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The One Is Done

During the Denver debate Obama came off as if he knows the game is over. His body language has been described as disengaged, disinterested, sleepy, off his game, etc. Nonsense. This man simply no longer wants the job. He just had his Roberto Duran No Mas moment.

President Obama doesn’t want to work hard. He just wants to play. He is a delegator which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as those surrounding him pulling the levers are up to the task. Unfortunately, and at great expense of the American people his staff is filled with neophytes who aren’t up to that task.

His skill set as a politician is at best some place between a public speaker and a rabble rouser. He’s never been a leader at any of his career stops. His most recent included. He was never up to the job. Surely he went in with high hopes about his abilities. He seemed to truly believe he could make a difference. It appears that the sheer tidal wave of work involved with the job simply overwhelmed him. He looked like a defeated man.

It has been described in detail how far out of his depth he is as the leader of the free world and it was on display at the Denver debate. He’s been built up to believe in the nonsense that people have been shoveling him for his entire adolescent and adult life. The President fancies himself a man of ideas. His detachment from the concept that his ideas are not palatable is becoming blatantly evident. He is so engrained in his core beliefs that he feels anyone who challenges or debates him ‘doesn’t get it.’ He is jaded and incapable of logically analyzing alternative positions – those contrary to his big state beliefs. He gets indignant and dismissive toward those with differing views. He seems to be suffering and incapable of cogently formulating responses to anyone that doesn’t buy into the great Obama vacuum of hype.

Although he appears to be above average intellectually he has never challenged himself. Nor has he been forced to put the necessary time in to appreciate or understand the incrementally important factor of actually doing the work and how that can unilaterally be a driver for his intellectual side. His id is what has caused him to spiral into an utter failure as a leader and ultimately a failed President. He cannot control his pleasure principal impulses. These impulses coupled with his weak leadership core competencies have shaped him into an idea man rather than a man of action. He is not a deep enough thinker to be a difference maker in the idea man department.

Obama has been handled and coddled. My guess is that his handlers and mentors were blown away that this man ascended to the highest office in the land. I imagine at cocktail parties they are in complete disbelief that Barack Obama, a man of rather ordinary political acumen and of the thinnest resume was able to rise to the office of the President. They are clinking their glasses and saying it was a better run than their wildest dreams.

In the end Obama came off as nothing more than a man child whose self absorption has finally caught up with him. Romney came off as a strong businessman and more importantly a statesman.

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  1. 102

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: Just out of curiosity, who do you think was behind the plot? When I was into the conspiracy theories, my first choice was LBJ because he was power hungry. After that it was the mob because they helped JFK win and then he sent Bobby after them. Not the type of folks you want to renege on a deal with.

    As for Oswald’s shooting abilities, here is a video that addresses that issue. Notice how many times the person can cycle the rifle. He’s a lot faster than 3 rounds in 10 seconds or whatever it was.


  2. 103

    Hard Right

    @Richard Wheeler:

    Thanks for proving you cannot face reality and have no credibility.
    Little FYI, the bullet did not travel the trajectory the conspiracy theorists are claiming.
    It also did not end up pristine. It is flattened along it’s length (oval instead of round). It’s also slightly bent. That is not pristine. Also, oswald’s shooting “feat” has been duplicated several times.
    There was no conspiracy to kill JFK. It was the case of some scumbag getting lucky.

  3. 104

    Richard Wheeler

    A.V. Think Oswald’s documented time in USSR and the Russian personal distain for JFK after Bay of Pigs and botched Castro assassination attempt, make them the most likely suspects.
    Think Mafia hit would be more sophisticated. Think Johnson,although a ruthless Pol, actually liked and respected JFK. Not so RFK who he couldn’t stand.
    Many suggest JFK was looking to pull us out of V.N after re-election in 64. Military Generals very upset with this. Possible motive as Johnson was clearly for escalation.
    Madamn Nhu, wife of V.N Pres blamed JFK for her husband’s recent assassination Powerful woman with motive.
    I wonder if we’ll ever know the truth?

  4. 105

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: You think the Soviets would have risked war, which at the time would have gone nuclear, by assassinating a U.S. President or Castro would have risked being blown off the map for doing the same? As for the other choices, think of the number of people and cooperation it would have had to involve. There would have been a huge risk of someone getting cold feet and blowing the plot, especially with a nutcase like Oswald.

