth of the slipstream against which conservatives are flying.

Outright lies, false assertions delivered with pretence of facts, unfounded allegations, from the networks are met with, um, . . . . “I’m not sure.”

Thanks, John, for being Johnny-on-the-spot for your compatriots. Thanks for rejecting lies and false claims so forcefully.  Thanks for deflecting arrows aimed at your partners and throwing them back in the accuser’s face.  Thanks for supporting the contention that Republican Presidential candidates are all bigots. Thanks for allowing that slime to get laid down. Yes, thanks for nothing.

John McCain on CNN – State of the Union

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    James Raider

    DrJ, although we have no idea what his health is like, which might be impacting his thinking, it is clear that the media is Using him, and throwing him around like a rag doll.

    We’re watching a man disintegrate in public, . . . one we should be honouring for having done more than his part for his country, and yet, . . .

    He should be councelled to stay away from cameras and microphones.

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