Brilliant New Strategy, actually (Guest Post)

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John Kerry - Lassana Bathily

I am seeing a lot of criticism of the administration and Kerry for taking James Taylor to sing a song to the French as an expression of solidarity and to make amends for not showing up to how solidarity at the Charlie Hebdo march. It appears weak and silly, but perhaps there is another point. Perhaps it is a new, unexpected strategy that is aimed at attacking and destroying radical Islamic terrorism from a different angle. Here is an historical account of where one such strategy worked to end conflict.

Kudos to this administration for thinking outside the box and developing an attack plan none others would conceive.

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    BTW, Kerry, the great internationalist, speaks very bad french. Grammar OK, but stilted, heavily accented, awkward, and with mispronunciations. Wow!
    Quel poseur!

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    How many conservative Americans went ?
    Obama’s polls went up not down
    Looks like another faux outrage that only people who hate Americas first black POTUS think is important

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    @John: #5

    Gee, John, maybe it’s because the Conservatives know that Diplomacy is exclusively the purview of the Executive Branch of the US Government. Unlike the Leftists in the Democrat Party who seem to think that going to other countries and undermining the administration is perfectly okay, when they are not it power.

    As to hating Obama because of his skin’s melanin content? Sorry, bub, but you are overdrawn and your Race Card has been declined.

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    Since blacks are 13% (happy MLK, jr Day, bty!) of America’s population and over 18s are 74%, then 24.75 million of them COULD have voted for Obama.
    Of those blacks registered to vote (no where near 100% as we learned in Ferguson) 95% of them voted for Obama.
    Of all adults who can register to vote, 41% are registered to vote, btw.
    Obama got 69,498,516 votes in 2008.
    Obama got 62,154,025 votes in 2012.
    Racists, do you see the problem with your major premise?
    Yes, it MUST be false.
    Whites in plentitude voted for Obama.

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    Mark Steyn says it best. Cat Stevens should have sang for the French. His songs should have been ” The first cut is the deepest” and ” Its saturday night and I ain’t got no body”. Musical diplomacy and the kindergarden foreign policy lives on. LOL.

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