Obama’s New Campaign Slogan – Hope & ‘Can’t Change’

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Did he just lose the Presidency?….cough cough

As he battled Hillary Clinton for the nomination four years back he argued that she was an insider and no insider can change Washington from the inside. They’ve all been corrupted from the inside you see so ch-ch-change! was needed.

Bring an outsider, like himself, into Washington and he would ch-ch-change Washington.

Four years later and he admits that it was all bullcrap.

Hillary was promising change too, but you can’t believe an old establishment hand like her who’s spent 15 years inside the Beltway. Better to trust a young Chicago machine politician who hadn’t achieved anything except a nice speech at the 2004 convention and winning a Senate race in a blue state against Alan Keyes. It was a populist rhetorical gimmick, designed naturally to play off liberals’ apprehensions about the Clinton machine.

Well, the Romney campaign was quick to pounce on his gaffe and told it like it is.

If he’s not up to the task, let’s him return him to the “outside” so he can work for “change” there.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Obama was pretty happy with the corruption on the inside of Washington when he was giving hundreds of millions to his bundlers and banker friends; was he trying to change Washington back then, does he expect cushy do nothing jobs for the rest of his life for rewarding his crony friends? I thought that was the way Washington worked, maybe not so much on a grand scale, but the principle is basically the same.

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    James Raider

    @Skookum: #1,

    When one adds up the tens of billions which this Administration has syphoned from taxpayers, and distributed to its friends, there absolutely no doubt that Obama has led the most corrupt White House in history. His supporters are convinced that the end justifies the means, regardless.

    I notice that the Campaigner In Chief has been mum on the Chinese threat of Japan. This broad-fronted threat is a very serious violation of trade agreements, and is an ultimatum that could totally destroy the Japanese economy – one of its major trading partners. This is a very clear indicator of what this Communist government is prepared to do in order to get its way.

    There appears to be NO Red Line on this one. Obama is silent, and of course so is Europe. Too afraid to draw any lines in that sand. You can’t change Washington, and you can’t change a narcissistic empty suit preoccupied with campaigning.

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    Bringing Chicago Machine politics to Washington has left Obama underwhelmed as to how to deal with corruption on the international scale. He concentrates on awarding contracts and associating with celebrities while U.S. embassies burn and Americans die.

    The world is about to come unlaced and Obama worries about parties and seeing Beyonce and JayZ. America has shortchanged itself. Can an honest man with intelligence and experience reverse this disaster? We better hope he can.

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    The things that a person can change changes. When Obama was running for the presidency, he could “CHANGE” things once he was on the inside. After he got on the inside, the things he could change changed. Now, he has to change things from the outside. He can start after the next election.

    It is going to take a long time to change Obama’s “CHANGE.”

    Change is like money in your purse or pocket: The amount of change changes. We need to find a way to stop change from changing.

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    Tough, isn’t it, Bradley Manning of DaNang, staying on topic when the guy you voted for makes it sooooo damn hard to defend him?

    Obama’s ME policy, and narrative, has fallen apart; DoJ officials are jumping ship over Fast and Furious like rats; the economy is not getting any better and the unemployment rate is still in the tank and Obama is making one gaff after another (rioting for Muslims is “normal”). Maybe you should twitter him and tell him he is making your job of defending the Community [organizer] In Chief really, really hard.

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    Nan G

    Obama’s old transition team leader, John Podesta, has been behind what LOOKED LIKE a Golf-lovers movement to write Republicans and beg them not to make so much fun of Obama’s golf games.
    Obama just trying to change the narrative from within DC and from wherever Podesta is now, and from wherever else he has allies.
    Obama carries 16 clubs instead of the legal limit of 14.
    Obama has a horrid swing.
    Obama has a slice.
    Obama needs a high handicap (even after all those games).
    Obama uses golf to get away from his own family on weekends.

  7. 12

    Hard Right

    @Common Sense:
    We should call him greg jr.
    When he can’t refute (which is 99% of the time), he goes for an off tangent attack. Greg often did the same thing until I and others started calling him on it.
    Another alinskyite it seems.

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    even in the face of every indicator suggesting that Obama’s policies have failed to produce anything but tepid growth that wont’ sustain us, piling up debt we don’t need….Obama says…he’s not going to change or do anything different. He’s paraded one sob story after another on stage to show how bad things are. (who “is” this horrible president who’s allowed all these things to happen the last 4 years that Obama is running against?)

    If you think what Obama has done the last 4 years has identified the issues and problems we have and moved us forward….then you should vote for him. I don’t think there is ONE shred of evidence to support any of that. From the “green shoots” and corner turning to admission from the admin that they had failed to grasp the depth of the issue. The depth of the issue being….how our economy actually works. The same thing repeated over and over…from how they spent the money and on what…to policy, to the legislation DNC passed, to our embassies ablaze. Over and over….uh…we failed to understand the depth of the issue we were trying to address.

