The dumbest man in the universe

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As everyone knows, Superbowls come by every day. The science is settled. Pete Carroll is the dumbest man in the universe. Lots of time left, a timeout left, a “beast” running back, the ball on nearly on the goal line.


Makes you wonder if Carroll sold out to his former boss Kraft.

Have at it.

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    james raider

    Throughout the game, I noticed that the Refs were leaning toward the SeaHawks, including where they placed the ball after a play.

    It was also obvious that the guys calling the play-by-play leaned toward the SeaHawks. They evidently couldn’t get over the deflation business. .

    Still, I called for New England to win for the simple reason that they were being led by the best Field General in the business, perhaps ever, . . . Tom Brady. There is no doubt that when he’s on that field, he knows how to lead and how to inspire. And he did it superbly on Sunday.

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    Pete Carroll was an idiot, and he made several mistakes that cost his team the victory. Early in the game, his team ran his traditional zone defense. It was designed to prevent deep passes over the middle. It’s stupid to run that defense against a team that has no vertical passigning game, a team whose longest pass all year (in air yards) was about 27 yards. And then his pass offense wasn’t prepared for tight man coverage, even though the Patriots don’t play anything else. The Seahawks receivers couldn’t get off on time, gave up on their routes, and stopped running. The play isn’t over: the Patriots cannot rush Wilson. Instead, they must contain him, so he has 6-8 seconds to throw — plenty of time for receivers to take and angle, start running, and make a target.

    These adjustments were made, and the Seahawks got the job done. Why weren’t they ready at the start of the game?

    Concerning the end of the Seattle drive. I agree with the majority: it was a terrible call. A slant!? If you’re going to throw, start with play action. Think hooks and fades to the corners where your big receivers can make a play. Thing roll-out pass: Wilson is the best running QB in the league. (Like Joe Montana or John Elway.) He can throw it away or dive into the end zone. But first and foremost, give it to one of the best running backs in league.

    I think that Seattle had superior personnel. They had better, faster players in every position except tight-end (no ne plays better than Gronkowski.) They lost because Belichick got 100% out of his players, while Carroll failed to give his players the best chances. Then he gave away the game.

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    Rich Wheeler

    Carroll’s inflated ego cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl. Instead of taking the conventional win by handing the ball once, or twice if need be,
    to the best big back on the planet, he’s gotta get cute.
    Win it his way–unconventionally. He only needs one yard on 2 carries with a guy whose averaging OVER FOUR YARDS PER CARRY. Pete says throw it.
    ” Oh Pete you’re so smart, so daring, so creative—- ”
    No Pete you’re an idiot and your legacy will be this colossal blunder.

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    @Rich Wheeler: Now you’re changing your story. you said:

    He only needs one yard on 2 carries

    you said before that he had 20 seconds and 3 plays to get the yard. You have been challenged to give us the scenario where he can get off 3 plays in 20 seconds without throwing a pass. ‘I’ say to get off 3 plays, one of the first two has to have a TO called and/or an incomplete pass. NO WAY could he do 3 plays without one of the 3 being a pass play.
    I’ll bet you try again to weasel out of answering the scenario you said existed.

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    james raider

    The Ego assumed the game was his for the taking.
    He assumed that he would walk it in, but didn’t want to leave time for a kick-0ff — sticking a “gotcha” into Belichick’s and Brady’s ears.
    He could throw a pass first, which would look brilliant if it worked, and if it was dropped, no problem, he’d run a couple to running plays which would guarantee a touchdown.
    Consider an interception? Never crossed his mind.

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    Rich Wheeler

    @Redteam: I see you slunk away from the other thread where you showed you couldn’t count and had no clue on strategy of running down the clock so Pats wouldn’t have time for tying field goal.
    Lets look at this–1ST and goal from the 5 after the immaculate reception by Kearse.Beast goes for 4 to the one.
    2ND and goal at the one 55+ seconds left–Carroll goes long count and takes it down to 26 seconds and throws disastrous pass-game over
    Should have called 2 plays in huddle and run Beast with about 45 seconds and if needed (doubtful) with about 15-20 seconds left.Two shots from a yard from the best back on the planet.He’s averaging over 4 per carry. Still a few seconds left–time out if needed–it won’t be needed
    Raider in #10 points out Carroll’s ego got the best of him and he’s gotta live with costing his team the Soper Bowl
    You gotta live with beating a dead horse.
    Read again my comment on other thread and you’ll see it consistant with this. I never talked about running any plays at the 26/20 second mark. Carroll ran the clock down when imo he should not have. Still the ball should have gone to Lynch not to the PATS F.S.

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    @Rich Wheeler:
    Absolutely right. In particular, call two plays and don’t allow the Patriots to substitute their big guys. Let the Beast punch it in, if he fails, play action pass and/or roll-out by the best running QB in the game with big receivers in the back of the endzone.

    One minor suggestion: the amount of time left on the clock isn’t that important. The Patriots have no vertical passing game. If they have to go 45 yards in, say, 30 seconds, they will fail. Brady’s longest pass in air yards is about 27 yards. He’ll need a couple of 25-30 yards passes. He hasn’t shown that he can throw or manage a moderately deep ball in several years. He doesn’t have a deep-threat receiver. His offensive line can’t hold that long. The Seattle defense is built to take away deep passes. Throughout the seasons, the Patriots have had the ball with 90-120 seconds in close games at the end of the half, and they stuck with their short passing game to run out the clock without a single shot down the field. That tells me that Bellichick knows that the Patriots don’t have a vertical passing game.

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    @Rich Wheeler:

    Rich Wheeler Absolutely right.

    Strange you agree with kevino when he said:

    Let the Beast punch it in, if he fails, play action pass and/or roll-out by the best running QB in the game

    seems he says a pass play would be appropriate when you say it would be the dumbest possible play.
    Rich, your name is R I C H. I know you get confused, but I’ll try to keep you straight.

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    Rich Wheeler

    @Redteam: I absolutely agree with– ” Let the beast punch it in.” On 4th down, if you want, go roll out with Wilson.
    What you absolutely do not do is throw a slant on 2nd down. Kevino and I agree on this–Run Lynch.
    You and Smiley Pete got it wrong. Lost Super Bowl on that 2nd down pass call.
    As James Raider said HUBRIS

    BTW In #10 Kevino said “Rich Wheeler absolutely right” I thanked him and confirmed my agreement with him.
    You and Pete are in agreement—couple of Wait till next year.

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    Rich Wheeler

    Off subject but staying with the theme “dumb”
    Hannity What do you folks think of him and the majority of his “guests”
    Does he compare with the beautiful and smart Meghan?
    Or the always entertaining Bill O. ???

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