Obama’s parrots

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If having stupid people support you is lucky Barack Obama is the most fortunate person on Earth.

For the last three years all we heard from Obama was

“If you like your plan you can keep it”

And the Obama parrots believed it.

“If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”

And the Obama parrots believed it.

“Your health care premiums will down $2500”

And the Obama parrots believed it.

“No one will take away your plan, no matter what.”

And the Obama parrots believed it.

Then the truth fell to the Earth, each canceled insurance plan a snowflake that eventually blanketed Washington with despair and anger.

As the snow paralyzed Washington DC, Obama sprang into action. He summoned Alinsky.

Rule 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

Rule 11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

Rule 13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Obama created a brand new piece of propaganda with its own villain- the “bad apple” insurance company.

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that “bad apple” insurance companies, not his signature healthcare law, are to blame for hundreds of thousands of people losing their coverage in the past few weeks.

It was sort of an immaculate conception, born on October 30, 2013.

Within microseconds, the Obama parrots were squawking it.

“Cheap insurance! Awk!”

“Lousy insurance! Awk!”

The mindless voices of the Obama parrots ring out across the liberal atmosphere.

Don’t ask them why Obama never mentioned “substandard plans” or “bad apple” insurance companies before October 30.


Don’t ask them why Obama promised over and over and over that we could keep our “lousy” plans.


Don’t ask why Obama is letting us keep those lousy plans for another year and how that fixes anything.

They’ll promptly leave something on the bottom of the cage.


DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    Nan G

    Remember how the New York Times coined the term, ”white Hispanic,” when a Zimmerman turned out, not to be the white Jew they expected, but an Hispanic man of mixed race heritage?

    Well, they’ve out done themselves.

    They coined a new way of calling something (from their idol) a lie: they called all Obama’s lies about health care Incorrect Promises.
    Search Lexus/Nexus for those words put together and you only find this one instance: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/13/us/bill-clinton-urges-obama-to-yield-on-health-law.html?_r=0

    The split between lawmakers and the White House reflects the dilemma the president finds himself in as he seeks to follow through on last week’s acknowledgment about his incorrect promise on health care coverage.

    Well…..except for all the mockery of the NYTimes, that is!

  2. 2


    The ACA depends on the young to sign up and pay a monthly premium, not going to happen, it was foolish to think other wise.

    With out the young policies premiums rise beyond the average person, side effect of this is the old will come out in droves to vote.
    One of the more pleasant side effects of the is that Doc’s are abandoning the insurance side of the practices and are starting cash only basis.

    Calling it a membership-based-practice.

  3. 3


    If having stupid people support you is lucky Barack Obama is the most fortunate person on Earth.

    You only have to fool enough of them long enough to get elected.

  4. 4

    This one

    I do know from friends who were dropped it was because it didn’t meet the basic requirements. This means they didn’t cover much, including hospitalization. Many also had very high deductibles. You want people to continue to have to sell their houses? Some didn’t even cover certain diseases!

    We as taxpayers would continue to pick up the tab and premiums would continue to rise at out of control rates. Isn’t this what we’re trying to avoid?

    Insurance companies are still working to try to rip us off. They’re telling some people with junk plans if they don’t respond they will automatically put them on a better plan which costs hundreds more.

    But it they shopped the exchanges, they’d find it much cheaper. Thousands have.

    Yes, Obama should have been clearer about this but – somehow, I knew about it! I’ve been advising friends and family members for months.

  5. 5


    So, now the ‘new bad guys’ the new demonization is against the Insurance Companies? …. they ‘rip people off’…(Oh, but the Government never, ever does!!!) ( sarc off)

    From what I know because I have had to research ‘plans’ offered by Health Insurance Companies previously….Is you have to actually ‘read’ what is offered in the ‘plan’ you choose to purchase…and (ask Questions if you do not fully understand what is covered in the plan) if you ‘choose’ a plan that is considered ‘basic’ ‘covers basic things’ then you will most likely pay a lower premium and pay a higher deductible…. and if you buy a plan which ‘covers more’ it stands to reason you will pay a higher premium and have a lower deductible.

