The Quiet Hero Of 9/11

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Just finished watching a excellent show called 9/11: The Lost Hero about Marine Corps Sgt. Jason Thomas who, along with Staff Sgt. David Karnes, found two survivors of the collapse of tower 1 during 9/11.

The tale of the policemen, the only survivors of the buildings’ collapse to be found more than a few minutes after it ended, has been told many times, but always with one key component missing: The identity of a mysterious U.S. Marine sergeant who found them in an unauthorized search late the night of September 11 after police and firemen were ordered out of the unstable ruins.

Nobody knew who the Marine was, what he was doing there, or what happened to him. As one of the rescued cops, Will Jimeno, says in The Lost Hero: “He just went off into the woods afterwards and went about his business.” Port Authority detectives searched for him for years without finding even a trace, and increasingly the sergeant was relegated to urban myth status, omitted from many accounts of the rescue. Reporters mostly made heroes out of the medics who treated the cops—who all could be identified and interviewed—and simply snipped out the troublesome dangling thread of who located them in the dark, smoldering wreckage.

The full episode can be seen here:

It’ll cost you $1.99 to watch it but well worth it. Or try to record it via your service provider.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Why is it that Bush was somehow absolved from allowing this to happen especially after he received an intelligence briefing titled
    bin Laden determined to attack. The US

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    @John: Probably for the same reason Bill Clinton wasn’t executed for treason for allowing Bin Laden to get away when we had him in our sights more than once, while Billy was on the golf course in at least one instance: Because they get countless amounts of intel about potential attacks, and if Bush took exactly the right action people like you would be bitching about ‘unprovoked US imperialism’ and such crap.

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    @John: John, as I recall the Democrats in Congress were obstructing nearly every presidential appointee Bush’s first year in office, 2011. If the petty flaming gasbags on the Left had given him the tools to do his job, without having to fight for every one, perhaps he could have focused on more important things?

    Also, you cannot fully absolve the incompetence of the Clinton administration after the first World Trade Center bombing. By not treating it as an act of war, and trying to litigate it in US courts, Clinton’s Justice Dept. revealed, through the discovery process the means by which we had been able to gather evidence on the bombers. This prompted the enemy to change their tactics, making them harder to discover. Thanks, Bill Clinton, for your failed “Lawfare”.

    You may have noted that neither Obama nor Holder learned anything from this fiasco, and wanted to bring terrorists to trial in the US, as if they were US citizens and common criminals instead of international terrorists.

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