    Caught with their pants down over and over, they just turn around and point to someone else and bark hoping you’ll not accurately recall what was said before. Or suggest that it was all the way that they found it (disregard what they did with it after). Yea…they got left a car that ran out of gas. Instead of putting gas in the car…they set it on fire, and rolled it off a cliff watching it tumble all the way to the bottom. Then looked up with the straight face and said….look what you did. The people who buy that are sheep.

    What Romney said in response to a question from audience member about how he was going to convince liberal progressives to vote for him is absolutely true…..they aren’t going to . Is that supposed to shock anybody? The vision they have for america as being dependent upon gov for everything from cradle to grave….is not going to ever vote for someone who suggests we need to take a different course. I laugh when I see my liberal friends posting snipes about it …ie., Romney throwing away 47% of america. hahaha. Yea…like YOU were going to vote for him till he said that. The point that our liberal friends missed…is…under Obama’s leadership…we have the worst employment situation, more people on welfare, more people dependent upon gov because they can’t find work…and we CANNOT sustain this….and CERTAINLY should not be seeking to GROW it! The point being…lets find those people “jobs”….so they can pay taxes…so they can be productive, own property, and be participating members of society. YOu can’t have a growing economy to support families, a strong middle class, and retain the entitlement commitments we “already” have for the future with nearly 1/2 the people in this country underemployed, not paying taxes and heavily dependent upon gov for their day to day needs.

    What kind of economy is that? Are Obama and Liberals actually “proud” that beyond the average 10-15% of disabled, etc. who can’t work that need help that the rest of the 47% of working poor in this country don’t have a job that pays enough money for them to even pay taxes, raise a family, and that they are dependent in some way on gov for day to day living? Is “that” morally responsible? Anybody who would hold that up as an accomplishment of some kind is a fool. The president talks a good game…wants to grow the middle class..he’s for the little people, etc…but his policies are destroying any chance you (or your kids) will have to get out of that hole. If you are happy in that hole? So be it. Vote for him cause you’ll get free stuff.

    You can’t even support liberal agendas without money..and you can’t increase your tax base by growing dependency upon gov. EVEN if you took every single penny of wealth from everybody who made over 250k a year…it would not be enough to pay our current bills for a week! It’s not that hard to understand. We have to “Grow” our way out of this…and even by Obama’s admission….he hasn’t had a good growth record during his first 4 years. And he suggests..even though it’s bad…at least its in the right direction…and so he’s going to “CONTINUE” doing what he’s doing to hope that in some magical way…things will just change and the outcome will be different. (the definition of insanity). The president is big on touting his “jobs created number”. But, he had not mentioned the jobs that were “lost” under his reign. He’s got net “negative” job growth thus far (ie., we have somewhere over 100k fewer jobs today than when he started in office (ie., what he inherited).

    In so far as 47% not voting for Romney..I personally think that the number is actually HIGHER. But, really, lets set this strawman on fire and put it to bed….I don’t know “any” progressive/liberal people who were EVER seriously considering voting for Mitt Romney for any number of reasons….but the main one being he’s a republican! Lets not kid ourselves that these people were actually considering voting for Mitt until he made the 47% remark. They weren’t going to vote for him anyway. Puhleeze. No..all this is is to convince independents who might be swayed…that their interests lie elsewhere. The truth is..there are so few people even from the start…to be swayed…that the election is going to come down to turn out. About half the country already knows they are going to vote for Obama “regardless” of what he says…or does or if ALL of our embassies go up in flames. The other half is going to vote for Romney regardless of the gaffs, gotchas and comparisons of him to everyone from Bush to Richard Nixon. Lets not try and pretend otherwise. I dont’ find Romney’s 47% remark will have any impact or bearing on this….any more so than Obama’s similar comment about bitter clinging to bibles and guns remark did. Or the common liberal reference to “fly over states” that writes off large swaths of this country…particularly of religious /conservative people who they believe should not be allowed to vote.

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    James Raider

    @Dc: #14,

    There are obviously numerous groups making up the Obama support crowd, . . . . from those who are consciously and willfully dependent on the government for sustenance, to the other end of that spectrum which includes the majority of the wealthy-Hollywood-I-am-politically-correct-but-stupid bunch. Other than those financially ‘dependent’, the rest are the very extreme definition of “Progressive,” and will never vote for a Republican.

