Hero Or Traitor

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Arron Burr Kills Alexander Hamilton In A Duel

Arron Burr Kills Alexander Hamilton In A Duel

Hero Or Traitor

Edward Snowden is on the run for his life. He was being asked to perform a job he considered illegal, immoral, and un-American. Supposedly, he lost faith in the leader for whom young people, Leftist Ideologues, and Useful Idiots have placed so much faith. Yet, he knew our Nobel Peace Prize winning president was spying on innocent Americans and people all over the world. Was the spying justified for America’s security or a political ploy for Democrats and possibly Obama to maintain power and control indefinitely?

If the spying was strictly for security and to keep America safe, why did our security forces concentrate on Christians, returning soldiers, anti-abortion groups, conservatives, TEA Party groups and ignore the Muslim Extremists responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing, especially after two courtesy warnings by the Russians on the terrorist tendencies of the Tsarnaev brothers.

Is it possible, NSA agents are listening in on the conversations of congressmen and judges to catch them in compromising situations and use confidential information to influence votes and decisions.

Oh no, Skook, our intelligence agents would never use their positions to act in political partisan ways. The old days of naiveté are over for everyone but the most simple-minded, our federal bureaus are now overrun with political hacks and operatives who have put Leftist ideology ahead of the security of our country. The Boston Marathon bombings are a case in point and now the fact that we are arming the same enemy in Syria that we are fighting in Afghanistan only trumps the lunacy.

Our clueless Attorney General, using the same strategy for excusing the Benghazi Massacre, tried to blame the Boston attack on tax resistors immediately after the attack, and caused Americans to wonder if Obama’s intense domestic spying program is concentrated more on political objectives rather than security threats.

Did Snowden see the hypocrisy in his former hero? The same man who promised as a candidate to end domestic spying and after being elected, increased surveillance of the American people exponentially, a move that could be used against political opponents indefinitely, especially if the NSA, like the IRS and the EPA is riddled with Leftist operatives.

Some of us are so ideologically motivated, we will participate in deceit and lies to promote our party’s objectives, even to the point of compromising the country’s integrity and the Constitution itself. Some of us will watch Americans die for political reasons and participate in an ongoing cover-up rather than expose the immorality of the leaders involved, are these political operatives who refuse break the code of silence heroes or traitors.

It’s true, their political leaders will probably reward that silence with political advancement and they will be considered good loyal company men, but ethically and morally they are bankrupt, but oh, what heroes they are for not outing the corruptness of the regime. Some Americans applaud these despicable heroes of the Left, whose proprietary sense of forgetfulness seems to only benefit the administration and their own pathetic political careers; yes America, applaud them with the same enthusiasm you use to condemn young Snowden.

Would 9/11 have happened if we had data mining of our civilian population? Maybe not, but the second one did, because our government is worried about returning vets and gray haired TEA Party members instead of standing up and saying Radical Islam is our enemy, not the people who think Obama is a blithering idiot.

Spying on the domestic population will only work if America trusts its leadership, after the debacles with the IRS and Benghazi, with the ongoing clown show of Holder’s Justice Department investigating itself and the now political bureaus of the IRS, NSA, and FBI in what appears to be one of the most asinine circle jerks in all of history. The administration has blown all pretense of trust except by the most ideologically driven sycophants of the Left.

There will be more Snowdens, for while Obama concentrates on persecuting his political enemies and ignores the enemies of America; meanwhile, there are contractors being given access to our most top-secret programs. Some of these people will have integrity: some will be traitors. Obama built the climate of hypocrisy and he will reap responsibilities for the tragedies of the future as his legacy.

America waits desperately to determine whether Snowden is a hero or traitor, that question is a moot point, the more immediate question should be asked about the political hacks being questioned by congress, who make a mockery of the process by pleading the Fifth and conveniently forgetting all the facts that might imply wrongdoing by the administration.

