Ducking Reality

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The Accomplishment of Terror

This article begins with an anecdotal story, retold with accuracy from a first person account. If you have reason to doubt the word of a grade twelve Algebra teacher with 30 years experience, please don’t read the article; she has been a customer of mine for years and I will assure you, she has no reason or tendency to exaggerate.

After finishing the work on her horses this morning, I mentioned Dianne Feinstein: she gets her CCW in California and immediately spearheads the legislation to make it nearly impossible for the rest of us to acquire a permit. My customer, the Algebra teacher, said, “Arm the teachers who want to carry, it would be much safer if we were carrying weapons.”

I laughed, we talked of how certain teachers need and should carry concealed weapons in Riverside County. She told me she wanted to give me an example of the type of students she was expected to teach, while worrying about her own safety: She was doing a demonstration on the side wall of the classroom, away from the windows. When she turned to face the class, a student from the row next to the windows had a pistol aimed at the back of the head of another student. The pistol was an exact model of a type of 38 Special she knew well and it was impossible to distinguish between the real weapon and the replica.

The pistol was part of a belt buckle and unable to fire, but being a weapons enthusiast, she reacted strongly to the image.

The boy faced an expulsion hearing and the boy’s stepfather used the opportunity to yell at the teacher and accuse her of picking on the boy. He insisted that he had trained the boy to use weapons since the age of two. She countered with the fact that a responsible gun owner would not have pointed a replica at another student. She then told them that the armed policeman that patrolled the school told her he would have shot the boy with the weapon without hesitation because of the replica’s authenticity and the fact that he was aiming at another student.

Because of the parents’ complaints the teacher was facing disciplinary action; the child was expelled, but not exactly, he was palmed off on another school. The school board didn’t want the issue to reach the news, so the incident just faded away. Nothing happened to the teacher, and this is her last year before retirement, but she hinted that the teachers aren’t really safe: not because of gunmen, but because of the students.

For those gun control proponents, who say teachers don’t really want to carry, I talked to one who thinks it is absolutely imperative for the teachers who are capable to carry concealed weapons.

She also told me, on the day of the Sandy Hook shootings, they received a threat about a planned shooting at their school. Later during the day, they had a fire alarm go off (false alarm) and the kids milled around outside. While some teachers wanted to herd the students together like sheep in an abattoir pen, she was watching the roof tops for the ruthless sniper, who could have killed hundreds within the tightly packed targets.

We have imbeciles directing emergency procedures; thus, they are indirectly setting up a massacre, through ignorance, that will make the Connecticut shooting look like a picnic. This herding willing victims together for killers with limited marksmanship skills fits the definition of insanity.

The teacher was also aware of my point, why should a homicidal maniac worry about gaining entry, when he can walk by all the first story windows and kill at his leisure.

She told me of the emergency procedures if a shooter appears, they are supposed to lock themselves in the class room, but the doors can only be locked from the outside. She must step outside the classroom, make herself vulnerable in the hallway, lock the door, step back inside, and close the door if she is still alive. She must do this with two doors, and then she and her students have the advantage of being locked in the room with no escape avenue.

We must draw the line at having witless politicians and political hacks drafting emergency procedures. These people often exist in a fantasy world bordered by fear and a reliance on Big Brother or the state to save them; unfortunately in some bizarre twist of logic, their own ineptness combined with good intentions is considered a source of genius with many Americans.

The truth is we need real professionals to implement security devices and techniques in our schools to at least make it more difficult for homicidal maniacs to ply their trade in our schools. Arming teachers who are capable and have the guts to confront evil, perhaps even paying them more to attend seminars to train in procedures, would be a first step in making our schools more secure. I am talking about seminars taught by professional SWAT and Special Forces instructors, not incompetent boobs like Janet Napolitano. We can’t prevent school shootings, but we can damn well minimize the damage inflicted upon our children. We have the people with the expertise, it is time to put their abilities and expertise to good use and forget this idea of the cowardly response and expecting teachers and children to die while waiting for the police. It is time to be proactive and prepare for the worst, we can then hope and pray our preparations are never put to use.

