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14 Responses to “Obama needs to get off his ass and stop this national lynch mob”

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    We need to take apart what Obama said:

    A grand jury made a decision yesterday that upset a lot of people.

    Gee, literally EVERY case in the entire judicial system has some who take either side. So…..duh!

    And as I said last night, the frustrations that we have seen, are not just about a particular incident.

    True, but Michael Brown is now the Poster Boy of the new Criminal Justice Movement.

    They have deep roots in many communities of color, who have a sense that our laws are not always being enforced uniformly or fairly.

    They ”have a sense? Have we been listening to these people? They only have a feeling, nothing else. They see a black kid killed by police and ASS-U-ME that a white, Hispanic or Asian kid would not have gotten the same treatment for that same behavior. There is nothing approaching rumor control in the black community. There is nothing approaching objectivity there, for the most part, either. Joe Scarbouro (also 6’4”) said on MSNBC that, if HE acted the same way as Michael Brown did when confronted by a police officer, he KNOWS he, too, would have been shot and killed.

    That may not be true everywhere.

    Nice of Obama not to throw ALL law enforcement under his bus.

    And it’s certainly not true for the vast majority of law enforcement officials, but that’s an impression that folks have and it’s not just made up.

    Obama realizes his bus is struggling to climb over all the bodies he is willing to sacrifice, so he’s limiting the new bodies.

    It’s rooted in reality.

    No, it’s not. It is ”rooted” in rumor and street talk. I have been watching as people butcher the English language. One reporter uses a word in a question and his interviewee completely misunderstands that word, so redefines it as something else altogether. CNN is especially famous for letting these misunderstandings just go.

    Could the right words and actions from Obama stop this insanity?
    But what would he need to say and do?
    Order people to be peaceable or to see the National Guard on all their streets….then follow through.
    We now know the first night that the plans for using the National Guard ”got changed,” but not by the mayor of Ferguson, nor by the police chief there.
    So, WHO pulled the National Guard back thus allowing unchallenged looting, car-jacking and arson all over that town? Was it COPS leader, the CHP guy who walked with the demonstrators back in August? Or, was it the Gov. who refused to take the mayor’s calls? The Lt Gov says the Gov was not available at all that night. Or was it Holder/Obama?

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    Where is Obama’s concern for the innocent small business owners who served this community only to be broken into, looted and burned?

    This is what Obama wants. Racial disharmony and mob rule so that he can make more executive actions to “fix” what he and his fellow Democratic rabble-rousers have both fueled the fire for and allowed to get out of control.

    Obama is the exact opposite of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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    Why would Obama want to stop it? He’s a community agitator that now has the forum to agitate the whole country, and he’s doing it. A lousy president, but a good agitator.

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    What needs to be looked at is the big picture. While on the surface this is all about racism, it goes deeper than that. Since this incident happened, there have been multiple cases in Chicago alone whereby a white police officer shot and in some cases killed a black during the commission of a crime just like Ferguson. Yet there were no riots or any of the other violence that has occurred in Ferguson. The main reason- it was kept as a local law enforcement matter just like Ferguson should have been.

    Instead, Ferguson was used as a rallying cry for the left. While it is true that the ones committing the violence are people who are predisposed to committing it, one needs to look at who turned this into a national incident and fueled the fire. Those would be the Jacksons, Sharptons, Holders, Obamas, and the MSM. What do they all have in common? On the surface it would appear that race is the common denominator but it’s bigger than that because the overwhelming majority of the MSM is white. The common denominator is leftist, neo-Marxist ideological thought. The agitators were all leftists. The blacks who are rioting are their foot soldiers who were groomed by the left’s Marxist feel good social programs masquerading as “the war on poverty”. Lenin used ethnic minorities as part of his coalition to gain control of Russia after which he threw them under the bus like everyone else. The left in this country is doing the same. In the case of Ferguson, the thugs were the foot soldiers doing the dirty work for the leftist agitators. The law abiding citizens of Ferguson who lost their homes and businesses, Wilson, and the police department were all sacrificial lambs in the broader effort of the left to enhance their agenda. As for the losses sustained by the law abiding citizens of Ferguson most of whom are black, their losses were a necessary “sacrifice” and a small price to pay for the broader goal of racially dividing the country. Remember two main components of the left are divide and conquer and the end justifies the means.

