Trey Gowdy on Nancy Pelosi: ‘Mind-Numbingly Stupid’

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My friend Allen West said the race card is the last card in the deck. I think former Speaker Pelosi has opened up a new deck and has found the two of clubs. I could not believe it when I heard her say that. Is that all you have to come back with? Is that the best you can come up with? Is that we got together in this grand scheme to suppress votes in, sure she didn’t say southern states, but that’s what she meant. It’s really beneath the office of Congress to say something that outrageous and the fact that she was once the Speaker is mind-numbing. Honestly, I’ve heard a lot in my sixteen years as a prosecutor. I couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth… I would schedule an appointment with my doctor is she thinks we are doing this to suppress votes this fall. That is mind-numbingly stupid.”

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DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    Richard Wheeler
    in what ditch did you fell< tell me so i will get a group of marines to get you out of that hole,
    because you can sink deep enough to disappear from us,

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