To begin the preparation for the type of terrorism of Sandy Hook (oh my God! Did I say the politically incorrect word “Terror”) and the terror of Beslan, we must first admit that there is not only the possibility, but that it has already occurred on multiple occasions. Our administration, ahem, our president, seems to be ready to piss his trousers at the possibility or suggestion that fanatics from a certain Middle Eastern religion might be capable of committing “Terror”, sorry folks, you can go with the flow and stick your head in the dirt like an ostrich or you can discount the foolish notions of our president and face reality; we are likely to have an act of terror by a group of Muslim fanatics, it is only a matter of time. Do we want to provide willing victims or do we want to respond immediately with lethal force. Obama and Napolitano are intent on emasculating those who would be able and willing to resist such a situation, so we can sit back and watch the silly perverted circus elephants do their clumsy dance or we can demand that our leaders face this stark reality forming in front of us.

Our government and our ever fearful cowards, say that terrorist attacks are relatively rare events and that taking countermeasures can tend to alarm and cause anxiety among the children. After all, our fearless leader of Homeland Security feels the best way to combat terrorism is to deny that terrorism has happened. Major Hassan must be content with the title of perpetrator of Workplace Violence, like the case of the flipped out clerk who throws the cash register through the front window.

Our official, but unadvertised stance is if you continuously deny terror took place, it didn’t really happen. However, the dead are still dead and the maimed are still maimed, while Hassan tries to fight to wear a beard in the courtroom, like a proper terrorist.

Our Liberals, like our president and the empty feed sack heading up Homeland Security feel that confronting the possibility of another Columbine or Sandy Hook is unnecessary, because the chances of them happening again is so remote; yet, they and their loved ones live with armed security. Many of our citizens agree, saying the money should be spent in the community, thus helping the president with his Wealth Redistribution. I say, “Bull Shit” not confronting the possibility of terror in our schools makes the deniers and the naysayers complicit in all terrorist attacks in our schools from this point forward.

Sandy Hook and Columbine were acts of terror, unless we confront the obvious and admit that our most precious resource is vulnerable and our political hacks from the top down are clueless as to how to protect “our children” from mayhem, but not theirs, it is only a matter of time before we grieve from a Beslan type attack.

Two consecutive comments from you tube documentaries of the Beslan Terrorist attack.

lapucelledarc 8 months ago
I will never understand, for whatever reason, how grown human beings can target children.
This is the most disgusting terrorist attack in history. I pray to god, it will remain the worst.
Whoever and whatever you believe in may differ but we all should believe in children.
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Death4ALLAH 6 months ago
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Do you still have reservations about arming teachers who are willing and capable of carrying a weapon.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    Nan G

    One of the ways liberals like Obama try to minimize terrorist attacks is by comparing their deaths to other risks that cause deaths.
    Obama would make a great life insurance salesman for all his actuarial knowledge.
    So, it is more likely I’ll fall through a frozen lake and drown than I will be killed by a terrorist, is it?
    But…..I can AVOID frozen lakes!
    I can avoid swerving buses.
    I can avoid open fields when there’s a lightening storm.

    See, terrorism isn’t about cold numbers.
    It is about TERROR.
    The terror doesn’t strike the victims so much as it does the survivors.
    Remember how hard it was to get Americans flying again after 9-11-01?

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    oil guy from Alberta

    My version of gun control. You remember the Whitman massacre(bell tower U of Texas) where 30 0r so were murdered and dozens wounded. Its all over youtube. When people figured out what was happening and dozens of constables were hiding from the very accurate high velocity fire, rednecks were firing back with hunting rifles. My gun control would be a 30-30, from my pickup, aiming about 3 feet above the smoke puffs, allowing six inches for wind. Watching for impacts, i would zero in and improve the targeting. That’s me being me, because I’ve been in firefights before. That’s gun control!