Sincere apologies and promises to do better in the future can only excuse so many felonies and breaches of the public trust; America’s pulse is quickening and the temperature is rising as the manhunt of the traitor Snowden points to the inevitable conclusion, like hounds waiting to be unchained after the cougar’s print is sighted in the snow, but we have more treacherous traitors much closer to home. They appear in the docket nearly everyday, and like Lois Lerner, they honestly seem to believe they have done nothing wrong.

The idea of extreme political partisanship justifying the corruption of America’s bureaucracies has become part of the psyche of the Leftist politician. The formation of Obama’s Police State has become a lofty ideal of these morally corrupt traitors, but somehow, in a deep primordial type of reasoning, the destruction of the America we once knew and defended is only an incremental stage in building this new totalitarian state that exists in the minds of these quintessential Leftists.

Thus the hunt for traitors can begin here at home, they commit perjury with impunity, they laugh at the impotence and reluctance of the RINOs to prosecute an investigation, but these are America’s traitors, not as flamboyant as Snowden, but they are traitors.

Snowden apparently wanted to expose the duplicity and treachery of Obama and his regime, he accomplished his goal, and true Liberals around the world recognize the inherent evil of our Nobel Peace Prize winner. Snowden has sacrificed his freedom and the most powerful spying device the world has ever known to undermine the public’s misplaced faith and trust in Obama: the parade of political fools in the docket each week day, those who want to protect the reputation of their leader, their immediate superiors, and their own pathetic asses by committing perjury, in front of the nation and the world, on a daily basis.

Yes, these liars and those who conveniently forget incriminating facts are unsung heroes to those who are lost in the vagaries of Obama’s Statist Dystopia, to the rest of America they are traitors who have sold out America and their citizenships to be blind Leftist ideologues.

Snowden’s crimes are more obvious to the public; however, he had a pretense of noble cause, the exposure of the regime’s duplicity and our effective loss of the Fourth Amendment. Obama’s sycophants had no such vague claims of nobility or integrity, they serve one master, Leftist ideology as presented by Obama and his concept of totalitarian statism.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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  1. 1

    Wm T Sherman

    whether Snowden is a hero or traitor, that question is a moot point

    Exactly. This isn’t about Snowden. But the regime wants to make it about him. He has not compromised the government’s ability to carry out its legitimate national security duties, he has compromised a program that has largely targeted citizens of the United States who have committed no crime. The criminal misuse of the power of the Federal bureaucracy to selectively attack domestic political opposition is the story of our time, as is the end of the rule of law. If the NSA has been turned to partisan advantage like the other agencies, then the sudden disorderly about-faces of previously reliable conservatives such as Chief Justice Roberts can perhaps be seen in a new light. What do they have on Roberts or someone close to him? Probably nothing worse than what Obama, Jarrett, Holder et al have done in their lives, but unlike Roberts, their secrets will remain under lock and key.


  2. 2


    Was Robin Hood a hero or traitor? Robespierre? Benjamin Franklin? It all depends on your point of view and what the future holds.

  3. 3

    Nan G

    Snowden, himself, said what the real problem might be: that Americans could learn all of these facts but still just collectively shrug.
    He was probably correct.
    We have seen the ”low-information voter,” win a national election, picking as their leader B. Obama.
    Now they are turned off.
    And Obama, his czars and cabinet, act like the paternalists these low-information voters want….taking care of them, giving them unemployment, food stamps, free phones, heating oil, housing.
    It’s a marriage made in political heaven.

    As to Snowden, he has said he is willing to accept the consequences of his acts…..but in Hong Kong rather than in the USA.
    We’ll see…

  4. 4


    ” Was the spying justified for America’s security or a political ploy for Democrats and possibly Obama to maintain power and control indefinitely?”
    Anyone who has read the books of David Weber, specifically the Manticore series, will remember the Young family’s secret files, and the political power that the family gained through blackmail. That was just an excellent science fiction series, not a prediction of the future. I think…
    As for Snowden, assuming that his motivation was in reality a sense of duty towards his nation over his government, he will eventually find the external reward that so many men in history have received after answering to the call of that duty… arrest, imprisonment, maybe even death. As well as the vilification of those on the other side and those who were not where he was, did not see what he did, and did not feel the responsibility that he did.

