Biden to parents: Buy a shotgun…and shut up also

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From NPR

Vice President Joe Biden’s advice to his wife about protecting their home in Delaware:

They don’t need an assault-style weapon. If there are bad guys on the property, walk out on the balcony and fire a couple blasts from their double-barrel shotgun. “You don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself,” he adds, and a shotgun’s easier to aim than an assault-style rifle. Plus, two shotgun blasts should scare off most intruders, Biden says.

And that was the vice president’s advice to others Tuesday during a Facebook townhall with Parents magazine. When the subject turned to gun violence, gun control laws and weapons, Biden talked about what he says he’s told Jill Biden and concluded with this advice to others who feel they need a weapon for protection:

“Buy a shotgun; buy a shotgun,” not an assault-style weapon.

Normally shotguns have two rounds. Once they’re expended the shotgun needs to be reloaded. If potential perps knew of Biden’s strategy they’d know exactly when to pounce.

And what if you don’t have a balcony? What if you live in an area in which houses are close together? Would local law enforcement take exception to someone firing off a couple of shotgun blasts to scare away alleged intruders? What if someone seeing you fire off a shotgun perceives you to be a threat?

And what if they’re already in the house? Wouldn’t walking outside leave everyone else defenseless inside?

And when pressed on the effectiveness of a gun ban Biden got irritated.

Vice President Joe Biden was caught off guard Tuesday by questions he was asked during a Facebook Town Hall with Parents Magazine.

One questioner equated gun control to drug control — if criminalizing drugs didn’t get them off the streets, why will criminalizing guns? — and a second asked if limiting assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would limit people’s ability to protect themselves.

“Is this Parents Magazine? I have Parents Magazine. I’ve never heard anybody in Parents Magazine ask these kinds of questions,” Biden said.

On the question about drug control, he tried to tamp down the notion that the administration wants to criminalize guns (“There is no ban on guns, no one’s banning a gun.”) and he took issue with the comparison to illegal drugs.

“Are you suggesting we have no, we just legalize all drugs? Is that what you’re suggesting? That would go real well in Parents Magazine,” Biden said. “Let’s talk about being able to — no matter what your age — go out and be able to purchase cocaine. What do you think about that idea?”

“Look, these comparisons are not appropriate, quite frankly, but secondly the idea [that] you should have no law unless the law you have prevents all violations of that law, that is not the way society works.”

And get a shotgun was what one young man did:

TUSTIN, Calif. — A violent rampage that left four dead in suburban Orange County began in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday when a 20-year-old killed a woman in his home and sped away in his parents’ car, authorities said.

An hour later, it was over – but not before Ali Syed had killed two more people during carjackings, shot up vehicles on a busy freeway interchange and left three others injured in a trail of carnage that stretched across 25 miles.

According the FBI, this is one death short of a mass murder, but liberals are likely pleased that it wasn’t committed with an “assault weapon.” It was committed with a Joe Biden-recommended weapon. That’s much better.

Joe Biden: Assassination insurance

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

41 Responses to “Biden to parents: Buy a shotgun…and shut up also”

  1. 1

    Nan G

    Ali Syed had a non-family member FEMALE inside his home.
    He had a perfect right, under sharia, to either kill her or rape her THEN kill her.
    Even were she a fully covered Muslima.
    His actions afterward shows a complete disregard for the life of any ”infidel.”
    His killing himself afterward allows him entry to his imaginary paradise where he can drink wine, eat great food and screw virgins forever.
    But, until reading this HuffPo link I had not heard his name.
    He could have been a John or Jose for all our local media said.

  2. 2

    Richard Wheeler

    NanG Another very sick guy. Doubt it matters whether his name John, Jose, Ali, Chris Dornan or Oscar Pistorius. Mental illness,like drug or alcohol addiction has no color,no nationality,no religion.
    As to weapon of choice in these mass killings. Seems simply to be what is most easily procured or readily available to the mentally disturbed perpetrator.

  3. 3


    “Buy a shotgun. Fire both barrels at nothing in particular. (Try not to hit the neighbors.) Swing your now unloaded, semi-useless club at your attacker as he rushes you. You’re welcome! ” -Joe Biden

  4. 4


    If there are bad guys on the property, walk out on the balcony and fire a couple blasts from their double-barrel shotgun.

