Another MSNBC Hamas Shill – “We cannot be associated with this if this continues”

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“How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-Semite?”
Adolf Hitler 1920

As a 72 hour cease-fire is announced we get this asshat pontificating on something he knows nothing about:

“As much as we all hate Hamas, what is going to replace Hamas is going to be much worse. It is going to be a radical Islamist group instead of just power-hungry, corrupt people that despise Israel. This is such a nightmare that is unfolding. And the biggest nightmare is that Hamas was on the run. The Arab states hate Hamas and Israel has not only made them relevant again, but champions of the Palestinian people. This tragedy just keeps unfolding and it just keeps getting worse.”

Well thanks Joe. We didn’t know that Hamas was NOT in fact a radical Islamist group. I guess they are just peaceful ‘power-hungry’ folks that are waaaaay better than al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Allah ridicules:

If you take the “whatever comes next will be worse” logic to its ultimate conclusion, though, you’re forever left defending whichever bunch of degenerates is in charge at the time. Israel can’t oust Hamas because then Al Qaeda might take over; if Al Qaeda takes over, Israel can’t oust them or else ISIS might move in. If ISIS moves in, Israel can’t oust them or else a portal to hell will open in the ground and Hitler and Bin Laden will emerge from the earth to rule Gaza together. And so on. Essentially, so long as Eliminationist Group A remains a bit less savage than Eliminationist Group B, they can be as savage as they like and the west’s commentariat will defend leaving them in power. Also, I thought the lesson of the Awakening in Iraq was that as jihadists crack down on the local population, resentment builds and steers people around to alternatives. That’s a hard lesson to grasp right now, after Maliki’s made a sectarian mess in Iraq and ISIS is in power in Anbar province, but look at Egypt: A year after the Muslim Brotherhood’s revolution, the anti-Islamist revolution snatched back power and sent Morsi to prison. Something “worse than Hamas” might be what convinces Palestinians in Gaza to accept Abbas and Fatah after all. Or maybe they’re ready now, provided Hamas can be finally dislodged.

I don’t understand completely why Israel agreed to this cease-fire…unless its to hang Hamas, they know they can’t be controlled and someone will lob a missle. They ARE just as evil as al-Qaeda. Hell, on their very own broadcasting network, Al-Aqsa TV, a cleric promised the complete extermination of the Jews:

“Our belief about fighting you [Jews] is that we will exterminate you, until the last one, and we will not leave of you, even one,” the cleric says, according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch. “For you are the usurpers of the land, foreigners, mercenaries of the present and of all times. Look at history, brothers: Wherever there were Jews, they spread corruption.” “They spread corruption in the land, and Allah does not like corrupters,” he continues. “Their belief is destructive. Their belief fulfills the prophecy. Our belief is in obtaining our rights on our land, implementing Shari’ah (Islamic law) under Allah’s sky.”

Yeah, they don’t sound too bad. Just some corrupt hooligans.

And where does Obama stand in all this? Not with Israel, that’s for sure.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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  1. 1

    Nanny G

    I wonder about the people of Gaza.
    Sure they voted in Hamas by a large majority back a few years ago.
    But since then they have seen concrete and PVC pipe, lumber and steel, air conditioners and fans all disappear down all those rat holes instead of being used to improve the infrastructure of Gaza.
    Just the materials in the tunnels destroyed by Israel so far could have built 2 hospitals, some day care centers, 50 kindergartens and other improvements.
    These people have also experienced first hand what it is like to be a target of Hamas for any real or imagined reason.
    Hamas is ruthless to its own people, considering them as defense weapons instead of assets.
    Hamas has never tried to employ people, resulting in an over 50% unemployment rate there.
    The median age in Gaza is 14.
    Half of the people are mere children!
    Women are obviously seen as baby incubators even as other countries are cutting down on their populations.
    Babies are cannon fodder….literally.
    They are raised on young TV personalities who preach hate.

    But worse than all that is an American TV personality who obviously buys the Hamas PR machine’s propaganda and PR.