  5. 106



    Who said “long suffering”, Greg? You whine about the extreme hyperbole here, and many times I agree. But then you dash off into leftist LaLa land yourself.

    Again, what I said is that the stock market and real estate – both investments – is an equal opportunity gamble. Both the top 5% and the bulk of American civilian population “make out like a bandit” when it does well, and lose their shirts when it doesn’t. The only difference is when you gamble more, you lose bigger.

    If you don’t see the stupid in here, I’ll have to break it down for you more simply.

    … because the top 5% can afford it;

    As I said, you don’t know the overhead debt of the top 5%, so who the hell are you to make that statement, save either out of jealousy or stupidity. They can also be leveraged to the hilt and their wealth on paper only, gone with the next stock market decline. And it’s none of your business if they aren’t leveraged. Personally, I’d rather seize the estates of every Congressional member’s family since FDR, and apply that to the debt those Congressional sessions created.

    It’s a real no brainer concept, Greg. The people earning the money are not those who are spending the money. Ergo, the debt is the fault of the spenders, not the earners.

    because the top 5% made out like bandits during the Bush era, and have continued to do so through the worst recession in decades.

    See above… equal opportunity gamble. As a matter of fact, since the Bush/Obama/Bernanke bailouts, those making out like bandits during the worst recession in decades are those invested in the stock market, buoyed up by Bernanke and the Fed, and the ECB. So while the top 5% and everyone else vested in the market were still taking a beating on their real estate investments, their pensions and 401Ks were “making out like bandits”, right along with the top 5%.

    Those who aren’t vested in the market? They didn’t gamble, so they didn’t lose anything. If they couldn’t afford to buy a home, they didn’t lose equity. Looks like they are exactly in the same position they’d be with or without a crash… save there’s less of those evil wealthy top 5% you hate to create jobs for them.

    But your buddy and his pal, Bernanke, have gone the extra mile to make sure that we’ll have inflation, so day to day living is more expensive for everyone.

    Why don’t you just go solve your guilt problem, and give a homeless person off the street a room in your house, Greg… and stop trying to spend everyone else’s cash to do the same.

  6. 107

    Richard Wheeler

    A.V. Simple enough to say Oswald was a “nutcase” acting alone but I don’t buy it.

    You gotta love that Pew poll out today that’s got Mitt up 4 points.
    I personally like the one that has West down 9 in FLA.

  7. 108

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: The polls are what they are. They will change tomorrow. Rasmussen is probably the most accurate. They have Romney up by two which means he would win if the election were today. In the same poll, they have Obama’s approval at 50% meaning if the election were today, he would probably win. Same poll, different conclusions.

    As for Oswald, given how you feel about JFK I think you are looking at it more from an emotional standpoint as opposed to the evidence and an analytical standpoint. Perhaps part of you probably doesn’t want to consider that someone of JFK’s stature could have been taken out of this world by a lowlife lone nutcase. It seems too simple therefore it had to be a conspiracy.

  8. 109


    @another vet: I’ve read all the opinions about the JFK assassination in this thread. Let me state my opinion. I don’t know who killed JFK, but one thing I know for sure is Lee Harvey Oswald did not. He was the patsy for who ever did it. It is most likely the mafia that did it. The most convincing fact for that is Jack Ruby wiping out the Patsy so he couldn’t talk and involve the real conspirators. I was in my 20’s when it happened and I have read almost every thing that has been written. So much of it has been pure garbage, written to make a buck. I have been waiting anxiously for Bill O”Reilly’s book, but now I won’t even read it. The reviews I’ve read on it indicate he put absolutely no research into it and just accepts the LH Oswald assassination theory. So it would clearly be a waste of time. I’m not going to re-hash all the things I’ve read over time, but just a couple of things. First, there is no way the kill shot came from behind Kennedy. That eliminates single shooter possibility. There is no way the rifle found is the weapon that fired the shot. (it was in the book depository and shot came from elsewhere) the real involvement of LBJ is that he did all he could to insure it was covered up. I don’t know why, but without his direction and the willingness of J Edgar Hoover, it would not have been covered up. The only thing that comes to mind when I hear about the single, pristine bullet is a silent chuckle. Surely, no one believes that. Surely. I don’t think that anyone is crazy or silly to believe ‘the official theory’ but I think they just haven’t read even the basic evidence against it if they do believe it. All the evidence supports a conspiracy, no evidence supports a single shooter theory. Just couldn’t happen.