    Umm, Joe, Not that it matters that this would be considered a law breaking act in most states, if not all. Your advice would most definitely get the homeowner arrested in NY, NJ and in Delaware.

  5. 5


    Firing warning shots can get you arrested for assault. Several articles have appeared recently of homeowners and neighbors being arrested for firing a warning shot and not for just discharging a firearm in a dangerous manner. Do not take Bidens advice. Only fire your gun when you intend to shoot the person and you are justified in doing so.

  6. 7


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Seems simply to be what is most easily procured or readily available to the mentally disturbed perpetrator.

    That’s what we “gun nuts” have been telling people, Rich. “Assault weapons” are not used in any greater percentage of murders committed with firearms than their percentage of privately owned firearms. They are not more dangerous, to the public, than any other firearm, despite what the gun control crowd is claiming.

    And you support those idiots, Rich!

  7. 8

    Richard Wheeler

    J.G. I don’t believe “the gun control crowd” are idiots any more than the guy who wants to possess numerous automatic weapons for his collection.
    Idiots would be those who say the Newtown shootings were staged to promote gun control.
    Idiots are those who think Obama Admin is trying to buy up ammo to fight the citizenry,or is asking members of the military if they are prepared to forciblly take guns from citizens.
    Idiots are those who put there heads in the sand and suggest there is no problem.

    There is a problem—–solutions won’t be easy.Let’s keep lines of communication open—-Input from law enforcement,NRA,mental health professionals etc—

    BTW Incredible NCAA Basketball season particularly Big Ten+Are you a fan?

  8. 9

    Nan G

    Ever confront a home invader INSIDE your home…..with a shotgun?
    Be prepared for the extensive damage and clean-up.
    A walls, some carpet, a window and probably some ceiling damage if you fire a shotgun inside a home.
    And IF you hit the guy add his blood to the mix.

  9. 10

    Richard Wheeler

    NanG It’s true you’d rather not have expensive or time consuming clean-ups after your home invasions. BTW I thought you were leaving crime ridden Long Beach for the great northwest???

  10. 12


    The sight of a shotgun in hand is generally enough to give any potential assailant pause for thought. It takes minimal skill to point one and pull the trigger, and the consequences if you happen to be in front of it when that happens are almost certainly going to be disastrous. To my mind, that makes a shotgun a superior home defense weapon. The high intimidation factor decreases the likelihood that you’ll actually need to shoot; the nature of the weapon makes it extremely effective, if it ever turns out that you do.

    A double barrel or pump shotgun can be loaded with non-lethal rounds. That gives a homeowner the option of applying a series of well-aimed blows with the force of a baseball bat from 25 or 30 feet away. There’s no law requiring a homeowner to disclose what their shotgun is loaded with. This isn’t about being kind to people who might be threatening you; it’s about reducing possible legal consequences to yourself. Bear in mind that at closer ranges a rubber slug is going to cause very serious or fatal injuries.

    It’s probably inadvisable to mention clean-up considerations as part of your weapon or ammunition choice. The police or jury might get the wrong idea about the way you think.

  11. 13

    Mr. Irons

    Really? Non-lethal rounds? That’s all warm and fuzzy of an idea till the target you nail with a bean bag round lifts their gun up and shots back with 00 Buckshot or a .45 ACP or laughs as they stay out of range of the non-lethal’s effective range and use lethal rounds.

    Then again you seem to miss the irony of Biden’s moment considering that a Shotgun round, non-lethal or lethal, is far more damaging than a 5.56 or a .223 round. An airfoil or bean bag round used too close to the target may as well be a blunt lethal round, and too far outside of its intended operational radius of 20 feet to 40 feet of riot control can be a laughing joke of a round. While the nation is having a fit over a weapon that creates a hole the size of a dime your Vice President is telling people to limit themselves to a shotguns whose non-lethal rounds and lethal rounds can leave an impact spot or hole bigger than a man’s fist.

    And here I thought you had combat experience or shooting experience.

  12. 14


    @Richard Wheeler:

    I don’t believe “the gun control crowd” are idiots any more than the guy who wants to possess numerous automatic weapons for his collection.

