Mexico bought Bill and now Hillary is ready to throw open the gates to more illegals

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This morning Hillary Clinton promised to go even more overboard on illegal invasion than has Obama:

It might be the early days of the Democratic primary, but Hillary Clinton on Tuesday appeared to move straight to the general election, challenging the Republicans to attack her on immigration by moving beyond President Barack Obama on the issue.

“This is where I differ from everyone on the Republican side,” Clinton said, speaking at a roundtable at Rancho High School in Las Vegas, surrounded by a group of Dreamers. “Make no mistake, today not a single Republican candidate, announced or potential, is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. Not one. When they talk about legal status, that is code for second-class status.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have said they support “earned legal status,” which leaves the door open to a status that does not offer full citizenship rights.

Clinton said she would go even further than the president has through executive action, by allowing more immigrants to get legal protection and work permits.

“Why would she do this?” you might ask. It’s simple. Hillary realizes that she can’t win without the illegal vote, but there’s more to this than is apparent at first. Mexico already owns Bill Clinton. They bought him. Now it’s time for the payback.

At least 10 top Mexican business groups and corporations, both public and private, paid millions of dollars for Bill Clinton to speak at their events between 2002 and 2012, according to a review of the family’s federal financial disclosures published by The Washington Post in June.

Over more than a decade, Clinton delivered 14 speeches to 11 different Mexican sponsors. He was paid $3.2 million. One of his first paid appearances in Mexico was in October 2003 when the 42nd President was invited by Mexico’s Central Bank. His price: $150,000.

As the flak his reputation had taken around the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal wound down, the demand for the charismatic former President in the global high-end speech circuit doubled — and so did his fees. In April 2012, while his wife Hillary Clinton was still in charge of the Obama Administration’s diplomacy, Clinton gave the keynote speech at Mexico’s National Association of Bankers’ annual convention in Acapulco. His fee: $340,000.

Yet his most lucrative trip to Mexico was in November of 2008, soon after the Democrats recovered the White House. On that date, the Post’s review shows, Clinton addressed separately three groups: Casa de Bolsa Value Group, Mexican Friends of Zaka and Mexico’s National Tourism Business Council. His total pay: $600,000.

Two years later, in October 2010, Clinton was invited by Mexico Business Summit, an influential businessmen’s club led by a well-connected PRI politician, to deliver the keynote speech “Embracing Our Common Humanity,” at their annual convention in Toluca, the capital of the state of Mexico. The Post’s records show that Clinton actually gave two presentations the same day to the same group for which he charged a total of $400,000.

Mexico is eager to rid itself of unskilled illiterates and democrats are desperate for them. Mexico made a deal that facilitates the passage of illegals to the US.

It always interests me how there’s so much money in Mexico and other foreign countries for Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation but not for the poor in those countries. The answer is obvious- it’s about buying access. There are clear examples in which changes in policy have come about subsequent to donations and paid speeches.

Don’t you wonder why the Clinton Foundation doesn’t help Baltimore? Probably because those votes are already locked up. It’s the triumph of hope over reality all over again.

It is in illegal immigration that you can see the heart of liberalism at work. Illegals broke into this country. It’s called illegal immigration for a reason. Illegals created the problem. Instead of holding them accountable for their wrongdoing liberals make their problem OUR problem and for cheap political favors demand WE pay for their largesse. It is this philosophy- this failure to hold accountable those who do wrong- this is so corrosive tp the fabric of this nation.

My office manager came to this country legally nearly thirty years ago. She had skills. She could speak the language. Still INS demanded she present herself every six months and forced her to sign documents guaranteeing that she would not take social services. Today she is a citizen and never did take those services. She represents that kind of immigrant for whom democrats have no use.

Legal. Self-supportive. Literate.

When it comes to immigrants, that’s anathematic to liberals.

NOTE: There’s something everyone needs to remember. Whatever Bill “earns”, Hillary owns half of it. There is no “his money” and “her money.” Whatever he does for a buck, she’s benefiting equally.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    Dr. John-
    I would be interested in knowing how much it cost your office manager to gain her citizenship?
    My wife’s parents were legal immigrants from Mexico in the early ’50s, and for them to become citizens the total cost was over $60,000 in today’s dollars. Becoming a citizen for most immigrants was difficult and expensive back then, and they valued it accordingly.
    Her father became a deputy sheriff, which was a difficult feat for a not-yet-citizen to accomplish, her brother followed in his footsteps, and she became a RN.
    Nearly every life decision that her parents made was influenced by gratitude towards this great nation for what it allowed them to achieve, as well as love for the USA.
    An attitude that they passed on to their children, I might add.
    Proof that people value greatly that which they work the hardest to gain.
    One of the great failures of a welfare state.

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    I worked at a business that sold all the parts one would need to build a camper… any kind of camper. My boss one day decided he was going to buy a van and we would customize it, sell it and all share in the profits (this was in the late ’70’s). He kept crunching the numbers and coming up with new (and a bit more advantageous to himself) division of the spoils. One day, he came out into the shop and says, “I’ve got a deal that will mean more money for everybody!” I says (perhaps a bit irreverently), “If we sell it for the same amount of money, how can it be more for everybody?” He stomped off, angry at my non-appreciation and, I am sure, peeved that logic entered the conversation.

    The same logical wrecking ball was used against Josh Earnest today after Hillary had made her statement that she was going to, legally, go even further than Obama did with executive actions to create the dream Democrat voting bloc. A reporter asked Earnest (somewhat paraphrased), “If President Obama went as far as he could legally go with immigration executive actions, as he says, how can Hillary go even further… legally?” Earnest hit the silk and stated he was no lawyer… but it wasn’t a legal question; it was a LOGIC question.

    Con artists hates them some logic.

    It looks like, unlike Obama who played the Hispanics along for almost 6 years before he had to play his trump card on immigration, like the gay marriage card, to fight back waning support for his failure-a-thon, Hillary has to fire her big guns right off the bat.

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