  9. 110


    Richard Wheeler
    talking about hate full, why would take liking for ALLAN WEST DOWN 9,
    HE IS WORKING HARD FOR HIS PEOPLE, more than the DEMOCRATS,he is a hero and has shown
    to deserve his position,
    what is wrong with those people, are they for AMERICA? OR AGAINST IT.

  10. 115

    Nan G

    @Richard Wheeler:
    Which poll is that?
    One from 12 DAYS AGO????
    The poll, conducted by Garin-Hart-Yang Research on Sept. 26-27, found that 52 percent of those surveyed support Murphy, compared to 43 percent for West, a Tea Party favorite.
    (Sept. 28?)
    Party registration on the survey was 40 percent Republican, 38 percent Democrat, the rest Independents.
    Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is leading his Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy by as much as 12 points, according to an independent poll released Monday.

    The poll by St.PetePolls.org found that West leads by a margin of 52.6 percent to Murphy’s 40.6 percent, with 6.8 percent of voters being undecided. The poll screened 902 registered voters in Florida’s 18th District and included 350 Democrats, 406 Republicans and 113 Independents. It was conducted Oct. 3-5 and has a 3.3 percent margin of error. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/08/allen-west-poll_n_1949527.html


  11. 116

    James Raider

    @MataHarley: #106,

    ” . . . you don’t know the overhead debt of the top 5%, so who the hell are you to make that statement, save either out of jealousy or stupidity. They can also be leveraged to the hilt and their wealth on paper only, gone with the next stock market decline. And it’s none of your business if they aren’t leverage.

    Boy are you on the mark with this one.

    I have watched some friends, acquaintances, and neighbours who fit the lefty’s idea of the ‘top 5%,’ crash and burn – but there’s usually a big differentiating factor between them and lefty looking for handouts.

    As example, one close friend, a Vietnam Vet raised in cow pastures of the central valley, went from owning an estate in Northern California, plus a home in Carmel, plus 12 cars, plus private limo and chauffeur, etc., who lost everything. Shit happens. He didn’t whine. He didn’t blame someone else. He didn’t go looking for handouts. After he got over the shock, he picked himself up and went at it again, starting from scratch. He hadn’t lost his determination. It took him a few years, but he ‘rebuilt’ stronger than ever. Endless numbers of families have depended on his succeeding for their jobs.

    Some people are just really good entrepreneurs, and it is moronic for the Obama lovers to hate the entrepreneurs who are so needed for a free economy to thrive.

  12. 117


    @ilovebeeswarzone: Bees, ” MARILIN MUNROE” you may be right, I think it all started when Marilyn was bribed to seduce JFK back in ’62. She was bribed by a mafia chief, or someone. Lot’s of people don’t understand how conspiracies work. LHO was one of those.

  13. 119

    Hard Right


    rich has a huge amount of his large ego tied up in believing he and the dems are the “light bringers”. Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe someone who thinks today’s dems aren’t very different from JFK’s dems. Yet rich said and believes exactly that.
    You’ll notice he also can’t accept that his hero got whacked by some pathetic loser, so he makes it a conspiracy. Anyone want to bet money he hasn’t read the Warren Commission report and compared it to what the conspiracy books are saying? I have. There was no conspiracy. Sorry folks.

  14. 120

    James Raider

    @Redteam: #118,

    LOL, . . . but I wasn’t kidding or condescending, he actually was up at 3:00AM from the age of 13 and through his teens to milk cows supporting his family until he turned 18 and landed on the front lines in the jungles of South East Asia.

    I’d never disparage anyone for whom I have such deep respect. That is my mistake and shortcoming in communicating.

  15. 121



    James Raider, it’s good to hear your friend didn’t opt to fly out of a window… not an uncommon thing for the same devastating loss in the Great Depression, or all over the globe even in these times.

    But the economic illiterate ideologues think that paper rich, which is what the IRS and feds use as a measure, and real wealth are the same things.

  16. 122


    wow you really got the solution for paying the DEBT,
    ABSOLUTLY ON YOUR 106, why should the people be hostage of the DEBT incure by OBAMA
    with his bad habit of going into spending sprees here and there, every time he is angry,
    IT’S ANOTHER STORY, I guess,
    I can see you in there restoring discipline, whether they like it or not

  17. 123


    I think you misunderstand the words which are true if you read the whole sentence and the comment
    James Raider gave us, he was right on, no offence meant.

