The legacy media scrambles to protect Reverend Obama

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If you didn’t watch Fox News, you might not even know that Obama dissed Christianity. You might not know that Obama hitched up his holier than thou pants and launched into a sermon chock full of the moral equivalence between the Islam of today versus the Christianity of centuries past.

You wouldn’t know.

You wouldn’t have learned this from ABC, CBS and certainly not from Brian Williams as none of them covered the story.

Unfortunately, the “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC all ignored the President’s critique of Christianity during the Thursday evening newscasts with only ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir even mentioning that the event took place earlier in the day.

Over on ABC, anchor David Muir spent 11 seconds hyping “a ground-breaking moment” that took place at the breakfast in the form of Obama and the Dalai Lama appearing in public for the first time. Muir also reported that Obama referred to him there as “a good friend.”

Politico didn’t have a story on it. Neither did the Hill. The same media that drools over every Palin family mishap refused to cover Obama comparing Christianity to Islamic extremism.

So how did the Obama sycophants in the media handle the issue? They savaged Obama’s critics. Check out the titles:

CNN: Obama takes fire for Crusades comparison

The NY Slimes: Critics Seize On Obama’s ISIS Remarks at Prayer Breakfast

The entire article is garbage.

WASHINGTON — President Obama may have thought he was giving a straightforward history lesson at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday when he compared the atrocities of the Islamic State to the bloodshed committed in the name of Christianity in centuries past.

Complete bullshit. He wasn’t giving a history lesson. He was lecturing.

And of course, the fault lies with Obama’s critics:

Rush Limbaugh devoted a segment of his show to what he said were the president’s insults to the “whole gamut of Christians” and Twitter’s right wing piled on. Guests on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show spent 15 minutes airing objections to the president’s comments.

Reverend Obama adds:

“There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency, that can pervert and distort our faith.”

A “sinful tendency in us.” Catch that? Us.

We are all at fault for Islamic extremism. Original sin. And the media sucks it up.

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  1. 1


    A “sinful tendency in us.” Catch that? Us.

    We are all at fault for Islamic extremism. Original sin.

    Yeah, caught that.
    It ties in with his ”ultimately” destroying ISIS.
    Gee, when?
    When Armageddon comes?
    His ”arc of justice” is slow enough because of his own dithering (I mean ”strategic patience”) but now he’s expanding that out to where it is up to God to bring an end to ISIS.

    BTW, listen to Obama carefully.
    Is he high or drunk?
    He leaves the “t” off of both ChrisT and jusTice!
    Maybe Obama thinks slurring is akin to ”preacher-mode?”

  2. 2

    Ken McVay

    None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who can walk and chew gum at the same time. Obama was outed as an Islamic sympathiser (to be kind) long ago, and his serial lying hasn’t been a surprise to anyone paying attention to the news. We’ve had a lying, American-hating jackass in the Spite House since 2009.

  3. 3


    5 million died in the Second Congo War that was Christian v Christian
    One of the big killers was Krony’s Lords Resistance Army
    Rush was quite upset when Onama sent 100 Green Berets to train African troops to put an end to the Lord’s Resistance Army

  4. 4


    Google witch killing in Africa and see what Christians are up to there or the thousands of children deemed witch children by Christian pastors

  5. 6

    Ronald J. Ward

    Perhaps the reason that only Fox News and right wing Obama bashers let this nothing burger of a scandal make their heads explode is because only they search and scrutinize every word and action of Obama to create their newest fake scandal.

    There are compelling arguments that renders the Fox News spin doctors wrong and Obama absolutely correct.

    It’s understood that the ODS inflicted has to reach long and deep to appease their history of wishing some manufactured Obama war on Christianity so it should be self explanatory why only the likes of Fox and bigots would be in full throttle scandal mode while the more reputable news sources are being more, well reputable.

    Another argument could very well be that this is no more than the bigoted and dishonest right trying to justify that it’s perfectly fine to hate Muslims.

  6. 8


    One of the steps to taking over a country is to infiltrate the country’s news media and its entertainment industry, so they can spread the propaganda. In my opinion, this has happened to most of the networks and the entertainment industry. Look how BOTH entities are promoting lower moral values, another step to taking over a country.

    At the democratic convention, the majority voted to take God out of their party’s platform. If you HEARD the vote, the NOs were definitely louder. How many positive movies are made about non-muslim faiths, compared to ones promoting the muslim religion? How many news media are defending Israel in their fight JUST TO SURVIVE? Can you name one, other than Fox News. If so, please include a link.