  2. 2


    As much as we all hate Hamas, what is going to replace Hamas is going to be much worse

    Some truth contained in the statement; just look at what replaced the last US administration.

    No matter what level of stupidity these people (Joe, Hillary, Nancy, etc) achieve, I still cannot imagine anyone defending and supporting Hamas, and lying about the motives and actions of Israel is supporting Hamas.

  3. 3


    This is a great letter from a thinker:

    It’s Okay. Don’t Cry, for us Israelis

    By Naomi Ragen

    I’m sitting here in Jerusalem after a week of heartbreak over three murdered teens, followed by two weeks of sirens, bomb blasts, and finally, the funerals of young IDF soldiers, of whom one-third are students who should be taking their final exams, instead of risking their lives. I’m reading on the internet about what a horrible person I am as an Israeli and as a Jew, and what a terrible, immoral country I live in.

    All this criticism comes mainly from the European press: The Guardian, the BBC, papers in Italy, Norway, France, and don’t forget America: The New York Times, CNN. And I’m thinking: Gee, the British should understand. After all, they lived through the blitz, Nazis raining bombs indiscriminately down on them, the way Hamas is raining bombs down on us. And when the brave pilots of the RAF aimed their bombs at Dresden killing 300,000 men, women and children, they didn’t throw down leaflets telling people to politely evacuate; didn’t send their soldiers to knock on doors to see if they’d followed the leaflets instructions ( as CNN complained Israel failed to do at an UNRWA school, which was probably hit by a Hamas bomb anyway.)

    And I think of the rest of Europe, who rounded up our grandparents and great-grandparents, and relatives –men, women and children—and sent them off to be gassed, no questions asked. And I think: They are now the moral arbiters of the free world? They are telling the descendants of the people they murdered how to behave when other anti-Semites want to kill them?

    As for Americans, represented by the New York Times, that bastion of high-minded hypocrisy and mediocre journalism parading as the “newspaper of record,” one has only to read the article by Professor Auerbach in the New York Observer (Two Weeks of Shallow, Facile Moral Equivalency From the New York Times) to see how Jodi Rudoren and other Times apparatchiks have learned to close their minds and love Hamas. After all, there are CHILDREN DYING. It doesn’t matter that the Palestinians have educated an entire generation to be little Nazi-wannabes, who worship death and hate Jews, murdering their souls, and are now callously putting their bodies in harm’s way to use for touching photo ops. We shouldn’t be shocked by this omission by the Times. After all, The New York Times was one of the last news outlets to bring to the attention of the reading public the Nazi atrocities in Europe. Read the Times during the nightmare years, and see if you can’t find a pattern here.

    And so, as an Israeli, brought up with Jewish values, and an American, taught to love freedom, justice, democracy and fair play, I have to tell all of you-Europeans, Americans, and last of all Muslim terrorist sympathizers and barbarians, that what you are saying no longer moves anyone of good moral
    judgment and intelligence.
    The current crisis in Gaza is so morally clear-cut, so absolutely a case of self-defense, that I must say to you, as someone finally said to Senator McCarthy: “Sir, have you no shame?”

    I prefer that you – writers of these lies and libels– hate me and my country, if it means that you can save your tears for other peoples dead. We aren’t greedy for sympathy. After all, we got so much after the Holocaust, we prefer other people to have their share now. These days, we prefer to live, rather than have people cry over us and the injustices done to us.

    So by all means, cry for the Palestinian people – men women and children- who’s duly elected leadership has callously left them without protection from just retribution for their terrorist crimes. Who took their aid money and are living in Qatar in five star hotels building shopping centers for themselves. Who built terrorist tunnels under their homes, mosques, hospitals and schools, and recruited their sons to die for Allah, while they sit in bunkers waiting for the U.N. to rescue them.

    Don’t cry for us, or our families, or our children, or grandchildren. Not this time. Not ever.
    Not if we can help it. Because this time, thank God, we have a country. We are armed.
    This time – we know how to protect ourselves from Nazis and their high-minded media cheerleaders.
    I would like to end this with an expletive and a hand gesture towards the people I’m addressing.
    Please choose one you think would be fitting. I can think of many.

