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    We might not know the facts, but we know the Ferguson episode varies dramatically from the account of a man who just participated in a strong arm robbery of a store and twelve others who just happened to be in the general area. The man who is caught on camera during the robbery has a story that surprisingly contradicts the autopsy as well, but which story does our Democratic press run with? He might have an outstanding arrest warrant, but he tells the race pimps and the Democrat Press exactly what they want to hear.

    Of course any deviation from the story is frowned upon, including the truth, because it destroys the story and relegates this political myth into a dismal fabrication of convoluted nonsense. Thus we have Useful Idiots standing by to shout meaningless platitudes like: “Teabagger Deflection” or complain because the truth destroys the narrative and what difference does the truth matter now. They have the narrative and deviation or listening to the truth compromises the story.

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    Nanny G

    Good points.
    I find it amazing that, now two weeks into this thing the Ferguson prosecutors have not interviewed officer Wilson yet.
    I have read that Benjamin Crump, initially, would not allow witnesses to talk to local authorities.
    Now that other eyewitnesses have come forward he is scrambling to regain control of “the narrative.”

    “I could see so vividly what was going on because I was so close,” said Dorian Johnson, who said he was within arm’s reach of both Brown and the officer when the first shot was fired.
    Sure, but can you believe him?
    Dorian Johnson was charged with lying to the police when he used a false name and age during his arrest for stealing a package that contained a backpack.
    He told police he was “Derrick,” and only 16 when he was 19.
    IF the DA is removed because of someting that happened 50 years ago, how much more so should Dorian’s ”testimony” be considered with a HUGE grain of salt for something that happened recently?

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    Well shook who can you believe ? The police now are saying that the “witnesses ” were correct that the first shits were fired when Brown was running away
    When he turned around he was killed
    If the police have to change their story now
    Probably it will change again later

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    Nanny G

    @John: The police now are saying that the “witnesses ” were correct that the first shits were fired when Brown was running away

    this is the 2nd time I’ve seen you weigh in with this remark.
    Still you have not linked to an account backing up your claim.
    Why is that?
    I do recall that Brown’s partner in crime, Dorian Johnson made exactly that claim through his lawyer.
    But I also recall that every shot in Brown’s body was from the front….even Michael Baden agreed.
    So, was it a shot that missed?
    Has there been a total number of shots fired (missed and hit) made public?
    I know there was supposed to be a ”Day of Rage” today in 28 cities for Ferguson and Brown, but it was a bust.

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    The police have a story? Perhaps in the mind of Useful Idiots and the accomplice; although, Johnson’s credibility has been tarnished after the autopsy report and Useful Idiots have never been acknowledged for acuity or cerebral abilities. The Democrat Press can keep the story alive by injecting smaller lies, will they tell those lies? Hell Yes, they only need to convince Useful Idiots to parrot their talking points to keep the myth alive. Creating a racist narrative out of thin air is easy enough, you just need mindless ideologues with limited comprehension and an inability to spell, and a story is created and kept alive.

    Without Useful Idiots, the Democrat Party would cease to exist. It’s true they provide a useful political service; otherwise, the elite master Democrats laugh at their antics, just as Stalin did, and consider them to be useless.

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    @Nanny G:

    “I could see so vividly what was going on because I was so close,” said Dorian Johnson,

    Is it just me, or is “vivid” a word I don’t see using in conversation? You reckon he has been coached a bit?


    The police now are saying that the “witnesses ” were correct that the first shits were fired when Brown was running away

    Yes, John, please provide a link. I searched “Ferguson police say Brown shot from behind”, “Ferguson police change story say Brown shot from behind” and “Ferguson police change story say Brown shot in back” and found nothing. Help me out, please.

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    What is it about being a minority that somehow ‘excludes’ them from being (a) racist?
    Or, That because they are a minority ‘they can’t be racist?’

    What higher mountain do they stand on?

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    Well NannyG , Since 12 witnesses came forward to speak some truth in Ferguson I still have hope.
    So, long as the Sharpton, Obama, Eric, and Jessie et al agitators are preying upon the weak minded…and the DENIERS, we will continue to have problems.

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    oil guy from Alberta

    @This one: Infer “ventilated” the way you want. I threw out a double meaning and you probably never caught it. Ventilated could mean shot full of holes or the narrative was full of hot air( bs in your parlance). If it offends you, this makes my day!

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    As I predicted the police story is changing
    The multiple facial and orbital fractures ???? Mmmm nope just some swelling
    So now we have not one but 2 big changes in the police story
    The first was when they had to admit that the multiple witnesses were correct that the first shits that missed were fired when he was walking/running away
    And now they are admitting no facial fractures
    Think there will be anymore changes? And when will the police incident report be released ?

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    The first was when they had to admit that the multiple witnesses were correct that the first shits that missed were fired when he was walking/running away

    What witnesses? Dorian Johnson? ROTFLMAO

    And now they are admitting no facial fractures

    Who is “they?” Provide link.

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    I heard a ‘report’ about the Officer Johnson’s eye socket not being broken. The Officer did however have facial swelling…and upon further investigation and eyewitnesses, it wasn’t from eating peanuts.

    I’ll bet the haters of police, especially the white kind, and the liberals are now all ‘giddy’ with glee.
    Because, well that changes everything now doesn’t it…?

