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    Doug Huggins


    Clintstones…meet the Clintstones.
    The corrupt progressive family.
    From the Town of Chapp-qua.
    They’re the most corrupt in history.

    Emails…with donations from abroad.
    Wiped slick. Not a problem, she’s a GOD.
    When you’re with the Clintstones,
    Have an “I don’t give a damn” break,
    “Just let them eat cake.”
    “What difference does it Make?”

    Clintstones…Meet the Clintstones.
    They’re all LIARS, crooked as can be.
    Don’t for–get Benghazi, Or Whitewater or Miss Lew-in-skee.
    Putin…bought Uranium One today.
    Russkies…can afford to pay for play.
    When you…are a Clintstone,
    Have an “I’m above the Law” time,
    “I won’t withdraw” time,
    She’s gonna win this tiiiiiiime!

    (Hilll-reee! bam bam bam Hilllllll-ree!)

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