Why Susan Rice Withdrew Her Name As Candidate For Secretary of State

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While I’m thankful this abhorrent woman won’t become Secretary of State I can only wonder the timing of this especially since Hillary Clinton is due to testify about Benghazi next week.

Isn’t that interesting:

U.N. Ambassador Susan E. Rice withdrew her name Thursday as President Obama’s leading candidate for secretary of state, saying the administration could not afford a “lengthy, disruptive and costly” confirmation fight over statements she made about the extremist attack in Libya that killed four Americans.

Rice called Obama on Thursday morning, before sending him a letter officially withdrawing from consideration. Rice said in an interview that she had concluded early this week that what she and Obama considered “unfair and misleading” charges against her over the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, would impede the president’s second-term agenda.

“This was my decision,” Rice said. When asked if Obama had tried to dissuade her, she said that he “understood that this was the right decision, and that I made it for the right reasons.”

Yeah right….”your decision.”

The administration knew any confirmation fight would keep Benghazi in the headlines and you can’t really cover-up something that is in the headlines non-stop can you?

Christian Whiton:

The reason can only be fear. Next week, Hillary Clinton is supposed to testify before Congress about Libya. There are some indications Clinton may now back out, or resort to insisting on a closed session hidden from the public. Whatever the result, President Obama clearly does not want to give Congress any more high-profile chances to ask someone under oath what happened in the hours and days after Stevens was killed. Rice was at ground zero of the real scandal: not in Benghazi, where the attack occurred; but in Washington, where the cover-up was planned and executed.

Obama blinked…

And the coverup of the murder of four Americans continue.

Meanwhile they whine that the Secretary of State position shouldn’t be politizied. Doug Ross has an example of the left’s short term memory.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    It is very clear from what is happening in washington dc that this is another one of those cases where it’s George Bush’s fault. It has his name all over it.

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    If it were only the remarks about Benghazi.
    The record from the 1990s has now become public. Ms Rice has been masterful in supporting thugs, encouraging genocide, and siding with dictators in Africa. She has overseen the slaying of tens of thousands. She has supported chaos each time she has intervened.
    It is her own record which is at issue here.
    She is just a mouthpiece for Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood.
    I weep no tears for her; she made her reputation the old way–she earned it.

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    Let me see if I remember correctly, “this will be the most open and honest administration, ever”.

    If the drive-by media wasn’t in the tank for this administration, they would all be in jail!

    I can’t wait until we go off the cliff and everyone suffers. Then and only then will the American public realize they have been duped. Let’s just hope there is enough patriots and hard working people in this country to rebuild her.

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    oil guy from Alberta

    It’s really sad to see your great country being destroyed from within. Hopefully, these miscreants, Hittlery and Minced Rice will fade away. Kerry(Lurch) as Sec. of State, another liar and bullsh–ter, will suit this regime to a tee. The runaway printing of dollars, runaway entitlements, over regulation and taxation assure the oncoming of a catastrophe.

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    Nan G

    I’m hearing rumors that Hillary will NOT be testifying, maybe ever.
    I really think the whole Susan Rice thing was a distraction from the day she went on those 5 TV news shows.
    She had already been thrown under the bus.
    Now, she can stay on where she is, can’t she?
    Obama has not forced her out of her job as US Ambassador to the UN, has he?

    Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz has been in the forefront on getting the Benghazi cover-up explained.
    He would LOVE to have either Rice OR Clinton under oath, but that’s not going to happen.
    Looks like he won’t be able to even meet any of the many American survivors of the Benghazi attack either.

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    It makes perfect sense. Throw Rice under the bus and hope like hell the memory of Benghazi dies with her.

    I don’t confidence that this congress has the gonads to keep pushing to expose the cover-up.

    The only hope is the Benghazi survivors which have been kept quiet. They can’t stay out of the headlines forever and are the best hope of exposing the criminal negligence of this administration.

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    MOS 8541

    Rice is a political screw up like the slut hillary. A review of her un obligations showed a miserable performance. As I have noted before, she is a opie “suck up” a pure democ”rat” and has skated on the coat tails of bit rat.
    Kerry is no better. Self infected GSW’s for purple hearts. Recall call his bid for pres and the book that come out calling him a fraud..how qickly you forget. Oh recall when he docked his multi-million dollor sailboat in RI trying to avoid MA taxes on the boat? Wow, bet you all forgot that. Bet you he never paid Fecal material always floats to the top after awail, but the stench is still present.

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    @Nan G: #7
    Are the family members of the American survivors asking to see their relatives? If so, why don’t we hear about it on Fox News or the conservative blogs? I know if one of my family members was one of them, I would be on as many shows and blogs that would have me.

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