  5. 5


    I haven’t made up my mind about Snowden yet because I don’t know the entire story yet as to exactly what he has given away, how accurate news reports are regarding those secrets, and the extent of the spy network in the lives of ordinary citizens.

    I do think this young man has just bought himself a life time of misery and he can never “go home”. He has isolated himself and if he thinks he is anything more than a useful short term source of information for the Chinese or Russians he is seriously deluding himself. Those people could care less about him or his welfare, only what they can get out of him for information.
    He will be looking over his shoulder every day unable to trust anybody. My humble opinion is once all of this really sets in and he realizes he has no real options in his future life he will be a candidate for suicide which is pretty damn sad.

  6. 7



    Here’s what Glenn Greenwald (you know? That deeply pro-American columnist he went to?) had to say about the “whistleblower” “[if he“]:

    did what he is accused of doing, then he is a consummate hero, and deserves a medal and our collective gratitude, not decades in prison.


    he wanted the world to know what he had learned: “I want people to see the truth … regardless of who they are … because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”


    he wanted the information to be publicly known in order to trigger “worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms”.


    he said today that the documents he leaked “are some of the most significant documents of our time”. They revealed a multitude of previously secret crimes and acts of deceit and corruption by the world’s most powerful factions. Journalists and even some government officials have repeatedly concluded that any actual national security harm from his leaks is minimal if it exists at all.

    Greenwald says he deserves a medal:

    Despite pledging to usher in “the most transparent administration in history”, President Obama has been obsessed with prosecuting whistleblowers; his justice department has prosecuted more of them for “espionage” than all prior administrations combined.

    The oppressive treatment of [the whistleblower] is designed to create a climate of fear, to send a signal to those who in the future discover serious wrongdoing committed in secret by the US: if you’re thinking about exposing what you’ve learned, look at what we did to [him] and think twice. The real crimes exposed by this episode are those committed by the prosecuting parties, not the accused. For what he is alleged to have given the world, [he] deserves gratitude and a medal, not a life in prison.

    Oh….wait….he wasn’t talking about THAT “hero”…..nevermind.

  7. 8


    WHEN we look at the price to pay,
    it take guts and courage to WHISLEBLOWER and reveal the machinations of BAD LEADERS,
    hell even the computers where in the fix, a giant fix, on the back of AMERICA,
    not for AMERICA but against AMERICA,
    all that tell us that ELECTION IS ILLEGAL AND IT SHOULD BE REDONE with legitimate votes,not what happened to manipulate the votes,
    those votes should have been without any brain submission on the voters, or any control over the VOTERS, he MANIPULATED THE VOTERS, it is a form of attack on the freedom of the voter,
    and they didn’t even knew it was played on them, they became the fools of his strategy,
    lured by money and lies, is that AMERICA WE KNOW? we always knew?

  8. 9


    Maybe the NSA records could be used to discover why 911 was allowed to happen, why the National Air Defense was inactivated, how a major airliner flew @ bush top level at 500mph to hit the Accounting Dept @ Pentagon, how WTC #7 was pulled, what happened to the Flt 93 debris, and a myriad of other corrupt Fed Gov activity!

  9. 10

    Scott in Oklahoma

    Well done Skook, well done.
    As for Snowden, he’s screwed and if info will cease unless he can find another foreign news source to carry the story. I think he went to Hong Kong for good reason, he didn’t dare try to tell his story here because it never would have made it out of the room; such is the reach of the regime that has captured control and rules (not governs, big difference) our country now, with the consent of half the population.

  10. 11


    During all of my time in the military and federal service, I saw so much waste and in some cases fraudulent behavior. In many cases, the person who reported the infractions to the proper authorities was basically limiting his success in his career field.