    Really? What about the NY state congressman who believes that it isn’t a right to own a firearm, but a privilege? What about Cuomo and the other NY government pols who passed a law making it illegal to load your weapon, with a grandfathered mag capacity of up to ten rounds, with only seven rounds of live ammo? What about those same pols who passed the same law saying that you have to report lost ammo, as well as firearms themselves? And what about Biden, above, who is basically advocating using a shotgun, for home “defense”, in a capacity that is nothing more than a really expensive whistle?

    And the examples could roll on and on and on.

    And those are the kinds of pols you support, Rich. Think about that one for a minute. For someone like you, who claims they are for freedom and liberty, you sure do support some of the worst transgressors of freedom and liberty.

    Idiots are those who put there heads in the sand and suggest there is no problem

    I’d suggest that the ones putting their heads in the sand are the ones who continue to throw support behind people who believe your right to defend yourself is superceded by nearly everything else in society.

  13. 15


    @Mr. Irons, #13:

    Load what you think is appropriate. Aim where the occasion demands. Personally, I don’t think much laughing and strutting around would be going on after a well-placed shot with a 12 gauge rubber slug, but that’s just me.

    Home defense is generally a close range proposition. It’s something that happens just inside front doors, in living rooms and in bedrooms. Are there children in the house? Neighbors just across the side yard and a couple of thin walls away? Do you want to have to defend yourself using a weapon that can easily blow through 3 walls and kill an unseen toddler asleep in her bed next door?

    Biden isn’t an idiot. A loaded AR-15 in every American closet wouldn’t make the people we care about safer. It would put the people we care about at far greater risk. It would just make it that much easier for people with homicidal intentions to run up higher body counts.

    I get tired of all the bullshit and posturing. My military experience has little or no relevance to my civilian environment, and thank God for that. I don’t need an M-16. I don’t need a helmet or a flak vest. I don’t have to spend nights in a damn bunker. Having all of that out of my life is better. Picking up an AR-15 doesn’t bring back fond memories, and the sight of a Kalashnikov knockoff gives me the creeps. The fewer there are around, the more I like it.

  14. 16

    Richard Wheeler

    J.G. You can own as many guns as you want and store a closet full of ammo if you please or if it makes you feel safer. I don’t need it myself.
    I was a Range Officer and qualified expert firing m-16 and 45 cal pistol—after much practice. Haven’t picked up a weapon since I got out. Don’t need one and for fun would rather shoot hoops. But you go ahead and knock yourself out.
    Greg#15 Concur 100%

  15. 17


    I don’t know about these non-lethal rounds. I had a young Black bear coming into the yard, back when my kids were small. You can’t have a bear in the yard on a ranch. Eventually, you will have a disaster.

    He was only about two hundred pounds and the hide had no value. I didn’t want to hurt him, just scare him. I decided to use my boy’s shotgun, a 410. I opened up a round, took out the bird shot and inserted a AA battery, figuring to give him an ass kicking he would remember.

    That evening, when the dogs came in the house, the bear showed up in the yard. I walked outside and aimed for the ribs. It was a well placed shot and killed him sure as hell in half a heart beat. The battery traveled through the hide, through the ribs, through the heart and out the other side.

    If you are making your own non-lethal rounds, don’t use batteries.

    Shotguns come in many types: single shots, double barrels, and semi-auto with up to 5 rounds. Listening to someone like Biden discuss how to protect yourself during a home invasion is like asking a shoe shine boy about performing heart surgery. We have too many clueless people weighing in on weapons who know next to nothing about weapons or defending yourself.

    The story above was an attempt at humor and at the time it was an honest attempt to save the bear. My mistake was thinking the 410, normally considered to be a child’s or light lady’s weapon, had no firepower. Trust me, at close range, it is lethal. long guns have the disadvantage of being unwieldy in tight quarters. No one expected a tunnel rat to carry anything but the 45 in the tunnels. It is the same way in a hallway, if you need to swing around in a 180, you might mess-up. Preparing to shoot around a corner requires a person to stick a long barrel out in the open before being in a position to fire, nothing like giving away your position. Biden should stick to being our national buffoon and leave the more serious stuff to lucid people with real world experience.

    Many Liberals are scared of weapons, no not the ones who have served in the military; the ones who think an unloaded weapon is going to somehow sneak up on someone and shoot them. Yes these are often the most vocal critics of the Second Amendment. I have met them and know many of them. They live in a state of extreme fear. For them, the nanny state is the only option to protect them from not only the world, but primarily from their own neurosis.

