“Pro-life” terrorism?!

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Londonistan’s Anjem Choudary:

In an effort to justify the ongoing acts of aggression perpetrated by Jihadi IS militants, the fundamentalist Muslim and self-proclaimed Islamic scholar distinguishes between what he calls “pro-life terrorism” and terrorism which he claims is “against life.”

“I think there is terrorism, which is pro-life and there is terrorism, which is against life. You know you could terrorize the enemy in order to make sure that the war ends quickly. And I think this is what the Islamic State, are in fact, trying to do to scare off the Americans and their allies in Syria and Iraq.”

“And then there’s terrorism, which is against life – which is like carpet bombing, dropping nuclear weapons, the shock and awe that we saw in Iraq before.”

When asked whether it’s legal under Sharia Law to hold an individual responsible for alleged crimes perpetrated by a collective or state, Choudary – a self-appointed lecturer in Sharia Law – says: “Terrorizing the enemy is, in fact, part of Islam. This is something that we must embrace and understand as far as the jurisprudence of Jihad is concerned.”

“I think the thing that people need to appreciate is that in war Muslims are not distinguishing in general between civilians and military because those very civilians are those who put the people in charge, and those people in charge – Barack Obama and others – are sending their troops to Muslim countries. They’re not making that distinction.”

Probed on what crime James Foley committed against the wider global Muslim community and to rationalize such a brutal and vicious execution, Chaudry claimed the general rule for American or international journalists who “were tarnishing the image of Muslims” in the battlefield was that they were undeserving of any “sanctity.”

“Journalists in general from the West, civilians from places like America at the current time, are in a position where there is no sanctity for them in Muslim countries. There’s no one to give them that sanctity. We are uprising against our own regimes, and they are seen as enemies of Muslims.”

A couple of days ago, Choudary was on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Selter. The interview ended like this:

Muslim cleric Anjam Choudary was doing a normal sound check before appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” yesterday when he suddenly stopped counting said the numbers 9/11, 7/7, 3/11 — dates of deadly terror attacks. Host Brian Stelter asked his guest, “Is this all some sort of joke to you?” Choudary’s response left Stelter speechless.

The entire interview is a sparring match with an Islamist propagandist, ISIS apologist, and a global jihad enabler.

“the British and Americans have committed all kinds of atrocities in the same area,” Choudary argued, Foley’s death shouldn’t be seen as anything unusual.

“Quite frankly, I think it’s completely pathetic and absurd for you to ask a Muslim to condemn a killing of one individual when hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being slaughtered, of which you don’t know that name,” he said.

“But don’t you understand that journalists are in a unique category?” Stelter said. “They’re trying to tell the story of this population!”

Choudary pushed back, claiming that Western journalists are “really the propaganda machine of the Obama administration.”

“That’s a crazy thing to say!” Stelter exclaimed. “The only reason that you know about Abu Grahib is because of American journalists! They only reason you know about Guantanamo Bay is because of American journalists!”

The cleric later explained why things aren’t so bad in the Middle East’s new Islamic caliphate, noting that “Christians are returning to Mosul and many Yazidis have embraced Islam.”

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    Angel Artiste

    “Terrorizing the enemy is, in fact, part of Islam.” I guess that puts to rest the argument that there is a “radical” Islam that is different from Islamists as a whole.

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    “Quite frankly, I think it’s completely pathetic and absurd for you to ask a Muslim to condemn a killing of one individual when hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being slaughtered, of which you don’t know that name,” he said.

    The murderous beheadings of 2 Americans should rivet the attention and outrage of Americans, due to kin of nationalism; however, Choudary is right in pointing out the hundreds of beheadings and thousands of Muslims slaughtered. So if every life is a gift from God, multiply the 2 Americans by 100s and thousands of beheadings and butchering. And feel the outrage.

    But Choudary is wrong in thinking Americans don’t care; that it is not of concern (while he ignores that it is guys like Foley and Scotloff who are trying to bring the news of such atrocities to the world’s attention).

    And of course Choudary’s elephant in the room is that it is the ones he defends- ISIS who is responsible for all those hundreds and thousands of beheaded and slaughtered Muslims and non-Muslims living in the region.

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    Choudray is a.muslim “scholar” lecturing on what it means to be muslim. He doesn’t shy from admitting that islam says it perfectly acceptable under islamic teachings to enact any brutality imaginable against non-muslims. Yet any nonmuslim who says the same thing is branded “islamophobic”.

    I really don’t care if someone wants to worship a giant glowing amoeba as the source of all life, so long as such a person isn’t trying to harm anyone else, and doesn’t insist I have to accept their belief system over my own beliefs. This is the crux of the problem with islam. Muslims demand the right to impose their beliefs over all others, using whatever violence is required to do so. Until muslims cease their bloodthirsty attempts at total domination, they make themselves the enemy of the rest of the world, and must be stopped.

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