New Romney ad hurts Obama's feelings [Reader Post]

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Mitt Romney has a new ad running in Ohio

It must be effective as it has made the left is seething mad. Rachel Maddow went off the rails:

Late last week, Mitt Romney ran into a little trouble on one of his biggest vulnerabilities. Campaigning in Ohio, the Republican said he'd seen a story that Jeep may be moving “all production to China.” Romney wasn't telling the truth, as Chrysler itself made clear.

When most candidates get caught telling a falsehood like this, they have decide how best to minimize the damage, possibly with an apology. Romney, however, plays by his own set of rules — he turned the falsehood into a television ad airing in Ohio.

Ed Schultz says it's false.

Bill Clinton said the ad is the 'biggest load of bull in the world'

Former President Clinton and Vice President Biden blasted Republican nominee Mitt Romney over a campaign ad that says Chrysler is moving Jeep production to China because of President Obama's policies.

Worst of all, it hurt Barack's feelings:

“I saw the reports of Gov. Romney's latest ads saying that the president had allowed Jeep to move to China. And so this morning, before [Obama] left Florida, and went back to Washington, he said, 'You know, of all the things that Gov. Romney has said, that probably hurts my feelings the most,' ” Clinton said, referring to the president.

Going to Bill Clinton for the truth is a Hail Mary at best.

And the Obama campaign will run a counter ad:

COLUMBUS — Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt told reporters the campaign will soon have an ad on the air in Ohio responding to a new controversial spot by Mitt Romney that highlights Chrysler contemplating building Jeeps in China.

The Romney ad has been widely criticized for leaving the impression that Chrysler is moving jobs from its Toledo, Ohio Jeep plant overseas. In fact, Chrysler has indicated it is considering opening a new Chinese plant to build trucks for the Chinese market but has no plans to move Ohio jobs to China.

But is the ad false? You decide.

Story #1 from Bloomberg:

Fiat Says Jeep Output May Return to China as Demand Rises

Fiat SpA (F), majority owner of Chrysler Group LLC, plans to return Jeep output to China and may eventually make all of its models in that country, according to the head of both automakers’ operations

in the region.

Fiat is in “very detailed conversations” with its Chinese partner, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. (2238), about making Jeeps in the world’s largest auto market, said Mike Manley, chief operating officer of Fiat and Chrysler in Asia. Chrysler hasn’t built Jeeps there since before Fiat took control in 2009.

Story #2 from Business Week:

Fiat may move all Chrysler production to Italy

To counter the severe slump in European sales, Marchionne is considering building Chrysler models in Italy, including Jeeps, for export to North America. The Italian government is evaluating tax rebates on export goods to help Fiat. Marchionne may announce details of his plan as soon as Oct. 30, the people said.

Jeep is planning on building Jeeps in China for sale in China rather than build them in the USA and sell them in China. Jobs outsourced.

Fiat is considering building Chrysler models, including Jeeps, in Italy. More jobs outsourced.

The ad is correct and the more it incenses the left the better. The whining from the Obama camp is both amusing and ironic given the phony ads it ran and refused to disavow:

Obama Camp Won’t Disavow Ad Tying Romney to Woman’s Cancer Death

Top Obama campaign officials have refused to disavow a controversial and misleading TV ad by the pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA Action, that suggests Mitt Romney had a role in a woman’s death.

The ad, released Tuesday, features former GST Steel worker Joe Soptic of Kansas City, Mo., who lost his job and health benefits when Romney’s Bain Capital shuttered the factory in 2001. Soptic recounts how his wife became seriously ill shortly after “my family lost their health care” and died three weeks later.

“I do not think Mitt Romney realizes what he’s done to anyone, and, furthermore, I do not think Mitt Romney is concerned,” Soptic says. See the ad HERE.

Various fact-checkers has since pointed out that Soptic’s wife did not die until 2006, five years after GST Steel closed, and that she had health insurance coverage through her own employer for part of that time. It’s also unclear whether having insurance coverage through GST Steel would have meant better prevention or detection of the cancer that ultimately killed her.

You can feel the stomach acid pumping as WaPo wrote this:

The ad was carefully worded — it said that Obama “took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy, and sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China.”

That phrasing is technically accurate, since the company is looking at adding new Jeep production in China.

And over at HuffPo Sam Stein was most likely popping the Tums when he had to admit that “The exact language of the ad may fall within the boundaries of truth. ”

I hope it burns. I hope it burns like hell.


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  1. 1

    Nan G

    It must be great to have a tight relationship with Fiat to where you can call them and say, “Stop saying you’re sending Jeep to China!” And Fiat does it….now they say they will build Jeeps in Italy!

    Crony capitalism, Obama loves it.

    And speaking of ads…..
    WHY on earth is Obama buying a whole weeks’ worth of EXPENSIVE ad space on TV in …..MICHIGAN????