  7. 9


    @Ronald J. Ward:

    Wow! Two radically leftist links in one post. What a treat. Problem is, perhaps the author of your little TPM article should busy herself with sticking to her own field, early modern philosophy, and not bother herself with trying to write historical Cliff notes. She would be better served to spend her time reading Bernard Lewis or Thomas Madden, actual expert historians in the field of Islam and the Crusades.

  8. 10


    @Ronald J. Ward: No, the issue is how Obama and this administration will go well out of its way to avoid calling radical Islamic terrorism what it is: Islamic, terrorism and radical.

    Kerry made an address before an international body and could not bring himself to mention “Islamic” though that is what we are fighting. One wonders exactly who they think they are fooling, because everyone is well aware that the most dire threat is ISIS and they are, indeed, Islamic. They simply look stupid and they make the entire nation look stupid. All but Fox News, that is.

    For, Ronald, if Obama’s point was so correct (true, the Crusades happened, but, gee, that was, like, 950 years ago, dude), why did no other networks cover his shinning brilliance? And, while historically correct, to a point, what he left out was that the Crusades was a reaction to Muslim conquests and the death and torture of Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem. But, what’s facts to a liberal?

    NO ONE condemns all Muslims (though the widespread silence on the subject of radical Islamic terrorism among Muslims is suspicious) and everyone goes to the added time, trouble and effort to specify RADICAL Islam (that being those who prefer killing a non-Muslim that talking to them) than simply call out Muslims. Bush made that clear as well, but he was aware that to apply to much political correctness to a situation where a specific, overt, apparent and obvious group was trying to kill you would appear, to the serious world, really, really stupid. Just as Obama, Rice and Kerry appear. Stupid. Too stupid for words. Too stupid for respect. Too stupid to be trusted in traffic by themselves. Certainly too stupid to be in charge of a country.

    Another argument could very well be that this is no more than the bigoted and dishonest right trying to justify that it’s perfectly fine to hate Muslims.

    Ah. I see you have surrendered, having run totally out of any argument to support your position… save for one. Your favorite, the old reliable, the Doomsday Weapon. “If you oppose radical Islamic terrorism and you think it has to be identified to be addressed, defeated and destroyed, then you are racist”. True, Ronald, there is no icon for a white flag here, so your repeated reliance of calling “racism” when you fail will simply have to do.

  9. 11


    It never ceases to amaze me how leftists portray the Crusades as evil European aggression, rather than the armed response to muslim wars of conquest over then Christian lands.

    Christian doctrine tells us not to lie. Muslims are told to engage in taqqiyah.
    Christian doctrine says, “Turn the other cheek”. Islam says, “Kill all unbelievers.”

    The fact that the Obama administration refuses to correctly name the etiology of terrorism in his sophomoric attempt at morale equivalence demonstrates his preference for the barbarity that is islam over the principles of Judeo-Christian philosophy upon which American ideals are based.

  10. 12


    Obama acted like all of Christianity’s history was white people.
    But Christianity started in the Middle East.
    To this day there are three times as many Christians in Egypt as are in Ireland.
    Most Christians in the Americas are in Central and South America, not North America.

    And where are Christians being attacked these days?
    In Africa, the Middle East and in Asia.
    American and European Christians are not under attack.
    How can Obama’s words soothe those Christians?
    He almost said they DESERVED to be murdered for what happened 1,000 years ago.

  11. 14


    @Redteam, #13:

    “Us” refers to humanity, and it’s a distinctly Christian religious viewpoint, in case you have somehow missed that most basic fact about the religion you claim as your own.

  12. 16


    Muslims don’t believe that mankind is sinful by nature. They believe that God forgave Adam and Eve of their original disobedience, so all of their descendants are born untainted by original sin. They believe the problem is mankind’s prideful and rebellious nature, which leads to failure to submit to God’s will.

    Obama’s statement regarding Man’s sinful nature reveals an underlying Christian perspective, not an Islamic one.

  13. 18


    @Greg: Most people don’t realize just what an apostate from the true God Mohammad was.
    At least YOU DO, Greg.
    There is No Way Mohammad’s god (the one he made up called god in his language) could be the same God as the one who led humankind to Christ.
    Everything in the Bible is a path to lead sin-filled humans to a way of redemption and Life.
    Everything Mohammad led his followers to involves death, sadistic torture, degradation, filth and impoverishment.

  14. 19



    Muslims don’t believe that mankind is sinful by nature.

    I kinda figured you had been attending Obama’s Koran Study classes. You did learn that if you’re not a muslim you’re going to die, didn’t you?

  15. 20


    @Redteam, #19:

    It’s useful to learn what you can about the nature of any threat. It might then occur to you that any alcohol drinking, pork eating president who has a history of Christian church attendance and who makes reference to the sinful nature of Man is highly unlikely to be a closet Muslim.

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