  18. 124


    @Hard Right: raised in cow pastures @Hard Right:” There was no conspiracy. Sorry folks. ” Apparently you haven’t checked into this. Why was the Chicago trip cancelled due to a threat, and why was there an attempted assassination in Tampa, all in the month of November. I don’t recall a travel log of Lee Oswald making trips to those cities, must have been other conspiracy members. But Hard Right, I respect you and your opinion and I won’t argue it further because the only explanation for anyone not believing in a conspiracy is that they just don’t want to believe in one.

  19. 125

    Richard Wheeler

    Nan You confirm my point.It’s ridiculous that polls move 10-12 points over 10-12 days. Why put faith in any of them. Only Nov.6 matters and I’ve been saying THE SAME THING for 2 months or more, it’s gonna be close and decided in Ohio, Va and Fla. Mitt’s gotta win all three.

    btw I predicted 6 months ago Romney would get nom. Aye can also confirm I nailed the outcome of the 2010 House and Senate.

  20. 126


    @ilovebeeswarzone: Bees, I believe it, I was just doing a take off on Andy Griffith’s ‘what it was, was football” they were playing football in a cowpasture and he said ‘ the object was to take the ball from one end of that cowpasture to the other without somebody knocking you down, or stepping in something.”

  21. 127


    @Richard Wheeler: Richard, you meant ” Mitt’s gonna win all three.”
    I agree that ‘legitimate’ polls don’t move 10-12 points in a day, but I also don’t believe polls are accurate or reflect the real direction in the country.

  22. 128


    how funny those two messages connected and trigger the answer,
    I happen to make a couple of similar errors some other times,
    so I watch my step now,

  23. 129

    another vet

    @Redteam: We’ll probably have to agree to disagree on this one. I used to be a big believer in the conspiracy theory until I heard the other point of view and watched the “facts” laid out in “JFK”, which were the basis for most of the conspiracy theories I’ve read, get totally destroyed. Just out curiosity, where do you think the sniper(s) was/were located and if Oswald did nothing wrong, why did he kill a deputy?

  24. 130

    another vet

    @MataHarley: Too bad we couldn’t split the country in two for awhile with one half getting all the evil rich people along with their businesses and the other half getting a Marxist/socialist utopia where everyone essentially makes the same money through the redistribution of wealth. We could then see which system would produce a strong middle class.

  25. 131


    @another vet: snipers located: Roof of Dal-Tex bldg, railroad overpass, behind the fence on grassy knoll and in the manhole. fatal shot from grassy knoll, by most likely a CIA agent. I saw the movie JFK back when it came out and I gave it little or no credibility and no good theory, (that I’m aware of) came out of that movie. Oliver Stone is kind of a nut. I’ve seen no credible evidence that Oswald killed a police officer. I don’t deny that he did, but he had specific orders to follow to mislead the police and may have been a result of that. It’s clear he didn’t shoot a gun in the SBD. Maybe you should look at the book “Someone Would Have Talked” by Larry Hancock. The very first book written about the shooting was “Rush to Judgment” and was primarily written to point out problems with a single shooter scenario. And especially problems with the Warren Report I think the best and most likely series of events were carried out by the CIA aided by Cuban exiles and allowed by the Secret Service. LBJ was responsible for ordering that ‘no conspiracy’ be found.

  26. 132



    another vet, what you describe is called secession. Last time those upstart States tried that, there was a civil war. And this is also a subject that comes back to my post back in April of 2010, talking of a national divorce, grounds being irreconcilable differences.

    But of course, even if it didn’t result in war, we know how it would turn out. The majority of urban centers are on the American coastlines, so the western and eastern seaboard would dominate their grand socialist utopia, while the southern states and fly over country would return to the founding principles. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a non violent divorce at all. And the urban utopia types can keep the debt they’ve run up for their welfare entitlement state as well.

    Since that’s not likely to happen, I’m in the market for an island. It will have a strict immigration policy… by invitation only.