    Is Michigan in play???

  2. 2


    Oooohhhh…. What a cute little pouty-face!
    Now, give the spoiled little tyke a cookie and tuck him in…
    Tuck the treasonous little child into a cell in Leavenworth, that is.
    Now I need a Tums…
    A dozen of them…

  3. 3


    Please read paragraph #5 of the Bloomberg story:

    Chrysler currently builds all Jeep SUV models at plants in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Manley referred to adding Jeep production sites rather than shifting output from North America to China.

    They’re talking about building Jeeps in China for sale to the Chinese market, not reducing or ceasing production in the United States. They’ve been expanding production in the United States.

    This was pointed out last week. The Romney campaign began repeating the incorrect information in Ohio radio spots today.

  4. 6



    I’m pretty sure they are clear enough on it. As I said in the other topic, at worst, the Romney campaign could be accused of embellishment. Not lying, like you would have us believe. Objective, you are not.

  5. 7



    How about if the Jeep is built here and exported to China? How about that one?

    I take it you’re for the outsourcing of American jobs since you’re attacking Romney over his attacks on Obama outsourcing American jobs to China or Italy?

  6. 10


    Look, here is the solution to the job problem in the US as until it is addressed, the economy will never pick up.

    1. If a foreign nation wants to sell product in the US they need to have said products made in the US. Numerous Japanese companies do this or have done this in the past. Thus, the foreign nations do have access to the US market and it ensures competition among produces in the US-a hallmark of a free-market economy.

    2. A corollary to #1 above is that if they DON’T build it here they can’t sell it here. Americans are comparatively rich people who have a lot of disposable dollars, thus only a myopic nation WOULDN’T open a manufacturing facility here to gain access to our market (see Japanese companies mentioned in #1).

    This is how you fix the idiotic “Free-trade” system of trade that we have now.

    Anything else is moronic.

  7. 11

    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    @johngalt: Then what’s the problem? Outsourcing? Most auto company’s make their cars in the country in which they are sold—Toyota, Hyundia, BMW, Mercedes, etc. It simply makes business sense to do so when there is a certain market share—ask Romney. So what is this article about? The ad said “moving” facilities to China, as opposed to “building new facilities” in China. Now you might call it “embellishment” (perhaps you should check a dictionary for the ‘connotation’ of this word); I call it “spreading misinformation”—which Romney does a lot—rather than calling it “lying”, since can’t read his mind and know his intention to be deceitful (just like you are likewise unable to discern that characteristic in Obama’s mind, when you call him a liar).

  8. 12


    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):

    A couple of points, Lib1.
    -One, a lie can be with, or without, the intent to deceive, if it includes creating a false or misleading impression. Read the damn dictionary before you spout off about other people’s word usage.
    -Two, on the question of “What’s the problem?”, Ivan answered it best. Try asking him.
    -Three, Romney’s statements are based on factual information. Such as Chrysler, or should I say, Fiat, stating their intention to move some operations to China, specifically the Jeep brand.
    -Four, that “outsourcing” you suggest is being demonized by Obama, about Romney. And yet, one of those car companies Obama “saved”, is moving operations overseas. Outsourcing. I wonder what the actual rank and file of the UAW think about that?

  9. 13

    Common Sense

    @Liberal1 (Objectivity): Misinformation?? OK let’s talk about that and 0-blama. Is the unemployment rate at or below 6% as he told America to get elected? Is the deficit cut in half as he told America to get elected.? These are flat our lies!!

  10. 14


    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):
    Fixated on cars, are you?
    How about:
    Shoes (near-slave labor)
    Telephones, heck, almost all electronics
    Anything that you buy in WalMart?

    I wouldn’t want to force the building of manufacturing over here, though. A lot of smaller manufacturies would not be able to afford that, and we would lose access to their products. Like Marklin, Tillig, and Rokuhan, for example (Hey, I’m a model railroad nut!)

    What I would like to see is a regulation requiring that any import to the USA must meet the requirements for importing USA goods into their nation.

    In Japan, for instance, each USA made car imported must pass a slow, expensive “safety” inspection, which chokes off imports and nearly doubles the price.
    Lets make identical inspections required on each and every car imported from Japan, and see how quickly their restrictions ease.
    And yes, Japan still exports a LOT of cars to the USA. They’re not all manufactured here.

  11. 16


    @Nan G: #15
    Most divisive president ever.
    One advantage of having this treasonous monster as president, however:
    The racist” accusation has been thrown out so much that it has become meaningless.
    The post-Obama meaning of the word “racist”:
    “I am an idiot. Ignore me.”

  12. 17


    You aren’t going to believe anything printed by the propaganda media, are you? They only print stuff that HELPS the liberals. Let’s wait until we find out “The rest of the story,” before we believe these stories. I’m sure they will be printing a retraction as soon as they find out that they ACCIDENTALLY printed the TRUTH.