  16. 18


    I read all these comments: “I won’t discuss my military experience. etc.” BS. Facing someone who has the ability, let alone the desire, to kill you is scary business! You ain’t been there shut your mouth! The only time I have read about a bullet going through a wall and killing a child next store was caused by a Gang Banger. Shoot the SOB with double OO and clean up the mess!

  17. 19


    I have to say that unfortunately agree with uncle Joe. I own both personal defense weapons (assault rifles), hunting rifles and several shotguns. There are few things more intimidating that the sound of a shotgun shell being racket into the chamber of a pump action shotgun. And since my personal defense weapons (assault rifles) are chambered for .308 win I would much rather have my bride fire off the 12 gauge rather than the bushmaster inside the house or outside at close range, but that’s just me.

    On a side note I got my bride a Taurus Judge with a Crimson Trace sight for Valentines day and she absolutely loves it! She can progressively load it with a couple of 7 or 8 shot shells in case she needs to warn off someone or go out to the chicken coup and deal with a snake or a coon then she loads a couple of .000 buck shells and to complete the loading she adds a .45 long colt, just in case. I would highly recommend it to any looking for something to protect a loved one with.

  18. 20

    Nan G

    I think the thing that needs debate in this is not whether or not to use this gun or that for home/self defense but rather the PATERNALISTIC attitude displayed so easily by the Left toward American adults.
    Both Biden and this Colorado Dem Rep. Joe Salazar have this attitude that American adults are not capable of making their own informed decisions.

    We have an entire category here at Fa just for the ”Nanny Government.”
    And it is a large category.
    Dems and Liberals have become so accustomed to telling American adults what to do that doing so doesn’t even surprise the rest of us anymore.
    It should.

    And, yes, I am leaving Long Beach for Utah (Is THAT the Northwest?) soon.
    You may have already noticed I post less because of getting ready.
    Our 1st open house is coming up….wish us luck on that.

  19. 21


    Just a few points to add on the use of a shotgun for home defense;

    A handgun is easier to wield in a house, for the reasons stated by Skookum; your average shotgun is 36″ or longer. A shotgun is NOT easier to aim in close quarters than a handgun, due to length. A shotgun will NOT spray pellets all over the place at in-home range; most of the shot will still be massed in or near the cup 10 yards out of the barrel. The sound of you pumping a shell into the chamber will NOT make the criminal piss his pants and run away; it just tells him where you are, and he already had the balls to enter your home. A criminal is no more afraid of a shotgun, than any other gun you might have, especially if they are experienced, and/or are on drugs.

  20. 23


    @proof: Oh, my goodness! I just broke out in a horse laugh while drinking at Starbucks.

    True to Twain’s style of humor, that was a good one.

    Before i made the shot, I was worried if the bear would be poisoned by toxins if the battery broke apart and the hide was cut; obviously, I was worrying over nothing.

  21. 24

    MOS 8541

    Tactical shotguns have 16-18″ barrels..The first two loads are 4-0 buckshot, the third round is a deer slug. than alternate buckshot and deer slug.

  22. 26


    @Skookum: It’s a great story about the bear, poor li’l fella! Good thing you didn’t throw any rock salt in that load. A salt and battery is even more serious! (Thank you! I’ll be here all week! Try the venison!)

    Seriously, rock salt probably would have done the job. Stings like hell, but likely wouldn’t do any lasting damage.

  23. 27


    MOS 8541, you’d better have a NFA tax stamp if your shotty barrels are under 18″. That’s a Short Barreled Shotgun. Most riot guns and trench guns have barrels that are 18-21″ long.

  24. 28


    @Richard Wheeler: You said:

    Idiots would be those who say the Newtown shootings were staged to promote gun control.

    I wouldn’t say it was staged, that is absurd. But what did Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel have to say about this type of situation?

    Oh yeah, now I remember…

    You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. – Rahm Emanuel

  25. 29


    A criminal is no more afraid of a shotgun than any other gun you might have, especially if they are experienced, and/or are on drugs.

    I suppose we could add that sort of reaction on the part of some criminals to a long list of increasingly poor decisions. It most likely would come somewhere very near the bottom.