    I suppose all the real haters would have been happier if, the officer was knocked unconscious, St. Michael the thief actually got a hold of the officers gun, and in his pot induced bravado just blew Officer Johnson away…or perhaps Officer Johnson should have just let St Michael pummel him and not do anything to defend himself…I mean anyone else would right?

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    Nanny G

    CNN has confused the situation re: the eye socket.
    I heard them do it, but haven’t found a link to what they did.
    Apparently CNN made it clear, several times, that the X-ray didn’t show such a bone break…..not realizing it takes a CAT scan to see it.
    Also CNN ”forgot” that it was a Ferguson PD higher up who reported the officer’s injuries on the 13th.
    Seems most liberal media outlets have also ”forgotten” to include that in their reporting ever since.

    Now, another issue is: when can a police officer use deadly force in attempting to make a felony arrest?
    https://twitter.com/seanmdav/status/500286071801126912/photo/1 has all of the times an officer might shoot a suspect.
    I think a lot of them apply in this instance.
    Mustn’t forget that assaulting a police officer is a felony.

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    Nanny G

    Another false meme Brown family attys Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump ave posited it that the shot to the top of the head indicated an execution instead of a defensive shot.
    But Eric Holder knows that’s not true.
    He sent FBI agents (plural) to the home of Ibragim Todashev, after the Bostin bombing, because Ibragim Todashev knew one of the bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    While writing a statement about the Boston Marathon bombings and a triple homicide that took place in Waltham, Massachusetts on September 11, 2011, Todashev ”lunged” at the FBI agents with a broom.
    One FBI agent shot him 7 times.
    Although the man is said to be ”lunging” at the agents, he was hit in the back a few times as well as once right in the top of his head!
    See, when you lunge as someone you hunch over, like a football defense man.
    Maybe Eric Holder would contact Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump and let them know the gun shot’s they are emphatically claiming as evidence of “execution”, are actually reconcilable given this recent FBI case of similar disposition.

    (Warning. These are autopsy photos) https://publicintelligence.net/ibragim-todashev-photos/

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    @Richard Wheeler: I had to look this guy up, and it was sad. He says he served as a Sergeant Major, a Green Beret, and as a peace officer for decades, but he definitely has his bubble a few points off center.

    The shooting of Mike Brown reads like it is going to be an example of overly hyped rhetoric. However, when a cop talks about being an equal opportunity killer, it’s not hard to imagine the fear and distrust he engenders in a neighborhood, he patrols.

    There are problems in America, Dan Page and Michael Brown are symptoms of the problem. If you don’t contribute to the problem, you tend to think America is healed, but deep in the substrata, the Mike Browns and Dan Pages still exist. They leave their mark and it’s off to the morgue or the looney bin, but the rest of us are left in the wake, wondering what is wrong with these people.

    In ’08, we were assured of having a post-racial president. We expected improvement and possibly great things; instead, we were offered buffoons like Eric Holder, who assures us he is a black man first and that he will care for “His People.” What a dismal failure, only a blind man would assume he wasn’t black, but we were looking for a black diplomat who could bring people together, not put people at each other’s throats. Yes, a great opportunity was squandered and the country’s racial discord has suffered immensely. The Mike’s and Dan’s are only symptoms of a much larger problem that wasn’t addressed by men who were given the opportunity.

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Skookum: Well said.
    The Page video has gone viral and will feed the meme there are many cops out there like him. I personally don’t buy it, but one is too many. His kind should be purged–or die out.

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    Nanny G

    Obama has been glad his golfing, the beheading, this shooting, today’s earthquake are DIVERTING Americans from his lies about UAC’s.
    UAC’s are ”unaccompanied alien children.
    There was no real flood of UAC’s across the border this year.
    There is no need for the nearly $4 billion Obama had been insisting on for UACs.
    This fraud is slowly being exposed.
    FAMILIES were coming across and pretending to not be together.
    Compare the numbers from 2013 to 2014.
    Family crossings went up 493%.
    UACs went up only 106%.
    Over that same time period 41,592 apprehension reports were received for Unaccompanied alien Children total!
    20,000 + each year, no dramatic rise in 2014.
    Immigration courts have receipts for fewer than four out of every ten supposed unaccompanied alien children apprehended by Border Patrol this fiscal year!
    Because all the rest (over 37,000 ) were never UACs.

    This entire “crisis” of unaccompanied alien children (UAC’s) is purely trumped up by the White House, and sold by a duplicitous media, to advance a demand for comprehensive immigration reform.

    An ICE spokesperson declined to comment on this story, and a USCIS spokesperson referred questions to DHS, which did not respond to requests for comment. A CBP spokesperson responded to NRO’s requests in an e-mail with a link to apprehension data publicly available on CBP’s website but did not provide comment about the number of NTAs issued to illegal-immigrant children….(link)

    So, Department of Homeland Security, DHS holds the keys to the data vault.
    That’s Jeh Johnson.

    He said two key agencies in charge of border security are about to run out of money unless Congress approves a $3.7 billion emergency funding request from President Obama…..“At our current burn rate within the Department of Homeland Security, ICE will run out of money by mid August.” http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/211927-homeland-security-chief-border-agencies-nearly-broke

    They should be totally broke….but they are not.
    turned out almost all those children were accompanied by parents, a parent, an uncle, a cousin, an aunt, an etc.

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