  3. 3

    Scott in Oklahoma

    Skook, I think you’re talking about two different types of attacks to defend against, the attack by an EDP, which we seen in the school attacks here in the states, and a terrorist attack on schools, which we have seen in other countries.

    As I wrote in my essay about EDP’s, the best defense against EDP’s in my most humble opinion, is an aggressive defensive attack; an in your face, you will not control me, unanticipated violent response. When the EDP loses control, he/she will retreat and probably take his/her own life when unable to formulate a rapid reorganization of the plan that brought them there.

    A terrorist attack, especially from a motivated attacker such as a Radical Islamic “soldier” is a far different deal. The response must be rapid, violent, unexpected, and ruthless; we’re fighting a determined foe, and that’s where the training from the professionals needs to come in. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I do know disarmerment and “gun free zones” will just make things easier for the bad guys, EDP or others.

  4. 4



    @Scott in Oklahoma: Your point is well articulated, and I wondered at the difference while writing the article. However, I wanted to remind the readers, that Sandy Hook was terror its own right. The victims would surely agree if they could. I am sure the teacher mentioned and myself (if I were picking up grandkids) would rather do a minor part to disrupt a coordinated terror attack than be a hostage/victim.

    The Muslim Fundamentalist terror differs only in the fact that they are likely to be far more organized and deadly than the pea-brained domestic terrorists we’ve had in the U.S. Yes, despite the high IQs, I think they are inherently stupid. They missed their chance to inflict massive carnage because they have been very limited in experience and exist in a controlled fantasy. Former infantry men reading this post know how to have made these tragedies much worse, with very little effort. That’s why I maintain it is far too important to have teachers and politicians directing the security of our children; we need professionals of the highest calibre. To think Janet Napolitano is competent to set up security protocols for schools is preposterous, she couldn’t dismantle a 1911 45 or put a group within a foot at the range; yet, we are to assume she can run Homeland Security and defend us against threats both foreign and domestic. This type of thinking borders on a criminal felony.

    Their answer to the problem is to disarm us, the responsible majority. The group that made the Japanese realize an invasion upon the mainland would be nearly impossible because a civilian population was armed to the teeth. Don’t think that wasn’t a contributing factor in the decision not to invade. These same civilians are out there in ever greater numbers and we have even more and better weapons, much to the chagrin of Obama and the Progressives.

    I think we are going to sit back and wait until we have a Beslan type disaster, and then get serious about security for our most precious possessions. It will make no difference whether it is a pathetic little vegan addicted to video game violence or homicidal maniacs from the Middle East, we are not prepared and stripping the vertical grips and flash suppressors from the AR 15s won’t help a F’ing bit.

  5. 5

    Scott in Oklahoma

    I totally agree Skook, and Napolitano is barely qualified to lock her own door in the middle of the night, nevermind plan for the security of our kids, grandkids and ourselves.

    Their answer, Feinstein’ supporters, is treasonous and despicable and will force many thousands of people into the realm of criminality… I’ll report my weapons missing long before I would consider registration of them.

    The liberals attempts at gun control are no different than the motivations of the mass shooters, it is all about control, period. And I will not be controlled by those seaking to take our freedoms from us. I will not be a victim.

  6. 7


    Skook, here in Texas there are some of us doing something about it. Here’s a quote from several of our instructors in a CHL forum I frequent:

    “There is a lot of us offering free classes for teachers & school staff with letter from school board &/or signing a petition to school board. Just contact instructors & find what they are offering.”

    Another couple by involving local media (Station sign and channel number removed by me for obvious reasons):

    “Well after my interview with K**T channel * … I have signed up more than 60 educators or teachers for free CHL classes… Going to be fun year!”

