Girl Scouts to Cav Scouts 2013

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Each year, I raise money to purchase and ship delicious Girl Scout cookies to deployed troops. Last year was an exception since I was deployed. However, I was thankful that my team and I were sent many boxes during my deployment. GS Cookies are a small slice of home for those troops that are deployed and provide an alternative to the stale dining facility cookies we are generally offered.

My goal this year is to send 600 boxes of cookies. At the height of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan I sent 1100 boxes to troops in both theaters. To meet my goal, I need to raise $3000 and I’m hoping that the readers of this great site can help me. I’ve already raised $550 towards that goal and have shipped eight cases of cookies to various units in Afghanistan.

Please help me by sponsoring boxes of cookies at $5 per box ($4 per box, plus $1 for shipping) or a case for $60. You can send me the money through Paypal to cj[at]soldiersperspective[dot]us or email me at that address if you want to mail me a check. Also, if you have a friend or family deployed and would like me to send them some cookies, please email their address and I’ll make sure to send them a case. Paypal takes credit and debit cards and is very secure. I’ve been using them for years.

I will regularly update this post in the comments the status of my fundraising so that I don’t collect more than I need. Cookies are being purchased from several different GS Troops in the Fort Hood area so that not just one Troop has an unfair advantage.

I understand that some of you don’t support GS political policies, so I just ask that you support me in the spirit of supporting our deployed troops. They don’t care about the policies of the GS when they’re just trying to stay alive.

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    girl scouts are supporting planned parenthood they support death to children. Do not buy their vile cookies they will kill more unborn children. They are sweets to kill they taste like death…………………..

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    @A.Men: No problem. Regardless of their policies, I for one loved opening those boxes while I was in Kandahar. Next year, I’ll find another avenue from which I can purchase the cookies.

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    I’ve collected $910 of my goal of $3000 to send 600 boxes of cookies to troops, not including pledges to send checks. I mailed three more cases during lunch and a friend is mailing another case from Pflugerville. I want to thank everyone that has helped spread the word and contributed to meet this goal. If you still want to donate $5 per sponsored box or $60 per sponsored case, the Paypal address is [email protected].

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