    “Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies that Led to Vietnam” is a book written by then Captain H. R. McMaster, currently Major General H.R. McMaster, that explores the military’s role in the policies of the Vietnam War. The book was written as part of McMaster’s Ph.D. thesis at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    COL McMaster was stuck at the 0-6 despite his highly effective performance in Iraq. If it was not for General Petraeus, McMaster would never have been picked up for Brigadier General and would never have achieved the rank of Major General because he dared to tell the truth. There were too many in the military who fear real soldiers like McMaster, am man with great vision and ethics. Was he a traitor for revealing in great depth, the lies of the administration?

  11. 12


    W t Sherman
    on your one
    yes if we come back to it,
    why did MITT ROMNEY concede THE ELECTION so quickly?
    he has a big family he might have been scared of by another threat
    even touching one of his family,
    he decide to concede
    what if he would have ask for a recount, he had the whole MACHINE against him,
    and he was exausted from the many demands of the election,
    the worse time for a retreat, I wonder if GINGRISH would have given up so fast,
    he is a hard head and it would have taken a person like him to say , this is very wrong,
    and what about the money, he left because of the lack of it, same as RON PAUL,
    so the election was mot won on votes,
    but on money which OBAMA had a lot.

  12. 13


    Skook, I think this is one of your best pieces ever. I couldn’t believe it when I read this line:

    the fact that we are arming the same enemy in Syria that we are fighting in Afghanistan

    because I had just said almost the exact same thing to somebody.

    I think of Snowden as a patriot. And I pray he remains safe and sound. And Skook, I’ll join you and Wm T in saying this isn’t about Snowden, but about a government that looks to me to have descended into despotism.

  13. 14


    SNOWDEN surely must have seen something very dangerous so to go to CHINA
    and leave all behind as if he will never come back.
    his home completely empty, his friend,
    he mention about the danger but he did not yet say the word,
    but there is more and worse to tell. it has to be,
    because he was there longer than just the time he decide to leave,
    he thought about escaping from a great danger, and it show by where he is.
    funny that OBAMA happen to visit CHINA at close to same time,
    he revealed it to FOX LAST WEEK. in a few words,
    OBAMA”S close croud are following his minute desire, how far will they go,
    for them it’s a matter of keeping their jobs,
    because when OBAMA go they are finish.

  14. 15

    Marla Hughes

    Have you ever had a long, involved post almost finished and the page refreshed before you could finish?
    Snowden is not Tea Party, he is Occupy Wall Street.
    His actions scream of an extreme anti-American leftist:
    First contact (before or VERY soon after he was employed by Booz Allen): Laura Poitras, documentary filmmaker who concentrates on the US, security and terrorism/anti-terrorism. His claims were vague and ‘what ifs’ in first contacts from what she said. (paraphrased, but accurate in tone and meaning). I had never heard of her before. Have you? Apparently Snowden was very familiar and approving of her work.
    Second contact: Glenn Greenwald, anti-American, anti- Semitic blogger turned reporter who got into a dust up with some well known conservative bloggers over their analysis of his writing and his use of sock puppets on their blogs to counter their negative reviews. (Instapundit and Ace of Spades are two off the top of my head.) Snowden stated that his reason for choosing Greenwald is that he is a fan and avid reader of Greenwald.
    Side note: Poitras was unaware of Snowden contacting Greenwald until later.
    Third contact: Barton Gellman at the Washington Post, a friend of Poitras’ who she spoke to for assistance in verifying Snowden’s veracity.
    Poitras and Gellman both urge caution in doing a ‘document dump’ as Snowden is insisting on. Greenwald also wants a more drawn out process with possibly some of the documents withheld. Snowden is currently in talks with Assange of Wikileaks as none of the other three reporters will agree to releasing all of the information he stole due to national security (and legal) concerns.
    So, you have two admitted and well recognized leftist and one moderately left wing reporters explaining to and trying to convince Snowden not to release all that he has. Either that’s PR on their part, he’s extremely anti-US or mentally deficient or all of the above.
    In addition, Snowden has nothing bad to say about China. Period. While he strongly condemns the US for cyber spying on China, even to the point of stealing and revealing state secrets, he defends China’s as if it’s own cyber war against the US is a defensive move, not offensive. He also conveniently forgets about China’s well publicized theft of US businesses’ intellectual property as part of it’s business model and economic plan.
    That he makes no condemnation of China’s also well publicized oppression and repression of dissidents might be put aside as off topic except he includes US ‘dissidents’ in his quiet diatribes against the US.
    Go read/listen to some of Greenwald’s views from his own mouth/pen. Snowden is apparently to the left of that.