    To purchase a plan from an Insurance company because the premium you have to pay each month is low (which is the way a lot of younger people go) and expect triple AAA rated service then you are delusional…

    That put the old adage in place… you get what you pay for….Except of course…when it comes to Big Government… with Big Government you must feed the monolith bureaucracy so.. you will most definitely Pay tons more and you can bet you will get substandard service, the run around, Lies, delays, demonized and the best…really, really ripped off…

    IF …you are subject to purchasing Insurance only in your State…then it stands to logic and reason those insurance companies actually have a monopoly and, actually do not have to worry much about competition from Companies outside of their “region” …and have a lot of ‘control over costs’…

    This was actually a proposal made but rejected by the Democrats – ‘they’ needed more “control over you”:
    HOWEVER, if you open the flood gates and can purchase Insurance from anywhere (over state lines) the word “Competition” takes on a whole new meaning and those same companies will be competing for your business (costs would logically go down) and those companies will stand or fall depending on how they ‘deliver the product’ this is called “Free Markets”…and CHOICE!! (which is the same meaning as Freedom – as in Free to Choose)…

    ….not FORCE…by your King! Liberal/Progressive/Alinsky Government!! (which is the same meaning as Oppression – as in you do not have Freedom of choice).

    And, although people here are probably sick of reading my own “Parrot”… my consistent “Fact” I can’t help myself …

    ….The TEA PARTY was RIGHT!!

  6. 6


    Doesn’t the OFraud look mighty “young” in that video?

    Wow! Lying to People year after year and trying to “cover up” all those Lies must be very stressful…

    He sure looks a lot “older” now…

  7. 7


    @FAITH7: #5
    Very well said.

    …and those companies will stand or fall depending on how they ‘deliver the product’ this is called “Free Markets”…and CHOICE!!

    The only thing “free” the democrats want is the free stuff they give you to vote for them, and the only “choice” they want you to have it to CHOOSE to vote for them.

  8. 8



    What is equally frustrating is that these same people (Pelosi/Reid et al) have made many “statements” concerning this health care reform entitlements and, if anyone goes through the time line of the statements that were made….there is so much that has been “said” not only by Pelosi but all the other “chairs” who worked on this piece of “feel good” crap legislation that they (know) they cannot possibly deliver on…and is basically a crap shoot…

    These same people have “claimed” way back in 2010 this was all ‘paid for’…well the stupidity of THAT statement is that with Liberals NOTHING IS EVER PAID FOR it just GOES ON AND ON AND ON to infinity….all it does is feeds the monolith bureaucracy of ever expanding Government at the literal expense of the Tax payer..

    ….and the Low Information American Public just ignored all the (very important) elements…and details… and you are right – they only heard “FREE”

    Here is a statement made by Pelosi (from her very website): And I say apply this now with the sticker shock and millions of cancellations…see what I mean?

    “This is why this legislation is important: affordability for our middle-class that lower costs for every patient, reins in premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, limits out of pocket costs, and lifts the cap on what insurance companies cover each year…”

    Seriously ?? That’s not what people are facing… they are getting just the opposite…

    Honestly it would be laughable…if it weren’t so pitiful…

  9. 9


    @FAITH7: #8
    obama’s plan to heat the water in his pan slowly enough that the frogs won’t jump out is still working for some of his faithful followers, but there are a lot of frogs who are finding out that the water is hotter than they can stand. I’m hoping that they are cooked enough that their voters will vote them out of office for what they did to them.

    Even some of the propaganda media are jumping out of the pan. I think THEY are finding out that obamacare is effecting them the same way it is millions of others, and they don’t like it.

    Have you noticed that since people have been finding out how much they will pay for their obamacare premiums, and how much their deductible will be, there aren’t many liberals commenting on FA? The ones who are, are complaining about the things we Tea Partiers were complaining about from the beginning of obamacare. Have they gotten THEIR cancellation notices?

  10. 10


    @smorgasbord#9 – Yes you are correct – so sad the bias in this country…especially against the Tea Party – a lot (of heartache and STRESS) could have been avoided by millions…Tea Party Conservatives have their eyes and ears open in REALITY…we are a cautious lot…we look at history…and we look at the future…we don’t believe in Unicorns…and rainbows are something in nature we marvel at if we happen to see one…we don’t place our hopes and dreams on them…and yet again I say The TEA PARTY was RIGHT !!

  11. 12

    Nan G

    If having stupid people support you is lucky Barack Obama is the most fortunate person on Earth.
    Obama was on a glitchy conference call with some of his OFA ”supporters*,” tonight.
    he made a major error by saying that ‘in the first month alone, we’ve seen more than 100 million Americans already successfully enroll in the new insurance plans.’

    OK, Obama, put down the crack pipe.


    I was on that call, invited three times, too!
    Lots of conservative pundits have reported after being on that call.
    So, who among the liberals were on the call?
    A huge pitch for money came during the same call.
    I wonder if they got any?

  12. 13


    @Nan G: #12

    A huge pitch for money came during the same call.
    I wonder if they got any?

    I’m sure the ones who found out that they will be saving $1,500 per year will feel an obligation to donate some of it to obama.

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