5 Responses to “(Mis)Perceptions, Assumptions, and Perpetuations: How We Keep Racism Alive”

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    I had the same experience as Michelle.
    Only it was a Wal-Mart.
    And the woman who asked me to get an item off of a high shelf was black.
    Now, years later, I learn that it wasn’t because I was tall.
    It was because the woman was a racist.
    Strange, it didn’t seem that way at the time.
    Still doesn’t.
    I was glad to be able to help someone else.
    Judging from what I’ve seen so far, Michell is also glad to be able to help others.
    As long as she can do it with other people’s labor.
    And other people’s money.
    Although, she does seem to be more comfortable helping herself to the same…

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    Pete were you wearing one of those blue smocks. That all the wal mart associates wear usually walmart doesn’t have too many high shelves st least not in the ones I go to
    Gee why aren’t we all so post racially happy that South Carolina finally acknowledged that maybe executing thst 14 year old boy for killing the 2 little white girls wasn’t such s good idea
    He was such a tiny kid they had to put his bible under him as a booster seat to make contact with the copper head cap

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    @John: #3
    Nah, I was dressed as usual- like a homeless guy. Sloppy, but comfortable. My criteria for buying clothing are “Is it cheap?” and “Will it last?”
    The lady was very short.

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