School Lunch Statism – The Republicans’ Latest Blown Opportunity (Guest Post)

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School lunches are hardly the most pressing issue facing our country at the moment. However, it shows another case of how the Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. As you’ve probably heard the healthy eating initiatives pushed by an unelected bureaucrat (who most of us know as First Lady Michelle Obama) has been used to impose strict rules on food served in schools.

“Mr. President will you please ask your wife to let me keep my lunch if I like my lunch the same way you did with my parents’ health care?”

We’ve seen all kinds of consequences of this action. Students aren’t buying the new healthy lunches because they don’t like them, creating massive food waste. Popular lunches like grilled cheese and tomato soup, along with spaghetti and meatballs are gone. Thanks to the lost revenue from the sales of food deemed unhealthy, some schools now can’t afford the healthy food that they’re now mandated to serve. Bake sales are getting banned. And students are teeing off on social media to show their displeasure. Check this last link to see how they’re firing back.

Moments like this give me hope for today’s youth. This doesn’t need beating over the head, detailed policy talks or numbers and projections that will make any kid’s eyes glaze over. All that needs to be said is that this is what happens when you invite the government in your life. If nothing else, it can hopefully get them to start thinking through the consequences of asking for favors from their government. So naturally what has the GOP done on this issue? Zip. Nada. I’ve searched and found nothing where this is being used by Republicans to start teaching the outcomes of big government. If anyone has seen anything showing otherwise please drop a link in the comments.

On a side note, here is another recent controversy that offers a potential way to reach young people. If you haven’t heard about “Gamergate”, here is the Cliff Notes version: The members of the media who write about video games and the culture around them have total contempt for the gamers they are covering – and it seems that the feeling is mutual. I’ll admit that I don’t see an angle to present to young people, but self-righteous journalists showing open contempt for the people they’re covering  is hardly a new phenomena.

One parting thought – If any young people out there reading this get a chance to send a message or question to President Obama or his wife try asking them to start mandating that all of the fundraisers that they attend only serve food that meets the same standards as school lunches.

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    Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has introduced a bill that would limit the feds from mandating which foods schools must serve. The bill is called the “EDIBLE Act.”

    “EDIBLE Act” stands for “Eliminate Dogmatic Interference by Bureaucratic Lunch Extremists Act.” Under the bill, the federal government could only require schools to serve certain foods if those foods are completely paid for with federal funds.

    When you look at those photos of the ”lunches,” you really feel sorry for the students.
    But isn’t it true that students who pack their own lunches from home risk having a food Nazi take it away from them?
    (In the above case instead of eating a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice, the student ate three chicken nuggets for lunch.)
    One unintended (I hope) consequence of Michelle’s school lunch mandate is that we appear to have fewer poor children in the USA as one school after another drops federal funding for school lunches, implying no poor children in their schools.

    And, lest we forget:
    We Are Hungry.

    My favorite packed lunches in grammar school included a thermos of soup (chicken noodle or tomato) a baloney sandwich on white bread with mayo and a Rice Krispie square. The school supplied the whole milk and the graham cracker.

  2. 2

    James Raider


    If you have no idea how to gradually educate the kids toward healthy meals, enforce tasteless food on them – at the point of a gun, if necessary.

    Absolute morons are in charge in the W.H., and in the bureaucracy of this government.

    These are the same Clueless idiots with exactly the same mentality who forced States to implement Common Core, threatening them with being cut-off from receiving QE billions, controlled by this despicable Administration. They have no idea how a child learns. No idea how to stimulate and inspire interest in discovering and learning. Just impose brain-dead schemes on the kids.

    How’s the QE thing working out? Lot’s of good paying jobs out there?

    Oh, and you’re right Brother Bob – the GOP isn’t taking the high road, or taking advantage of the opportunity here. Of course, if they had a plan . . . .

  3. 3


    Wait a minute.
    Federal Funds (aka taxpayer funds) = You will eat what we tell you to eat.

    Yet. YET – many entities in this country and many people, primarily of the liberal – progressive kind, never see the Conservative argument of (not) Selling your Soul to the Government by accepting “anything” primarily FUNDS / MONEY from the Gov’t if at all possible. Because the Government will thus be your dictator….
    Which brings to mind:
    Then there are the ‘kind’ of people in Minnesota who are from Somalia and apparently “Live” off of the Government. FREE STUFF Cradle to Grave and yet on the flip side of the coin, these ultimate free-b-ers are now “demanding” their FREE FOOD is geared toward their (non-religion) ‘RELIGIOUS BELIEFS’. Sharia much??
    They are claiming this is a ‘human right’ …..How is THAT for GRATITUDE from the Tax Payer????
    Pete McLaughlin, one of the ‘commissioners’ says he is looking into it.
    Seriously? Now people who get free stuff are ‘demanding’ what ‘kind’ of free stuff they want? Know what?

    Get a dam job – create a Job – create a business catering to your people – then you can actually purchase what you so demand for yourself. Or go back to where whence you came.

    BTW those complaining whose picture was posted on ‘the Gateway pundit’ had some nice cell phones there. I guess you can afford a nice cell phone if someone else is paying for your food intake. Or are they Obama phones?

    This seriously frustrates me.

  4. 4


    The fascist-socialists control freaks have bitten off more than they can chew with this one. The school lunch wars are just beginning. Kids, parents and even school systems themselves are balking at would be queen Moochall Antoinette’s marching orders. I forsee state to state revolt against the hypocritical fast-food noshing tyranntte and her Federal soup-nazis hopefully this will come to a head before November. Nor will this endear mothers to the heavy-handed Democrats.

  5. 5


    The Republicans are on the same team as 0Muslim and his Democrats.

    Nor will this endear mothers to the heavy-handed Democrats.

    The “vote early, vote often” public assistance parasite “mothers” have, and will again, vote the Devil into office as long as they continue to get their free public housing, free health and daycare, free food, free or low cost energy, free vehicles and gas, free expensive (for us) bling and sports casual (non-working) clothing and tennis shoes, free flat screen TVs, free cell phones, and free cash.

    The fact is that it pays very well to be a “vote early and often for a living” parasite in this country these days.

  6. 7


    Hey, I have an idea; let’s review what MO, 0Muslim, and his daughters eat…

    MO sure doesn’t look like she’s eating health foods in moderate amounts.

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