    “Just finished a 3 hour shooting session with a Newswest* reporter. This guy had never even played with a toy gun in his life. He wanted an interview and I told him that I would only do the interview if he came out to the range to shoot. He told me that previously he had no opinion one way or the other and when we were done he wanted to know about taking a basic handgun class. After he fired the first three shoots of his life he was grinning from ear to ear. We did the interview and he listened intently while I rambled on and on about the demonization of guns in the media. I truly believe we have a convert.
    Ok, watched the news and the reporter didn’t even present the “other” side. I may have created a biased reporter for our side today. He even showed video of himself shooting my AR15.”

    This is our start here in Texas to educate the uneducated and in such a short time the snowball is achieving near runaway freight train speeds as more educators sign up. Now to make it a national movement.

  7. 8

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @CbR: Excellent work CbR. I believe we need to really step it up if we want to keep the Second Amendment. I think Obama is seeing his chance to disarm us, and thus continue his agenda, we had better take this fight to them hard.

  8. 10


    There is nothing they can control. Our founding fathers saw to that. Even if they tried to confiscate weapons…they’d NEVER get more than a fraction of them. If they lower mag capacity to 10. There will be a compliance date. And manf will simply ramp up production of 30 round so there is far more than enough to sustain the next few years….and they will always be available …although more expensive as time goes on.

    and truth be told…the only difference is a few more mag changes. No big deal. They have about as much chance of making a difference doing that as using cloth bags for shopping has as a means of getting rid of plastic.

    Right now…there is a gun buying FURY going on…mostly of assault and high capacity type weapons. This includes “democrats”. Most of the damn DNC senators who harp on about this have their own permits…and/or private armed security where they go. THEY are the people we need to get rid of. Every senator who’s been there more than a few years…(particularly the long term ones)…are the very ones who’ve kicked this can down the road, sold us up the river….raided our SS fund…and then turned around and pointed their finger at the “newest” members. Toss them out!!! All of them!!

  9. 12


    Consult popular fiction. Specifically, Stand on Zanzibar, by Roger Zelazny. Perpetrators are named “muckers” by him, since they run amok. And the defense is to “eptify” certain individuals: to provide them with programmed training so that they can respond with deadly force to a mucker.
    Lots of other stuff in the book; the muckers rang a bell when I recently referred back to the book.

    So the solution is to eptify. So far as I know, this has not yet been done.

  10. 13


    SO keeping that in mind, how about, screwing any plan a killer could prepare in advance meticulously,
    we do it by having changes of locations in classes many times,, randomly change recess hours, feeding hours on a constant schedule known only by a top director on a push of a button,
    change the class time sets, ecetera they can think of many better than I, because they are theone in the school, andthose changes should be done routinely on a short time notice as fast as a drill command,
    so no plan could be possibly made by a criminal.

  11. 14


    eptify, does it hurt? is it something you eat? or beat?
    what color is it?
    just kidding , but I have never heard the name, who is he?
    I wish you a good year coming soon, bye

  12. 15


    @oil guy from Alberta:

    Just suppose, oil guy, that the individual firing from the tower was trying to kill psychotic mass murderers on the ground. How would you know who was the “good guy with the gun” and who was the “bad guy with the gun”?

  13. 16


    Second amendment to the Constitution (1791): “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms (flintlock muskets), shall not be infringed”.

    Quote on the wall of the reception area at NRA headquarters: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” (Second amendment to the Constitution).


  14. 20

    Hard Right


    Are we not familiar with the Whitman mass murderer? Were you celebrating when you made your posts?
    As for you well regulated militia line, we dealt with that several threads ago.

  15. 21



    A well regulated oven, being necessary to cook pizzas, the right of the people to keep and handle flour/dough shall not be infringed.

    Would you read the above sentence to mean…that only people who make pizza are legally allowed to keep and handle dough?

    Secondly…”Arms” of the day were not limited to “muskets”. It includes cannon, sabers and bayonets, and flintlock pistols.

  16. 22


    Rocky, the first half of the Second Amendment is explanatory, not a qualification or limitation.

    The only limitations in it are on the Government. What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” do you have difficulty understanding? Or, does the phrase “the Right of the People” have a different meaning in the Second Amendment, than in all of the others?

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