Barack Obama’s ego jeopardizes Israel

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Even before Bibi Netanyahu spoke, Barack Obama was hammering him:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (neh-ten-YAH’-hoo) didn’t offer any “viable alternatives” to the nuclear negotiations with Iran during his speech to Congress.

Obama says he read a transcript of Netanyahu’s speech Tuesday. He says “there was nothing new” in the speech.

Obama says Netanyahu made almost the same speech when he warned against the interim deal reached with Iran. Obama says that deal has resulted in a freeze and rolling back of Iran’s nuclear program.

Obama says Netanyahu’s alternative to the talks amounts to no deal at all. He says that would lead Iran to redouble efforts to build a nuclear bomb.

Actually, Netanyahu did offer an alternative. No deal was better than a bad deal.

The left went postal:

Broadcast Networks Refuse to Carry…
‘Enraged’ Pelosi freaks on floor…
‘Near Tears Throughout’… ‘Saddened by the insult’…
Dems LASH OUT at Netanyahu, Tell Him to Go Home, Call Him ‘a Child’…

Thing is, Netanyahu was handcuffed from the start:

Top U.S. officials ahead of the speech sternly warned Netanyahu not to reveal secret details of the talks, which are entering a crucial final stage, warning such revelations could have a disastrous impact on hopes for a deal.

So without being able to talk about the deal, what concrete alternatives was Netanyahu supposed to offer?

Iran has no interest in agreeing to a deal that prevents it from obtaining nuclear weapons. They have already rejected Obama’s 10 year nuclear ban proposal.

Obama is a petulant, insufferable child. He was shown up by the House and he had another one of his hissy fits. Worse, Obama is a chronic liar. Anyone with half a brain realizes that all Obama is doing is reaching for a token- anything- to put on the mantle until after he leaves. He’ll take any deal- bad or otherwise- just to claim an accomplishment. Then this mess will, as like so many other of his messes, fall into the laps of his successors.

He’s a jerk.

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  1. 51



    defend Iraq

    If our MO was to defend Iraq, we would have come to a Status of Forces Agreement.

    You seem to be a glass is half empty type of guy. Right now Iran has their hands full. Bombing Iran’s nuclear infrastructure doesn’t require boots on the ground. Iran has a strategic interest to expand their influence in Mesopotamian and will protect Iraqi Shia and Shiite Shrines, and will they continue to fight the Sunni Daesh there.

    It should also create excellent military opportunities for Vladimir Putin, for North Korea, and also an opening for some slow and thoughtful maneuvering by China.

    All strawmen

    Meanwhile, we can finish bankrupting ourselves in the process.

    Plz, lets stay on subject and not let this digress into how Obama has out spent all presidents combined.

  2. 52


    @Redteam, #50:

    He will not do anything to confront the US militarily.

    Not so long as we aren’t stretched too thin.

    I would like to believe this article is accurate, and not just a story planted to worry the Iranians. It’s possible to situate a complex deeply enough below a mountain that even a low-yield nuke might not destroy it. The other worry would be whether or not we really know where they all are.

  3. 53


    @mossomo, #51:

    Strawmen? I’m thinking concerns about the ambitions of Vladimir Putin are entirely legitimate. China is clearly positioning itself to become the next great super-power, and North Korea is a loose cannon in every sense of the expression. We should choose our moves very carefully. Power available to be used holds off more than one threat.

    If our MO was to defend Iraq, we would have come to a Status of Forces Agreement.

    It becomes central if it becomes the ground from which you wage war against enemies on either side. We might have been better off if we’d left those problems to Saddam Hussein.

  4. 54

    Nanny G

    We seem to have forgotten all the things Israel has been doing to slow Iran’s progress in creating a nuke bomb.
    Iran has admitted to being attacked via computer viruses.
    Iran has admitted to losing top nuclear researchers to either unexplained deaths to disappearances to defections.
    Iran has a paranoia about drones to the extent that they were going around killing birds and other small animals in an attempt to stop the spying.
    Iran media shows how many civilians the gov’t there have used as human shields to surround their nuclear facilities, even forcing thousands to relocate into apartment blocks newly built all around some of these places.
    Seems Iran knows there are plenty of ways of preventing their getting the bomb.
    And they work to thwart every one of those things.
    If they only want nuclear power for peaceful reasons, why?
    These talks are just another way for Iran to try to get the bomb while we are distracted by ”talks.”

  5. 55


    Dr J hates liberals, and Ametican Jews overwhelmingly vote liberal dem that is why Dr J hates American Jews
    This is what polarization has created

  6. 56




    Yes. China and Russia are export dependent, their GDP depends on Western consumption. They can’t cause too much mischief or they’ll see their life lines severed. N.Korea is a paper tiger. All three can’t project power too far from their peripherals. They are more annoyances than strategic concerns in our dealings with the nuclear ambitions of the Islam Republic of Iran.

  7. 57

    Nanny G

    Ironically, I think Obama’s ego will end up protecting Israel.
    How so?
    Obama doesn’t want to allow Congress to have a right to ratify his deal with Iran.
    He ”justifies” this by reasoning that he, as president, has the inherent authority to execute foreign policy.
    That being so, were his ”deal” to become policy, the next president could reverse the deal in any way he (or she) preferred.
    The next president could impose severe sanctions.
    Or even strike Iran’s nuclear facilities militarily.
    Or whatever works.

  8. 58


    @Greg: .

    China is clearly positioning itself to become the next great super-power,

    Yes, they started that big move back in the 1940’s and at the rate of progress, they might make it by 2140.

  9. 59



    China and Russia are export dependent, their GDP depends on Western consumption.

    yes, I can’t see either one of those wanting to destroy the huge consumer market in the US

  10. 60


    @Nanny G:

    Obama doesn’t want to allow Congress to have a right to ratify his deal with Iran.

    Any treaty with a foreign country has to be approved by a 2/3 vote of the US Senate.

    If the President decides that a treaty is in the nation’s best interests (and does not violate the US Constitution!), the President (or designated representative) will sign the treaty. Signing a treaty does not make it become law! It means that the US Government believes the treaty is a good idea, and commits the President to seeking ratification.

    With the treaty package in hand, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee can begin its consideration. It can vote to send the treaty to the full Senate for action, with a favorable or unfavorable recommendation, or even without any recommendation at all; it can also decide to ignore the treaty entirely. However, if the Committee fails to act on the treaty, it is not returned to the President. Treaties, unlike other legislative measures, remain available to the Senate from one Congress to the next, until they are actively disposed of or withdrawn by the President.

    So as much as the President would like to think he has the ‘right’ to bypass the Constitution, he does not. It’s not a treaty until approved by the Senate.

  11. 61

    Nanny G

    There’s a 4 day old rumor slipping out of Iran.
    Four days ago the Ayatollah was rushed to a hospital with multiple systems failing.
    Last night word was that he has died.
    If it is confirmed there is going to be quite a bit of unrest there.
    A power struggle.
    Some informal succession idea was floated only recently, but not agreed to by all interested parties.

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