    The anchor is totally uneducated on the facts.

  4. 5


    @Michael: That’s a powerful letter. It needs to go viral. Thanks for sharing.

    Now, I must ask if everyone would be begging Hamas to stop killing Jews, if their missile assault was effective. I don’t think so, anti-Semitism and hatred in general is a high-grade infection. It attacks and rots the organs, until the humanity of the soul dies. These haters, these anti-Semites are poisoned and dead inside. They are evil; yet see themselves as heroic and virtuous heroes of the Left. They are dead inside, dead and rotting with a disease as virulent as Ebola.

  5. 6


    July 31, 2014: Senate blocks aid to Israel

    After Senate Republicans blocked Democrats’ $2.7 billion border aid package, which also included $225 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system and $615 million to fight Western wildfires, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to split off the Israel and wildfire money as a standalone bill, hoping to put aside the dispute over border funding and appeal to Republicans’ deep ties to Israel.

    It didn’t work.

    Even though GOP leaders had vowed to pass an Israel aid bill in recent days, Republicans rejected Reid’s request. First Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) objected to Reid’s request for a straight emergency cash infusion for firefighting and Israel. Then Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) offered an alternative that would deliver money to Israel and the West and offer commensurate spending cuts to international organizations like the United Nations; Reid blocked that.

    “Our number one ally — at least in my mind — is under attack. If this isn’t an emergency I don’t know anything that is,” Reid said.

    “I want to fund Israel,” replied Coburn. “I also want to make sure our children have a future.”

    So, we can help Israel, and fund fire fighters who are trying to control wild fires in the western United States—but only if politically difficult cuts are made in the same degree to other programs that republicans dislike.

    Talk is cheap. I hope people are clear on what just happened.

  6. 7



    Morning Joe is supposed to be on the ‘right’, that’s a joke!!

    It is to the right of MSNBC… with is simply not as far left. Whatever Scarborough might actually think, if he were to wander off the MSNBC reservation too far (that is, show some actual independent thought and wisdom) his show would be deleted. Had he done so years ago, he would have been employable but now he must go the way of Keith (Bathtub Boy) Olbermann.

    @Greg: Making cuts to balance spending shouldn’t be a political anomaly. If you recall, Pelosi had “PayGo” passed in order to (supposedly) force Congress to provide funding for every legislation. Whatever happened to that? OH, that’s right… we got a liberal administration that needs to buy votes.

  7. 8


    “It is going to be a radical Islamist group instead of just power-hungry, corrupt people that despise Israel.”

    Puffy eyed MJ needs to lay off the MJ.

    Hamas is in fact a power-hungry, corrupt, radical Islamist group. And, like Hamas, all Islamist groups despise Israel.

    Meanwhile, those here in the US that defend Hamas, and Islam in general, fail to understand that these entities will cut their throats just as soon as they get the chance.

  8. 9


    This post is very confusing (not so much)! I don’t understand why anyone cares as PMSNBC (or MessNBC) is irrelevant along with CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, HP (huffing… post) and the rest of the lame stream media alphabet soup. Please all concentrate on the remaining few “Fair and Balanced” news outlets.

    My only interest in any of the lip service media is to mentally note who their advertisers are to allow me the opportunity to choose a different brand product.

  9. 10

    Nathan Blue

    @Greg: The Senate passed the $225 million bill for the Iron Dome, you idiot.

    Talk is cheap. I hope people are clear on what just happened.

    Indeed. What just happened is you talked out your ass and you look like a fool.

    Perhaps you should get you’re facts straight rather than attempt to derail an article with cheap twists in logic?

    Seriously, shut the f*ck up.

    From the article:

    On Thursday night, Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma blocked the Iron Dome funding requested by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel because it would add to the budget deficit.

    McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina then spoke to Coburn — a notorious fiscal conservative — about the critical moment facing Israel, Graham said, adding that “to his credit, he let it go.”