  15. 16


    Marla Hughes
    different views bring us back to his father ‘s view that his son is not a drop out,
    he is not anti AMERICAN, he is very caring person and caring for AMERICA,
    now we have to decipher all that, good and wrong ,
    which bring us back to OBAMA failure and intent to persue his agenda of empowering AMERICANS,
    by all kinds of restrictions and decisions to learn on his opponent’s life and every day communications is
    surely the very wrong attitude to take on a the freedom so primordial and important to AMERICANS
    of all party and ages,
    what can one add, that’s who they are and if a derange lunatic take power and want to play dictator in AMERICA and feel strong because he is surrounded by the BLACK POWER and the uninformed and the almost dead hungry for listener MEDIAS,
    and the illegals who think he will take care of them by immigrate them,
    and those by HIS WISH TO GET THE FELONS IN GOVERNMENT JOBS, to sound like a savior they must be loyal to.
    and his indoctrination on the young and SCHOOL TEACHERS lead by the UNIONS communist mindset in tune with OBAMA agenda, both exchanging big costly favors,
    if it make him feel solid on his post,
    he sure will be falling from highest level than anyone when he is demoted, and will crash on the ground alone. for having done all the assaults on the BRAVEST still in a WARZONE by having his goon telling them to hide their faith in GOD, and cutting their ration and needs,
    and assault on the FREEDOM OF ALL THE PEOPLE, and assault on free JOURNALIST REPORT OF THE TRUTH, and assault on the TEA PARTY AND CONSERVATIVES having been questioned like a HITLER STYLE interrogation, on their private lives he has directed, no doubt about it,
    and the BENGHASI MASSACRE of AN AMBASSADOR and the braves SEALS fighting and dying alone without no help from the biggest MILITARY IN THE WORLD, he OBAMA IS RESPONSIBLE for being mute
    on that event,and still left un-punished,
    now the NSA expanding their tracking the ones who don’t believe he is one of AMERICA,
    yes no doubt that SNOWDEN must be very scare of the OBAMA REGIME. the most repressive and dangerous ever.
    many people disappear for less

  16. 18


    YES that is a strong link,
    hard to discard it as made up.
    BLACHFIVE is one I like and ,I don’t think they SPREAD bullshit,

  17. 19

    Marla Hughes

    I didn’t vote for Obama, either time. I didn’t vote for Snowden to be judge, jury and executioner, either. Nor would I. I have not heard Snowden make one objection to the Obama administration doing any of what you listed although if he kept up with the news he would have to at least be aware of them periphially. If he is as concerned about abuses by government agencies as he claims, he could have fit evn a small mention of what concerns conservatives in a small paragraph somewhere in one of his interviews. Yes?
    While the Obama Administration’s known abuses are egregious, I am a conservative. My ideology demands respect for the rule of law as it’s cornerstone. If someone broke the law, the law will and should pursue them. Conservatives aren’t prone to believe in Messiahs. Except one.
    Interesting from your link, Wordsmith:” Ryuhana closed in 2004 as the primary proprietors went off to college and opened a new business in California, according to the website. Other contributors to the site could not be reached for comment.
    The defunct company listed an address in Fort Meade, Md., next door to the National Security Agency.

  18. 20


    Marla Hughes
    nice of you to come with infos
    I did not see that one FROM RIHUANA,
    first time I hear her name,
    did you see the one in BLACKFIVES?
    about SNOWDEN, they describe him lying on some of his life experience,
    we are having infos from both sides, and it’s hard to adapt a couple of old lies to his recent history,
    and it seem that it bring a conflict on his credibility,
    why would old lies matter to the present.

