Is Black Lives Matter Indirectly a Pro-Second Amendment Movement?

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We’ve had another shooting, and predictably some jerk is admitting to politicizing the victims to advance his radical agenda. What will get buried in the news cycle is that the #BlackLivesmatter backed down from its threat to disrupt the Twin Cities’ Marathon. As the Pioneer Press’ Joe Soucheray observed, aside form self promotion to their choir the movement isn’t accomplishing much

The local chapter of Black Lives Matter plans to protest the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday near the end of the race, maybe a mile out from the Capitol, proving once again that this group has an uncanny ability to show up where it makes the least sense. They show up only in front of friends, at the Fair, people trying to get to a Vikings game, a brunch out at Lake Minnetonka, which is such a preaching to the choir that most people are left confused as to what exactly they want.

And as horrible as the attacks on police officers have been that have gotten a fair amount of publicity, statistically there has not been an increase in violence against police officers (this is one of the rare times that The Nation and National Review are in agreement on something). But what the movement has accomplished is increase the murder rates in exactly the neighborhoods where the BLM movement is trying to tell us that… black lives matter.

When you make it clear that your neighborhood is hostile to police arresting criminals, you naturally get more crime. Even their 10 point infographic shows that they really haven’t thought their ideas through. I won’t go through them all, but when point #1 is to end broken windows policing it’s hard to take seriously a list of demands that starts off by demanding more crime in its neighborhoods.

Ben Carson offered a far more constructive approach for long term solutions which naturally are despised by the radical left, but it still doesn’t answer the most basic question – how do we stop the bad guys from hurting people? If we’re going to restrict the police’s presence, then somebody else needs to be armed to face violent criminals. The only other solution I see is helping to arm the citizens who are legally able to own guns. Contrary to what every urban leftist seem to believe, a disarmed citizenry does not magically whisk away crime.

Like anyone who’s had experience dealing with an overbearing cop, I do have some sympathy for the BLM movement. But given the choice of being harassed by an overbearing police officer and fearing for my life or the life of my family it’s a no-brainer. But if you’re going to get in my face and start screaming at me that black lives matter, start acting like you actually believe it. If you don’t want armed police officers protecting you against violent criminals, then who are you planning on arming?

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9 Responses to “Is Black Lives Matter Indirectly a Pro-Second Amendment Movement?”

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    Nanny G

    St. Louis mayoral candidate and Black Lives Matter protest leader Umar Lee wants to replace law enforcement with street gangs to patrol neighborhoods of St. Louis!
    So, yes, they are out of touch with what the natural consequences of their own actions might be.
    Add to that, this guy really must see Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange to see how it ended up when the gangs became the cops.*

    *Dim – A member of Alex’s gang who later becomes a police officer. Dim is the biggest, strongest, and stupidest member of Alex’s gang. He fights with a chain, and allows Alex to be captured by the police by incapacitating Alex by whipping him in the eyes. As a police officer, Dim is just as violent and thuggish as he was as a youth.
    Billyboy – The leader of a rival teenage gang who later becomes a police officer.
    Rex – The police officer partnered with Dim and Billyboy. Rex is nonchalant when Billyboy and Dim beat Alex. He calmly sits in the car, reading a book and smoking a cigarette.

  2. 7


    What causes confusion is assuming that groups such as Black Lives Matter are standing up for black lives. They are there to create chaos and incite violence to allow this administration to enact governmental “solutions” to the chaos. This is clear, just as it is clear that reactions to mass killings (as opposed to the mere 40 per weekend events in Chicago) are never to examine the facts and determine a corrective action… it is GUN CONTROL.

    The cross-purposes of groups like Black Lives Matter does not confuse me; I know EXACTLY what they are up to. As with the gun control advocates, the more deaths of innocent people there are, the more fuel they have for their agenda machine. And if they themselves are contributing to the violence, who is going to expose it… our MEDIA?

  3. 8

    Brother Bob


    @Bill: Exactly. The main purpose of these movements is to get tax payer money funneled to their groups. If they were serious about helping they’d be paying attention to Ben Carson’s advice

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