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    The bottom line is that the Democrats, who have built their party on identity politics and racial divide, got tromped in November. Their base, blacks, Hispanics, feminists, et al, stayed home. More Hispanics voted Republican than in all of election history. The Democrats need a way to pump up their base; enter Ferguson.

    There is nothing remarkable about Michael Brown to turn him into a civil rights poster boy. But every radical far left group, including the Communist Party of America, New Black Panthers, Socialists of America, Students for Justice for Palestine, the lot of them descended on Ferguson trying to make a choir boy out of someone who was just another thug.

    The Democrats have less than a year to ramp up their base. And that is what this is all about, nothing more, nothing less. As Obama just threw unemployed black Americans, who tend to be less educated, under the bus for illegal Hispanics, the Democrat Party needs racial strife.

    What makes me sick about the whole Ferguson problem is that Obama sent tax cheat and liar, Al Sharpton, to monitor Ferguson and while Ferguson was waiting the light the fuse, Sharpton was on the phone with Valerie Jarrett. Perhaps someone will claim that Obama wasn’t wanting Ferguson to erupt, but I will be to differ since he sent the biggest member of the grievance industry to Ferguson.

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    The Dens list big time ??
    They never had the House and still do not
    The Senate was always in a gridlock
    Obama’s polls are far higher than the GOP in congress

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    The bottom line is that the Democrats, who have built their party on identity politics and racial divide, got tromped in November. Their base, blacks, Hispanics, feminists, et al, stayed home. More Hispanics voted Republican than in all of election history. The Democrats need a way to pump up their base; enter Ferguson.

    All of which fits into the grand leftist scheme which is to transform this country into a Marxist/socialist utopia. Just like Lenin didn’t have enough ethnic Russians to support his communist revolution, the left doesn’t have enough whites to support their agenda. Enter minority groups. Lenin gave them certain perks in order for them to support the Bolshevik revolution just like the left is giving them perks now to support their agenda such as welfare and amnesty. They have taken advantage of blacks and now they are working on Hispanics. The latter group will be a lot tougher nut to crack given their family values and hard work ethic. As for the former, if individuals like Allen West, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Alveda King, Condolleeza Rice, and Ken Blackwell etc. gain prominence as role models and leaders in the black community replacing the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and Obama the left will start to lose that base as well.

    Look at the the most recent topics/positions listed under the CPUSA, “Take action” column. They mirror the stance taken by the dems. Harry Reid could have been the author of the one about the Koch brothers.


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    The Dens list big time ??

    Drunkenness and incoherency is not a virtue.

    They never had the House and still do not

    Democrats held the House from 2008 to 20010. Obama could have passed pretty much anything he could have sold the Democrats in congress on.

    The Senate was always in a gridlock

    Then how did Obamacare get passed on a straight party line vote? Oh, that’s right, the Democrat’s very own architect of Obamacare (Gruber) told us. It was thru not telling Congress or the “stupid voters” what was in the bill, which necessitated telling lies and being as UN-transpearent as possible to fool them into supporting it. As it required scamming both Democrat congress critters and those who trusted them we know who Gruber identified as “stupid”. We conservatives and most Republicans were not fooled, and the majority of the public never supported the ACA at any time.

    Obama’s polls are far higher than the GOP in congress

    No they aren’t. The GOP has surged ahead in recent polls over both Obama and the Congressional Democrats.

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    It looks like the true colors of the groups behind the Ferguson riots are rising to the top.
    The American Communist Party.
    The New Black Panther Party.
    Gee, I wonder if the black people of Ferguson really identify with all these friends of Obama’s who are following his orders to ”stay the course?”

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    @Nanny: Well, which ideology promotes policies like expanding the economy so more can benefit from economic growth and mobility and which ideology thrives or turmoil, violence, strife and social unrest?

    Socialist governments cannot be nurtured when times are good and people are happy. Until the Great Depression, Hitler could not get the numbers of supporters he needed to pressure the German government to grant him power. The left has no problem whatsoever, when the level of social unrest that promotes their agenda does not exist, CREATING the strife and conflict necessary to make their style of government appeal to those who fear the upheaval. Ferguson is just another example of never letting a crisis go to waste. Especially if you put forth a lot of effort to invent the crisis.

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