    Republicans seem to stick to their own personal views, compromising when it’s necessary and right, rather than all lining up to be fed instructions like the current Dems in office seem to.

    I hope people here are clear on what just happened.
    A Republican became the bigger person by considering what was needed and did the right thing for the defense of the Israeli people, a nation under attack.

  10. 11


    @Greg: The Senate passed the $225 million bill for the Iron Dome, you idiot.

    Idiot? Look at the time of the posts and the dates on the linked articles. As of yesterday evening, Senate republicans were spurning Reid’s efforts to pass an emergency aid package for Israel, even after it was split off from the border bill. They didn’t cave until this afternoon. Most likely after piddling on themselves once they realized how their behavior would appear when reported by the mainstream media. As opposed to right-leaning propaganda outlets, which conveniently neglected to mention that the aid package had already been separated from the border bill at a time when they were still balking.

    Indeed. What just happened is you talked out your ass and you look like a fool.

    Perhaps you should get you’re facts straight rather than attempt to derail an article with cheap twists in logic?

    The facts were entirely accurate at the point when the comment was made.

  11. 12


    I hear them complain about the _crippling_ blockade they are forced to live under and have to wonder why don’t they use their super-secret teleporter to import something other than Iranian rockets?

  12. 15


    @CH: Or maybe use the concrete & rebar allowed through weapons blockade to actually benefit the people of Gaza. But now concrete & rebar is weaponized for tunnel construction and must join the embargoed goods list.

    However, have no fear, the Hamas leadership is amply provisioned the same as Arafat with billions of dollars in secret offshore accounts (Hamas version of 401 (k) retirement plans). When their [email protected] control is eliminated, they will be able to enjoy so many more than the 40 virgins promised in paradise.

  13. 16

    Nanny G

    After hearing Obama go 100% pro-Israel and condemn Hamas (after he got proof from Israel about how the cease-fire break/kidnapping went down) one has to wonder what Israel showed him.
    Hamas’ spokesmen have been on TV today not only lying through their teeth, but even contradicting themselves within the same interview!
    You can practically see the flop sweat coming off them.
    One joke of a Hamas sympathizer actually suggested Hamas be given their own Iron Dome!
    What for?
    If they don’t fire into Israel, Israel never fires into Gaza.

  14. 17


    Most of the news media have been infiltrated with the purpose of bringing America down. The USA does the same with other countries, but to try to change those countries into a more free country. When a news media is defending our enemies, you know they are a propaganda machine for them.

    The easiest way to tell if a news media is a propaganda machine for the liberals is if that news media calls the United States a democracy. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY. WE ARE A REPUBLIC. The propaganda media call the USA a democracy so that we will be reminded of the democratic party, not the republican party. Please call the USA the REPUBLIC that it is.

  15. 18

    Nathan Blue

    @Greg:Stop talking. You were wrong and we see it. Stop whining about “right-leaning” media outlets when all you post here is the equivalent of “left-leaning” spin. Your masters may be proud, but you just look like a drone.

    At what point do you look in the mirror and say “damn, I’m the very thing I think I’m fighting”. You desperately want the Republicans to be the bugaboos you need them to be, and that’s just immature projecting.

    We’re a nation of many people, and many view points. You ran out saying “Aha!” before seeing how the Senate Bill would pan out…just like the left-leaning media outlets (the majority of all media is left-leaning…breath and accept this fact) told you to. The extent of you mirroring is unbelievable.

    Yeah, you’re an idiot and you got caught red-handed. You’re part of the problem, because you don’t want truth, you want your choices (Obama, democrats, etc.) to be justified even if it means abandoning reason.

    The point of the this post was that prominent news agencies are not reporting the truth, but rather distorting it to support the agenda of the left. In you swoop doing the same.


  16. 20



    @John: Enlighten us John, how does the Right silence those who disagree?

    Do we push a Fairness Doctrine or do we have people with more intellect?

    Do we use innuendo and make false claims or do we back up accusations with facts?

