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12 Responses to “Why does race suddenly lose importance in specific incidents?”

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    Nanny G

    And, of course, black-on-black murder gets no American traction:
    This CHILD was only 14.
    He was on his way to school.
    The rival gang shot him 3 times in the belly.
    He screamed, ”Mommy! Mommy!” as he lay dying.
    The security camera that captured the shooter shows a hoodie-wearing black man.

    All the ”related links” at the bottom of the story are LOCAL NY media, no national American coverage at all.

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    The media is corrupt. Period. Hitler’s Ministry of Propaganda was no more manipulative than this media is. They are majority liberal and they use the media as if it were there own to push their own liberal agenda.

    There isn’t enough racial tension to suit them, so they exaggerate a white on black killing and ignore the racial element in black on white crime, no matter how heinous or even racially motivated.

    And, of course, there’s politics. The left wing media decided they wanted Obama rather than Hillary and selected him, building him up while tearing down others. Of course, there is no contest when it comes to providing positive propaganda for the liberal and all the negative for the Republican.

    One can only hope that, one day, some how, this liberal, corrupt, biased media gets its just deserts. The most harmful elements plaguing the nation today would not be so extreme without this media and it must be eliminated.

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    old guy

    The family murdered in DC is a disgusting crime. If the Revs of Race and others had any real feelings beyond their wallets they would jump on these crimes and others and show it is not all one sided. I am sure I will be cold in the ground before that ever happens.
    I fear for the future of the US.

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    We all know the leftist mantra on this issue. This is the world according to media nitwits:

    If a white cop shoots a black criminal, it means all white cops are racists, and regardless of what the black criminal was doing or his past criminal record, he is portrayed as a harmless victim of white oppression.

    If a muslim shoots someone for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed, it is the fault of the cartoonist for angering the muslim.

    Any white person who shoots anyone or flies a plane into a government building lone wolf style is automatically a tea party conservative fanatic, regardless of the leftist philosophies he espoused that are found in said maniac’s abode.

    All white people, particularly Christians, are to be held accountable for every violent act or negative comment by any white person, but the same is not true when a black or muslim commits violent acts against whites or Christians.

    It is freedom of expression to desecrate the flag, express statements against conservative principles, or to oppose conservative politicians (even including making movies about assasinating a sitting president), but it is unacceptable “hate speech” to even critique any leftist position or politician.

    It is a leftist civil right to forcibly deny conservatives civil rights, even when such rights are explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution.

    Crimes committed by minorities are never the fault of the individual, but are the fault of white oppressive traditional society.

    Failure of leftist policy are due to the inherent essence of said policies, but because old white conservatives are unwilling to support said insanity out of pure selfishness.

    When leftists win elections, it is because of their bold, fresh ideas winning the minds of a thoughtful electorate. When conservatives win elections, it is because of voters stupidly voting against their own self-interest, or throwing temper tantrums.

    It is expected in news articles to refer to “the prophet Mohammed”, but considered utterly unexeptable to refer to “the Saviour, Jesus Christ”.

    It is entirely appropriate to sympathize with people who complain and resist any decrease in taxpayer provided benefits, but completely uncouth to sympathize with those forced to pay said taxes, no matter how high.

    Following these rules, you too can be a modern journalist.

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    White guilt is choking the country. I believe that the media coverage has distorted and created its own reality, perpetuating the problem of racism- not reporting upon it, responsibly.

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    The scumbag attorney that has been getting Wint off time after time for violent crimes or threats, says he is gentle and would never hurt anyone.


    Liberals enable the violence then concoct assaults on the freedoms of law abiding citizens as a means to prevent further events. The real solution is for liberals to simply evaporate and shut up.

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    @Pete: I’m sure glad that I’m not trying to be a “journalist” today, so many things to remember while avoiding any semblance of the truth and objectivity.

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    We aren’t all stupid, how many times is it necessary to tell white people that Negroes are violent savages? Silence by omission is dog whistle racism, by the Ministry of Propaganda.

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    I concur.

    The Media has fallen directly in line with the talking points out of the White House just as surely as the State media of all Socialist governments does with the party hierarchy.

    This administration is dead set on fragmenting and segregating America into factions based on race, religion, political belief and economic situation and turning up the heat to get all of us fighting between ourselves. The classic formula “divide and conquer.” Obama has even unconstitutionally implemented a pogram of executive amnesty to bring in another faction of new illegal immigrants to create additional strife, unrest and discourse.

    Meanwhile, his arsonist administration has been undermining State and local law enforcement, fanning the flames against police while at the same time suggesting that what is needed is complete Federal control of all law enforcement.

    As the melting pot boils over and burns tempers will continue to flare, public unrest increase, which creates a greater likelihood that the president will be “forced” to declare nationwide martial law.

    Nero only fiddled while Rome burned. Obama is supplying gasoline and torches.

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