  26. 30

    Mr. Irons


    I’ve had to recent learn how to fire and discharge Airfoil rounds and Beanbag rounds for a contract deployment. You are not to use them on targets that’s 10 feet or closer and why I am to carry a .40 USP on me for targets that get too close, the intentions of the rounds are to keep a target with only melee weapons at range and not a means to halt a full on attacker. You use a beanbag round at 10 feet or less and the person you just shot is going to have internal bleeding that will kill them due to ribs puncturing the lungs or heart due to the impact force breaking and forcing the ribs inwards towards vital organs, and if you’re caught using such rounds at the head and your intentions is clearly not to kill then your world will be filled with legal nightmares. Training with non-lethal rounds is to aim at stomach or groin and a follow up draw of a lethal weapon on target if target does not follow verbal command to stay down.

    It is clear you are ignorant of the real lethal factor of these rounds and their intended range uses. Airfoils are damn messy if the intended target is too close to the shooter and beanbags are able to cause a man’s skull to be crushed and will cause serious brain damage if the target survives being nailed in the head.

    And Biden and you are an idiot. An AR-15 is a semiautomatic weapon that fires a round that makes a hole in the target about the size of a dime while any shotgun with lethal or non-lethal at its effective CQB range will create a hole the size of a fist or a literal dent the size of a fist to a boot in the chest or head. In the scheme of your liberal logic you are contradicting yourself by saying an AR-15 is the more dangerous tool and yet sucking down the thought that a shotgun isn’t as dangerous.

  27. 31


    @Mr. Irons, #30:

    It is clear you are ignorant of the real lethal factor of these rounds and their intended range uses.

    I’m not following your argument. You’re suggesting that since a rubber slug is potentially lethal at close range, you might as well shoot an intruder with an AR-15, a pistol, or a metal shot-filled shell in the first place?

    My point was that a shotgun can be loaded with projectiles that aren’t specifically designed to kill, that will likely stop an attacker at close range nevertheless, and that have a greatly reduced of risk carrying through a wall or doing lethal damage to some innocent person at a distance. For that reason, Biden’s comment doesn’t strike me as being as patently stupid as his critics would like everyone to believe.

    You would think I’d suggested that home invaders should be confronted with either a butterfly net or a bazooka.

  28. 32


    @Greg: You said:

    I’m not following your argument.

    Exactly, Greg. To use non lethal in close range will kill the suspect, but that isn’t Mr. Irons’ point. He was saying that if you used non lethal that close, since you would kill the intruder you might as well use a gun because otherwise you are opening yourself up for a lawsuit for utilizing non lethal the wrong way.

    Thank the trial lawyers association for this.

  29. 33


    @proof: Ahhhhh! A salt and battery, that is absolutely outrageous. Oh but to possess such a mind; I could rule the world. Well, the unknown world, of which not much is known.

    Let the games begin!

  30. 35


    @proof: #3
    You answered my math question I have been asking:

    How many shells will a double barrel shotgun hold?


    How many shells should be fired to scare away intrudes?


    How many shells do you have left to fire if the intruder/intruders don’t leave?


    How long does it take to reload a double barrel shotgun?

    If you stay calm, about 1.5 seconds longer than it takes an intruder to reach you. This is assuming that you thought to bring extra shells with you. If you are really scared, about 15.7 seconds longer.

  31. 38


    @proof: #37
    I’m not the brightest bulb either, but I don’t get my wires crossed. He’s like a burnt out bulb that SOMETIMES the filament makes contact for a short time and lights up OK.

  32. 39

    Richard Wheeler

    JG #36 Sometimes it’s a tough call but imho, on balance, the idiots on the far right are worse than the idiots on the far left. Sad
    As you know I’ve been a fan of Marco Rubio for some time. Right now he’s my choice for 2016. Would love to see Condi as Veep.
    I ask again are you a college basketball fan?

  33. 40

    Mr. Irons

    Oh and I forgot to point out that warning shots in most states are illegal to do for any defensive manner, if you shoot you are to shoot at the threat. Biden’s advice of two warning shots will not be seen very kindly by police in most states.

  34. 41

    Hard Right

    @Richard Wheeler:
    What a shock, rich supports the Constitution hating left over those supporting it on the right. Practice your goose stepping much?
    In CO the bill madating police inspections of homes? The guy behind it has introduced it 2-3 times. It was no accident despite the claim of morons like rich.
    rich, you support wannabe fascists. That speaks volumes about you. You are a “little eichman”.

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