    Have you made a fool of yourself once again or can you back up your claim?

  17. 21

    Nanny G

    I’m surprised by your comment.
    Is it the responsibility of people who disagree with the NYTimes to buy it anyway so it stays in print?
    The NYTimes has laid off hundreds and is now only going to print a small version of its former self.

    Is it the responsibility of people who disagree with the Leftist reports on CBS, ABC and NBC to watch all those news show so their viewer numbers stay up and they don’t change managers and news readers and such?
    Some of these channels are suffering so much in certain demographics that they have changed managers, changed line-ups, changed news readers and such.

    OTOH, how often do you hear, on your favorite media outlet that:
    *The Hamas Charter of 1988 – Defines the Hamas Mission Against Israel and Jews
    *Hamas TV Children‘s Show Encourages Killing of Jews
    *13,000 Teenagers finish Hamas training “to follow in the footsteps of the suicide martyrs.”
    *Hamas Attacks Israeli Soldiers with Explosive Donkey
    *Hamas using Ambulances
    to carry Hamas fighters
    in day light:
    at night:
    to carry explosives:
    with children inside:

  18. 22


    @Nathan Blue, #18:

    I’m never entirely sure who “we” refers to in such statements. I tend to speak only for myself. In any case, you (singular or plural) are full of beans. Republicans were resisting extending emergency aid to Israel even after it had been split off from the border bill. With adjournment for a five-week Senate recess only hours away, Tom Coburn suddenly decided it must be time to begin horse trading to get cuts in unrelated areas for the sake of fiscal responsibility—as if this sort of contentious debate could really be successfully concluded in the short time remaining.

    Fortunately, enough Senate republicans came around at the last minute to pass the aid package before Senate recess. Apparently Senator Coburn was made to see that if they didn’t, they’d be spending the next 5 weeks attempting to explain why.

  19. 23

    Nathan Blue

    @Greg: “We” was anyone reading your posts, genius.

    Yes, I understand you’re a hapless rube for the Democrats. The immigration bill was grafted to the Israel bill so that turning it down suddenly means the Reps “don’t support Israel”.

    You can fabricate you’re own reasons for why Coburn signed, but don’t pawn it off as fact.

    You’re a shill for the current admin and Dems in general and you’re just here to distort and muddy the waters. You’ve said nothing of worth about the above article and put your foot in your mouth concerning events.

    Yes, “we” see that “you” have nothing to say. You’re being a sore loser (because you think this is a game) concern Coburn’s good decision.



  20. 24



    enough Senate republicans came around at the last minute to pass the aid package before Senate recess. Apparently Senator Coburn was made to see that if they didn’t, they’d be spending the next 5 weeks attempting to explain why.

    And Harry Reid and his band of Merry Marxists can spend the next five weeks explaining why Reid has tabled over 300 bills passed by the House, over 50% of them on a bi-partisan vote, as well as why he won’t gavel the Senate into session to vote on the House bill on the illegal immigration crisis.

  21. 25

    Nanny G

    As a 72 hour cease-fire goes into ”effect” we get this….
    Tuesday August 5th, 2014, 8:00A.M. Ceasefire takes effect.
    8:04 A.M. A rocket explodes in an Israeli kibbutz in Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, causing damage to houses. No injuries reported
    8:16 A.M. A rocket has hit an open area in Gush Etzion, a cluster of Israeli settlements located in the Judaean Mountains directly south of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the West Bank. Three others hit open areas near Israel’s Kiryat Malachi and in Sdot Negev Regional Council in southern Israel.
    8:34 A.M. Two rockets were intercepted over Kiryat Malachi and another was intercepted over the Tel Aviv region in the barrage fired just before 8 A.M. Two were intercepted over Ashdod, Israel’s 5th largest city.

    Israel considers this ”ceasefire” to be holding!

