Look What The JayVee Team Is Up To Now: Is Obama’s Real ISIS Strategy On Display? (Guest Post)

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Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama referred to ISIS as “jayvee” (“junior varsity”) in January 2014. Then in September 2014, he said about ISIS in Syria: “We don’t have a strategy yet.” ISIS just took Rahmadi, and continued east, attacking the town of Khaldiya and breaking the Iraqi government’s line of defense in Husayba, about 20 miles west of Baghdad. ISIS also captured the Syrian city of Palmyra.

Obama’s ISIS “strategy” is being scrutinized after recent setbacks. Even the ultra-liberal Los Angeles Times ran an Op-Ed entitled “Obama has a strategy for fighting ISIS — one that isn’t working”.

Now Obama minions, among them The Huffington Post and The Daily Kos, are claiming that ISIS was created by George W. Bush. That is a desperate lie, as pointed out by Wordsmith.

Obama’s non-actions are now “coming home to roost” – a phrase used by his favorite pastor.

Fears are now surfacing that ISIS may soon obtain a weapon of mass destruction (which Democrats will, insist doesn’t exist) from Pakistan. Dabiq, the ISIS propaganda magazine, claims that ISIS will intensify its violence in less than 12 months. It is believed that ISIS has billions of dollars, and will use links to corrupt officials in Pakistan to buy a nuclear device. In an article, apparently written by British hostage John Cantlie for Dabiq, Cantlie says the scenario is “more possible today than it was just one year ago.” Cantlie’s article is entitled “The Perfect Storm”.

Dabiq admitted that the chances of acquiring a nuclear device is “far-fetched.” Cantlie says “Perhaps such a scenario is far-fetched but it’s the sum of all fears for western intelligence agencies and it’s infinitely more possible today than it was just one year ago.”

Dabiq warned that ISIS could explode a few thousand tons of ammonium nitrate explosives (We all remember how that worked in Oklahoma City). ISIS is looking to do something big that would make any past operation look like rather minor so that more terrorist groups will pledge allegiance to it. So the possibility of it pulling off something truly epic cannot be underestimated or ignored.

Videos have recently surfaced showing ISIS using a Bazooka to execute a captured prisoner. And pictures have surfaced from inside Palmyra, Syria, of decapitated bodies lying strewn in the streets.

ISIS make no secret that they have every intention of attacking America on its home soil.

Obama administration officials now suggest the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria could last longer than three years. But according to Obama all is going to be well:

… that’s something that we’ll leave to the next president.

The above was from Obama’s spokes-puppet, Josh Earnest.

Don’t forget that Obama, in Audacity of Hope wrote “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” So are we now seeing Obama’s REAL ISIS strategy: wait the ISIS crisis out, ignore it, do nothing, and leave the mess for the next president?

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    Nanny G

    J.M. Berger pointed to Obama’s repeated references to “tactical” setbacks for US-supported Iraqi forces and lucky breaks for the Islamic State in capturing territory in Iraq and Syria over the past week.

    Berger noted: “For those who do not speak Wonkese, making reference to an enemy’s ‘tactical’ success is code for saying that the enemy is not ‘strategic’ … Tactics are short-term ploys, easy to dismiss. Strategy is for winners.”

    So, Obama is code-talking that ISIS is NOT WINNING even when it takes territory, wealth, resources (Baghdad’s water in ISIS’ hands now) and destroys history as well as murdering people and terrorizing more people.

    But Obama is counting on his compliant media to omit how STRATEGIC ISIS is.
    ISIS collected TAXES.
    ISIS imposes a LEGAL SYSTEM.
    ISIS delivers all GOODS and SERVICES, including trash removal!
    Thus ISIS’ strategy is rooted in long-term dominance rather than short-term gains.

    And also ISIS is STRATEGIC about which territory it seizes and when.
    Palmyra in Syria, for instance, sits at a crossroads between Damascus, the capital of Syria, Homs, a supply center for the Syrian army, and Deir al-Zor, a government stronghold.
    Good call taking it now.

    ISIS uses whatever wealth there is in its new territories, too. Oil, gold, even looting personal property and taking slaves for labor.
    Lastly, ISIS uses media very wisely, STRATEGICALLY, you might say.
    Look at their propaganda magazine, their well-made videos all designed to call Europeans to become the next wave of cannon fodder.

    His book,ISIS:State Terror, is at Amazon.

    ISIS doesn’t lack a strategy, Obama does.

    Way back 5+ years ago, I accused Obama of ”magical thinking.”
    If we just clap our hands loud enough Tinkerbelle magically recovers from the poison she drank.
    Obama has used that ”logic” as his ISIS ”strategy.”
    All he really is doing is buying time.

    See also http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/05/barack-obama-still-misunderestimates-isil-118204.html#.VWSBf2TBwXA

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    How can ISIS be neutralized without committing large numbers of U.S. ground forces?

    The answer in Obama’s mind probably involves Iran.

    On an unrelated note: Iran launches anti-Isis cartoon competition ‘to expose true nature of Islamic State’

    It would appear these people really don’t like ISIS. There’s no love lost between Iran and the Saudis, either. I know how I feel about the first observation. I’m not entirely certain how I feel about the second. Every now and then it occurs to me that Iran—long thought of as “a state sponsor of terrorism”—may have sponsored a lot less terrorism and anti-American initiatives lately than people who are supposedly our friends.

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    James Raider


    With Jarrett in control of all levers on foreign and military policy, America winning anything is not in the cards while she’s in power.

    It is doubtful that any duo which has ever inhabited the W.H. has disliked, or resented America more than this O/J pair.

  4. 5


    Obama is holding out as long as he can…opting to DO NOTHING…NOTHING!!! Just as he has BEEN DOING… which is just enough to act as though he is doing ‘something’…
    He gas some months to go yet…then this Whole Screw up commenced BY HIM and this Administration will be dumped into the next President’s and that Administration’s Lap.
    That, is how Osama Obama operates.
    Then for years to come the actions of the new Presidency will be the ‘debate’ rather than the inactions of a WEAK (Muslim) President.
    There was some kind of ISIS Parade lately, it looked at least 2 miles long…out in the middle of nowhere…what a opportune time to destroy Plenty…. an Obama, current US Military deadly strike opportunity LOST!!

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