  27. 135

    another vet

    @Redteam: We definitely agree that Stone is a nut. Interesting perspective on where the bullets came from. If you don’t mind I would like to play devil’s advocate just to see if there is something you are seeing that I’m not. If the bullets came from the front as opposed to from behind, you would then have to regard all the frontal wounds as entrance wounds and the rear wounds as exit wounds. Connally was hit in the wrist. His wrist was well below the dashboard meaning that bullet would have had to come from underneath the car and it would have left a bullet hole in the car. His chest wound, which is lower than what would have been the exit wound in his back, was also either below or just barely above the dashboard. For that bullet’s trajectory, it too would have had to been fired through either the car body or the windshield. Lastly, if planning this as a sniper taking fields of fire into consideration, firing from behind had far fewer obstacles than firing from the front. If Kennedy was the target, why place obstacles, i.e. the car and Connally, in front of him? I’d been interested in your thoughts on that. It’s nice to debate something other than politics once in awhile! You are probably the first who has a differing view who has done research into the topic which is why I’m picking your brain. Most just say it was a conspiracy because others said so and they never bothered to examine the facts themselves.

  28. 136

    another vet

    @MataHarley: I had read Williams’ article before but missed your thread. Too bad. I would have definitely chimed in on that one! There would still be ports in the South- Houston, Miami, Mobile, New Orleans, Charleston, Galveston, Tampa etc. A good chunk of our military bases and those willing to serve would be in those areas. In addition, a good chunk of our natural resources would be there. Most likely the evil rich people who own companies would rather re-locate to a much more business friendly environment. The left should be happy about the idea. They could get rid of all the evil rich people, conservatives, the military, the Constitution, and all of those useless natural resources in one shot. How many islands have you checked out?

  29. 137



    If we’re talking cyber shopping for islands, another vet… a lot. One of my favorite sites for dreaming is Private Islands Online… a listing service for nothing but islands all over the world. Problem is, most of these fall under the jurisdiction of various nation states and their laws. So perhaps I should clarify my island demands as also being politically and territorially autonomous.

  30. 138


    @another vet: These opinions are from all the info I have heard/read. you can’t believe much of that, just what fits the ‘known’ details. Kennedy was hit in the back by, most likely, the ‘pristine’ bullet, which apparently only penetrated about 1 to 2 inches and came out of his back onto the gurney. He was hit in the throat from the front. He was hit in the right front temple area, most likely from the grassy knoll.. There were shots that hit the limo that were ‘repaired’ and never considered as part of the evidence. dashboard, floorboard, etc. The easiest shot to make was from the grassy knoll. short distance, correct shooting angle, very short unobstructed view of target, etc. the shooter from the overpass ahead was just in case he got by the others. Firing from behind;, much longer shots, chance of secret service guys on back of car obstructing view (that’s why their cooperation was necessary). The actual sound recordings from the assassination itself contain more shots than the Warren Commission claims. As far as info on the assassination, the warren report may be one of the most useless aspects of the whole thing. It would be okay if it just didn’t contain all the known facts, it’s just that there are so many deliberate falsehoods, thrown in to mislead. There are thousands and thousands of pages of evidence that are slowly released and many never get looked at because so many people ‘just don’t care’. I enjoy this subject and am always open to hearing and filtering new info.

  31. 139

    Nan G

    Romney Leads In All 11 Swing States

    Rasmussen conducts a daily poll of the eleven swing states won by Obama in 2008 and considered competitive today.
    This includes Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.
    Romney has not been in the lead in this poll since Sept. 19.
    As recently as last week, Obama was 4 to 6 points ahead.
    Today, Romney is up by 2, 49-46%.
    In 2008, Obama won these states 53 to 46%.
    Rasmussen calls this swing, “[A] significant change.

    But one thing, when Obama and his Chicago thugs get desperate, they can do anything.
    Thus they attacked Romney over Big Bird this morning.
    Some young-ish voters grew up on Sesame Street.
    This could be a game-chager for some of them.

  32. 141


    Nan G
    I like that, and the people should be told that PBS will still be on with those shows for those who follow it,
    and there are the many YOU TUBE ON ALL OF THEM,
    a long time ago because they are rich enough
    just don’t listen to those who want to incite
    against MITT ROMNEY,

  33. 143


    another vet
    I can tell you I witness SEEING MATA LAYING ON A LOUNGE chair , on a very tiny ISLAND
    big enough to fit only her lounge chair and in the middle of water,
    that was in 2009, on my earlyest comments, I remember commenting
    how brave she was on a too small piece of ice,
    @ MATA ,

  34. 144


    @another vet: OR make sure there is enough water around you so that you dont get left high and dry with that major buildup of ice at the poles. The S pole has the most ice this year that it has ever had. (I’m just laughing at this, everyone has their own theories, this is just one of them)

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