  22. 26

    Nanny G

    After this cease-fire ends the war is back on.
    Israel was all for extending the cease-fire but Hamas said absolutely not!
    Now what about this?
    Israel announces arrest of Gaza man ‘paid by Hamas’ for murders of settler teenagers

    A Palestinian arrested by an Israeli anti-terrorism unit has confessed that the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers in June was funded by Hamas from Gaza, according to court documents made public on Wednesday.
    Hussam Qawasmeh, from Hebron in the West Bank, is said to have admitted helping to plan the kidnappings, obtaining funding for the operation from the Islamist group….
    There had been earlier doubts over the precise role of Hamas in the kidnapping, with its political leadership denying any involvement. But the organisation’s military wing – the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades – operates independently from its political leadership.

  23. 27


    Dear America
    I have lived in you country during 911
    In Manhattan .. I have seen the anger between Blacks and whites and much racism
    I have seen Jews beaten for being Jews in your country,
    I see 2 openly gay reporters one Black and one white
    On CNN bias towards Hamas I saw poverty and hungry children in your
    Cities and towns..
    America do you not see you are a country of hypocrisy?
    You put wealthy reporters and Barbie dolls
    To tell other countries like Israel that they are bad
    Look at yourselves first .. And get your act together
    Before you judge others so strongly!
    Thanks for reinforcing how great it is to be
    A Canadian

  24. 28


    @Nancy: Dear Nancy, I am a Canadian. I have seen the discrimination and hatred between the Native and European, the French and the Anglo, and the bitterness of the Canadian toward the American and many other raw and festering sores within the Canadian matrix. Before you try to impress us with your sanctimonious and pious airs, you should evaluate your own backyard and be honest with yourself and us. The ivory tower only exists in your imagination, and no one here is likely to participate in your delusion or your neurosis.

    Reality is a cruel mistress, but reality keeps us honest. Whether you are honest with us is a trivial point; however, when you deceive yourself, you compromise your own relationship with reality and your sanity.

    There is at least one other Canadian who writes on these cyber pages and his views on these issues of prejudice and bigotry will not be that much different than mine.

    Perhaps you recognize the confluence of the Klondike and Yukon Rivers in the background of my photo.

  25. 29


    Once again you represent the holier than thou American!
    Your country is Not better than anyone else’s
    That is my point.
    By the way your country supporters slavery an
    Mistreatment of your Black citizens including today
    When you character assassinate your
    Own President !
    In Canada we supported the Underground Railroad
    But after teaching in American high schools
    There is no mention of the goodness of what Canada did
    Before you accuse Canada of hypocrisy maybe you should open up a history book
    I would rather live in a country that celebrates
    Diversity ( Canada ) then a country that does not take a stance.
    By the way the Anglos and French get a long fine
    And when there is political unrest we sit at the
    Table and talk about it!
    Our country never had a major civil war.,
    So who is in the ivory tower?
    The United States even among the states
    Has become more divided than ever’
    So who are you calling dilusional?
    Again before you caste stones look at your weaknesses
    America CAN be a great country but it needs a facelift!

  26. 30


    @Nancy: You misread me. I am a Canadian.

    Have you ever read of Louis Riel?

    Do yo know how many weigh stations there were on the underground railroad? It ames a long time to get to Ontario.

    Are we going to ignore the animus of the average Canadian towards the Yankees? I realize it doesn’t make the papers, but I grew up listening to the bigotry.

    Can you tell me how the Canadian French were forced to move to New Orleans or did you not read that history book?

    Yes, I will agree, you are a typical Canadian; all too ready to pass judgement on others while refusing to take an honest assessment of yourself and your home country. Your two posts are proof enough, the other writers are amused but uninterested in responding. As a Canadian, I am all too familiar with your holier than thou ethnocentric attitude.

    Yes, and please tell me more of how the French and Anglos sat down at the table during the 50’s and 60’s. And take the time to brag of how wonderful the Canadian government is to the First Nation people and how low the drug use and alcoholism is at the absolute minimum on the reserves. Please, tell us in all honesty, how wonderful and much better this Canadian system is working.

    But remember it is tougher to convince a Canadian of your lunacy.

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