Today is Tuesday…

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Remembering David, Ron, Daniel….

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Uploaded on Sep 5, 2008

These tiles were put up on the fence across the street from St. Vincent’s, the hospital in the Village where they waited to take care of the survivors who never came. In case you can’t read it, the name on the tile I walked up to at the end is David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst, who was only three years old. His fathers Daniel R. Brandhorst and Ronald Gamboa died with him. I didn’t know any of them. I just walked up at a certain point and pointed at the first tile that caught my eye. RIP.

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    Nanny G

    What a chilling video, wordsmith.
    Not the content but the context.
    I was on the other coast that day and was paralyzed by the attacks.
    I watched as the emergency crews got ready for survivors.
    I was sure we could save many people.
    But those cots and emergency workers were not used.
    There were virtually no survivors.
    The horrific-ness of that fact hit me hard.

    Seeing so many people jumping to their deaths (one couple holding hands) rather than be burned, not even knowing why it had happened, was also unforgettable.
    Yet, seven years on Obama came and THREW a rose as his only act of commemoration.
    He wants us to move on, do something service related instead of dwelling on what happened that day.

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    @Nanny G:

    instead of dwelling on what happened that day.

    What disturbs me most are the number of, Truther idiots that seem to populate the internet and the real world, thinking those of us who reside in a thing called reality are all sheeple enslaved by the media and conventional narrative (i.e., reality).

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    Not to mention all the useful idiots supporting the Iran deal on this very day, telling us how it’s a good thing to give in to the largest state sponsor of terrorism’s every demand.

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