Obama Rushed To Complete Rule Book On Assassination In Case Romney Won.

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How arrogant must O

bama be? This should fill you in:

The Obama administration worked during the election to formally draft rules governing the targeted killing of terrorists by unmanned drones in an effort to aid a possible transition had Mitt Romney won the presidency.

The president’s team wanted to provide Romney a set of “clear standards and procedures” for drone strikes, a practice that thus far has been the cause of many behind-the-scenes debates, the New York Times reported on Sunday.

While Administration officials openly say that the decisions to carry out drone strikes were both legal and done with great care, there was a sense that rules to govern the use of drone strikes should be institutionalized.

“There was concern that the levers might no longer be in our hands,” one official told the paper.

So let me get this straight. At the moment there are no formal rules governing the assassinations of terrorists by our drones. Why would that be? Because it’s da won, and he is the all mighty, all knowing, messiah who doesn’t need no stinkin’ rules.

But they didn’t want Romney to have the same power because, well, he couldn’t be trusted like the messiah can be.

“There was concern that the levers might no longer be in our hands,” said one official, speaking on condition of anonymity. With a continuing debate about the proper limits of drone strikes, Mr. Obama did not want to leave an “amorphous” program to his successor, the official said. The effort, which would have been rushed to completion by January had Mr. Romney won, will now be finished at a more leisurely pace, the official said.

At a more leisurely pace. How nice.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    MOS 8541

    Really. There are several good reviews out on the rules of targeted killings. More than not neither his staff nor him read them..Guys a piece of crap

  2. 2


    he would not use those killing drones like a snake
    he is too decent for that, and that is not his style of doing the right thing,
    he would give power where it belong, that is like he promises,
    make the military so strong that no one would dare to attack the USA if they know
    out front the consequences, MITT ROMNEY was not a person to hide from responsibility,
    he showed it by his history we already know,
    we don’t know the minimum of OBAMA HISTORY,he conceal it from day one
    and it doesn’t look good for him,
    since all CANDIDATES SHOWED THEIR HISTORY dating from birth to their CANDIDACY
    to the high office, therefor OBAMA never met
    the criterion to be worthy of his position
    and no matter what he does, he never will, because it’s to late.

  3. 3

    MOS 8541

    FYI: This is an excellent review on targeted killings: Guiora, A. (Spring, 2012). In order to ensure that operational counterterrorism be both legal and moral, I propose the following:. Texas International Law Journal, 47(2), 315-336.

    If you want to continue to comment on the above, please read the review-very insightful.

  4. 4


    MOS 8541
    thank you for the info,
    I was thinking that after the EGYPT MOB burned his image, ON 9/11 2012,
    I don’t think that OBAMA will send them other drones from now on.

  5. 5

    Nan G

    If our electorate was so stupid as to not realize Obama loved directing those targeted assassinations via drones and all the rest of what he played at, it is no wonder another world leader believes Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society…..

    Who said:

    “We must seek support in the moral values that have ensured the progress of our civilization. Honesty and hard work, responsibility and faith in our strength are bound to bring us success.”

    He also said:

    “…we are reducing taxes on production, investing money in the economy. We are optimizing state expenses.

    The second possible mistake would be excessive interference into the economic life of the country and the absolute faith into the all-mightiness of the state.

    There are no grounds to suggest that by putting the responsibility over to the state, one can achieve better results.

    Unreasonable expansion of the budget deficit, accumulation of the national debt – are as destructive as an adventurous stock market game.

    Well, surprise.
    It is Vladimir Putin after Obama’s re-election.
    Even HE sees the idiocy of our re-electing Obama!
    In fact, the essay is called Obama’s Soviet Mistake.

  6. 7


    @Nan G:

    Wow, Nan, pushing Pravda (owned by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation) anti-US propaganda and holding up former KGB thug and veritable autocrat Putin as a voice of reason all in another strained attempt to degrade the President of the United States?

    Just curious, do you consider your perspective on Obama to be reasonable?

  7. 13


    no sarcass, I can read you to much for that junk
    this was told by the RUSSIAN PRESIDENT PUTIN,
    the one which OBAMA will tell his secret, as he said after the election he took
    this is so secret for AMERICA to not know, so we are wondering
    what OBAMA want to do for now FOR PRESIDENT PUTIN.
    if you know just let us know, will you?

  8. 15

    MOS 8541

    When was the last time any of the 47% even or ever paid taxes…50% are illiterate the other 50% can not speak english..What do you expect from the 47% unwashed, unshaven, illiterate, welfare persona. NOTHING but a welfare mentality.fdr was a bigger fool than you realize. He was dumber than lincoln.

  9. 18



    Before you get to sanctimonious Tom, the Pravda that exists now is not the same Soviet controlled Pravda of the Cold War.

    I never said it was the same “Soviet controlled” Pravda. I said it was owned by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. If that legitimizes it in your eyes, so be it. Or perhaps that’s immaterial to the salient fact that they criticized Obama, which seems to be the only criteria for legitimacy in some uncritical circles. While you’re over there singing their praises in the comments section, make sure to take a look at some of their other articles on the US, such as “The Ku Klux Klan once again controls Indiana”.

  10. 20

    Nan G

    @MOS 8541: When was the last time any of the 47% even or ever paid taxes…50% are illiterate the other 50% can not speak english..What do you expect from the 47% unwashed, unshaven, illiterate, welfare persona. NOTHING but a welfare mentality.

    I have to tell you….
    We came back from Utah to a completely smoke-filled Los Angeles basin.
    Not because of dirty cars or manufacturing businesses, no.
    STUPID people (probably of that 47%) had fired up wood fires to warm themselves during a cold snap!
    It was smoke, not smog!
    Every bit of it illegal.
    But laws are not for the 47%.
    They don’t have to register their cars.
    They don’t have to carry auto insurance.
    They don’t have to carry a Drivers License.
    LA is a sanctuary city for idiots and illegals.

    Just be one of them and it is all OK.
    If I were caught here, doing any of those things?
    I’d have to pay through the nose!

    CA 2012 results:
    Obama 60%
    Romney 38%
    Tells you everything.

  11. 21

    Nan G

    So, when will ”standards” for drone strikes finally become policy?
    If I read my Obama correctly, it looks like he’s aiming for a January 20th, 2016 start-up date.

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