Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

6 Responses to “Hillary Clinton: Black Men In Hoodies Are Scary”

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    Common Sense

    NOTHING is more scary than the idea of Hilldabeast as President!! She is a criminal who left American Soldiers on the Battle Field and blamed an English speaking Video for their death. She is so ignorant she and President Obola can’t even believe 9/11 would ever have anything to do with it!! Then she admits her callousness by asking congress what difference does it make anyway. She violates the rules of her job and says oh well I did it for convenience.

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    Common Sense

    @Bill: Correct as usual, the libturds will go down the usual and disgusting laundry list of suspects to blame. Let’s see you got Republicans, Gun Control, Resources, Tea Party Patriots, and of course any Republican Politician who supports our Constitutional Right to keep and bare arms!! Of course they won’t think about the string of racial rants they have ginned up, Illegals with felonies and deportations allowed to be set free, and a failed Presidency that has driven our country to bankruptcy while continuing to buy votes!! Disgusting indeed.

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    She is one real hypocrites as she is a treasonous criminal!

    Here she is accusing white voters of being afraid of a black guy in a hoody? Really Hillary?
    How about you – Hillary? : You are fighting – of course behind the scenes as you always do – to assure that ‘no blacks’ are being moved in your neighborhood since Obama ordered HUD to come up with a policy of integrating into the pristine liberal neighborhood – disenfranchised black americans who deserve a better neighborhood and better schools.
    Yet – you Hillary – organizing behind the scene and in secret with your other ‘white’ liberals and progressive millionaire to prevent anyone less wealthy and black being able to disturb you little utopian paradise.

    Now Hillary – tell me: Who again is afraid of a black man with a hoody?

    Shameful broad – this ice queen and carpetbagger really is beyond disgusting!

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