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    Nanny G

    Michael BROWN (not ”Wilson,” that’s the officer’s name) apparently acted in accord with his own rap lyrics.
    Has anybody but me read them?
    And, yes, violent.
    These ”knock-out games,” are anything but games.
    In fighting it is called a ”cold-cocking,” of someone who was taken by surprise.
    Almost all crime is ”under-reported,” whether the victim was robbed, raped or cold-cocked on the street.

    With the ”knock-out game,” picking on someone of another race seems to be part and parcel of the ”game.”
    It causes an old bit of wisdom to be brought to mind:

    Prudent people see trouble and hide, while the simpleminded go right to it….Proverbs 22:3. Also Proverbs 27:12.

    When I lived in LB I always ”walked like I had a purpose.”
    It was a defense mechanism.
    On my own street there had been car jackings, muggings, shootings, and even murders.
    People who are hit by these attackers were obliviously walking down their streets.
    Now, it used to be OK to do that.
    But I don’t think it is anymore.
    People need to be prudent, be aware and not be so politically correct as to not cross the street (or turn into a business) if it looks like trouble is coming.
    There’s another old bit of wisdom that explains why these thrill attempted killings have not abated:

    When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are filled with schemes to do wrong. Ecclesiastes 8:11

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    @NannyG #1 – My husband gets upset with people…he says there are too many people ‘in their own world’ not paying attention to their surroundings. After reading your comment, I have to say he’s absolutely right.

    I always ‘walk with a purpose’ and always scanning around… looking at my surroundings. Sadly you cannot afford to be complacent these days…

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    In 2012, Denton James Ward, a white student at Blinn College, was stomped to death by a gang of black “youths” at the McDonald’s in College Station, Texas. Three things did NOT happen after that murder:

    There was no one convicted of the death of Denton James Ward.
    White people did not protest, riot or loot and
    Eric Holder did not go to College Station to investigate if Ward’s civil rights were violated.

    Any questions?

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    Now just hold on there for a second, Bucko. There is no such thing as a “hate crime” involving a black perpetrator. It’s a matter of Justice Department policy. Only white perpetrators meet current Justice Department guidelines.

    This is an official Take Down Notice. You have 30 seconds to comply.

    By Order Of
    Eric Holder
    United States Attorney General

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    The only man arrested and charged in the McDonald’s case received a sentence of 90 days. That’s not even worthy of being called a slap on the wrist for committing a brutal murder.

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    According to many of the political left, crimes against whites by minorities can not be considered as “racist hate crimes” .

    This is because the left considers this a political weapon directed at conservatives, so whites and conservatives are not allowed to claim it in reverse.



    Note how the left wing site fails to mention that the killers were black, apparently not an important detail.

    @Ditto: Did Holder and Obama visit the families and console them? Did Limbaugh or someone come down and incite riots and violence.

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    Nanny G

    In California (and as CA goes, so goes the nation ….. eventually) whites are very close to becoming a minority.
    Will crimes against whites become hate crimes w=once that tipping point is passed?
    Ironically, Hispanics are taking over, not blacks in CA.
    Blacks are still less than 14% of the US population.
    There fare even worse when it comes to being part of this nation’s businesses:
    Black-owned firms account for only 7.1 percent of all nonfarm businesses in the United States, employed 921,032 persons (that’s only 0.8 percent of total employment) and generated $137.5 billion in receipts (that’s only 0.5 percent of all receipts).
    Are blacks STILL blaming ”racism,” for their own failures?
    OTOH, Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States is 2.3 million, or 37% of ALL non-farm businesses.
    44,206 of those Hispanic businesses bring in more than $1 million/year (more than double of ALL black businesses combined!)
    And Hispanics had a language issue to overcome besides being new to this country.
    Seems like they don’t blame anyone (else) or anything (else) but buckle down, get to work and make it on their own.
    Too bad black Americans (in the main) won’t do that for fear of looking like they’re ”acting white.”

    Numbers all from the US Census site.

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    ‘Anti-white statements’ made after jogger shot with pellet

    The victim, 36, told police she was jogging near midnight in the far southern end of the park, on the West Drive near West 60th Street, when a pellet hit her in the back of the head.

    She turned and saw a group of five people — three men and two women — “laughing and making anti-white statements,” the police said. “The suspects then fled further into the park.”

    “You white bitch,” one of the female suspects said, according to police sources. After the shooting, the suspects fled into the park, police said.

    The woman reported the shooting by phone. An ambulance took the woman to Roosevelt Hospital, where she was treated for a laceration to her head.

    Police on Saturday released surveillance pictures of the group. They also released a sketch of a woman they want for questioning. Everyone in the group is between 15 and 20 years old, police said.

    The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is involved in the investigation because those in the group made anti-white statements, police said.

    Crickets from the MSM, Obama, Holder, Sharpton & Jessie Jackson.

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