  19. 21


    Marla Hughes
    I just found the link on RYUHANA
    I thought the LINK was only for one and all,
    so I had only click on one that is BLACKFIVES
    I think RYUHANA is was SNOWDEN,
    do you agree?
    you know what I think,
    if they would succede to get SNOWDEN extradite
    his case would be done before the TERRORISTS of GISMO

  20. 22



    @Marla Hughes:

    Snowden is not Tea Party, he is Occupy Wall Street.

    Nailed it!

    When he leaks information on U.S. hacking China, spying on the Russian president, and on British spying, how is this not the actions of an anti-American traitor? What do these things have to do with civil liberties and protecting the Constitution?

  21. 23


    I think those young are at an age where they abused the DRUG and THERE is a limit for their brain to be enhance and after collapse and desintegrate slowly into becoming the one who lost their REASON
    the same faculty who was enhance to make them brilliant temporary and descend into
    a miserable human being unable to see the difference between right or wrong,
    vegetating in the streets asking for a dime to citizens ignoring them.
    some will think: I know this guy, he was….. oh my GOD
    what happen to him,

  22. 24


    You may have noticed I was walking the razor’s edge to be noncommittal or prejudicial. My purpose was to elicit intelligent discussion and original thoughts. I am pleased with the results. Thank you.

  23. 25

    Marla Hughes

    Good job Snook. Great post (I forgot to mention that previously.)

    ilovebeeskneeswarzone, Ryuhana was a small company Snowden worked for in his early 20’s. I just found it fascinating that the store was located right next to the NSA in Fort Meade.
    Some would call it coincidence.

  24. 26


    Marla Hughes
    yes coincidense of maybe having access on secrets with a gadget he was good at making,
    to eave on the big neighbor, even distribute their goods inside for that purpose.

    I do like RICK PERRY, and RAND PAUL,

  25. 27

    Marla Hughes

    Snowden’s entire life since the age of 9 was/is steeped in the covert and secret. NSA is so prominent in Fort Meade that it conducts classes on the same in the local public schools and rents out apartments in it’s complex. One of which Snowden lived in while working at Ryuhana. Snowden is not known to have taken any classes offered by the NSA, however that environment does color one’s life. In addition, he would have life long contacts available from his school days who are in the covert agencies in one capacity or another.

    Interesting side note: Anonymous’s offshoot AntiSec ‘hacked’ Booz Allen back in 2011(?) and released over 50,000 personal information files on it’s employees, including some who were/are in the military. Alexander revealed in his hearing testimony that the reason Snowden was allowed access so early into his employment at Booz Allen was his previous employment with NSA but declined to name his position, reasons for leaving or any other details. Interesting.
    In addition, Snowden’s mention of the ‘Gang of Eight’, which is exclusively concerned with illegal immigration, during a Q and A on the NSA puzzled me. It is a non sequitur unless considered in light of the fact that Anonymous ‘hacked’ Arizona law enforcement site(s) in protest to it’s ‘racist’ policies on illegal immigration interdiction.
    The possibility or even probability that NSA had one of Anonymous’s membership right there in the building accessing top secret files is only enforced by the knowledge that Snowden also was a frequent commenter and poster in the popular Reddit July Fourth protest. He was also a long time poster on Ars Technical. Heading over to BuzzFeed to read more now.

  26. 28


    Marla Hughes
    I think you are very good to fish out the bits of the puzzle,
    that is very interesting indeed
    yes SNOWDEN was in a position to observed, and get in easy
    with who he met during that time, it was a peace of cake,
    the UNION must be in there too, good pay and protection, benefices and all,
    why would he leave all that, was it real love of his COUNTRY?
    it could be, but he contradict us by talking to CHINA too much,
    so why? maybe a depression for overwork, a collapse of behaviour.

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