    The reason I differentiate between the groups within the Obama support crowd, is that the wealthier, controlling and influential segment of his machine, including 90% of the MSM, attempt to keep the people they govern, STUPID and IN THE DARK. They have no respect for those who look to them for leadership. They point to ‘outside’ forces, such as the “rich,” as being the enemy that must be guarded against, just like the Ayatollahs and Mullahs in Iran point to the Great Satan outside its borders to bolster their own power base. Obama will be the knight riding in on a white horse who will take from those greedy ‘rich’ and distribute to the needy. The message sells well obviously. Guys like Jessy Jackson and Al Sharpton have used such tactics to gain personal power and influence, all-the-while, suppressing their own communities, rather than up-lifting them and inspiring them toward independence of thought and toward greater accomplishments.

    Obama and Jarrett are in the business of growing mushrooms.

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    Nan G

    Obama is used to only getting softballs.
    You can tell how shocked he is at the 23-second point when the camera switches to a close-up of his face.
    Those eyes!
    The only time I recall eyes like those on Bill Clinton was right when he was asked about ”the cigar.”
    During his Lewinsky grilling Bill was doing all right until that point.
    He had ”those eyes” at that point, too.
    I mean ONLY Monica could have told them about ”the cigar!”
    He knew he was toast.
    ~1:20 on this:

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    @Dc# 14 – You’ve got a lot of valid points and a lot of Americans ‘get it’….

    Did you ever feed the Birds using a bird feeder?

    All kinds of birds are attracted to the ‘freed stuff’ in that bird feeder….it’s helping the little buggers get through a “tough time” [winter]…but, now Birds as big as crows…even small four legged mammals [squirrels] are coming around to get that free stuff…..

    ….now EVERYBODY wants that FREE STUFF…..now your putting out MORE FOOD….it’s costing you a lot MORE MONEY and it’s creating a real MESS… they are all fighting over the free stuff…they are loud and boisterous… you cannot enjoy your life…your own stress level is rising with all the racket..so what do you do to restore the calm…. and clean up the mess…save some money and your sanity in the process??

    Take away the Bird Feeder!!! The hand out is over!!

    Calm is restored and the little buggers have gone off….they are now using their God given resources to help themselves…

    ..and guess what??? They are all doing just fine… they WILL survive…

    There are always exceptions… Our Elderly, Physically Handicapped or disabled, those with mental illnesses, and the destitute….

  12. 18


    @Nan G: #10
    So, we find out that Obama plays golf like he plays the country: He don’t worry about no stinkin’ rules, and the shots don’t go where he wants them to. I’ll bet his score card for golf is as high as his self-graded score card for the country. He follows the rules of golf like he follows the rules for leading a country.

  13. 19


    @FAITH7: #17
    I bought a bird feeder and haven’t hung it out yet. The good thing is that it is for hummingbirds ONLY. I am guessing that they will be the only ones who can get to the sugar water in it. A hummingbird feeder would be a good example of helping just the ones a person wants to help.

  14. 20

    Hard Right

    I used to have a picture from back when obama tried to get the Olympics brought to America. It showed a runner in the “steeple chase” striking a hurdle face first. The caption was “No I Couldn’t” and the number on his chest had been PhotoShopped to an “O” with the Olympic rings on it.
    His Unavison interview reminded me of that.

  15. 22

    Nan G

    Obama may claim he hasn’t changed things …. but he has.
    He just doesn’t want us talking about any of them.

    Here are the ten bad economic indicators Obama has either not helped improve or made worse:

    1. Unemployment rate

    Despite his promise that the nearly $1 trillion 2009 economic stimulus would get America working again, the unemployment rate has been above 8 percent for 43 straight months.

    2. Job creation

    At the Democratic convention, Obama was quick to praise himself for having presided over the creation of 4.5 million jobs “over the last three and a half years.” The only problem is that he doesn’t include the jobs lost in the recession earlier in his term. A true reading of job creation under Obama shows a net gain of only several hundred thousand and he has the worst record on growing employment of any president since World War II.

    3. Economic growth

    Remember the “recovery summer” that Joe Biden promised in 2010? Or how Obama’s stimulus package was going to get the economy moving with all those “shovel-ready” jobs? The latest GDP report showed anemic 1.7 percent growth in the second quarter as any short-term benefit from Obama’s fiscal shot-in-the-arm has faded and now the nation is facing the possibility of a double-dip recession.

    4. Food stamps

    The one area of growth that Obama has presided over is the explosive increase in food stamp participation. When he took office in January 2009, fewer than 31 million Americans received food stamps. Now one-out-of-seven Americans are on them.

    5. Household income

    Considering that consumer spending constitutes the bulk of the nation’s gross domestic product, the loss in household income bodes ill for future economic growth. Families have seen their average income drop from $54,916 to $50,969 during Obama’s presidency.

    6. Gas prices

    In 2009, when Barack Obama was inaugurated president, the price of gasoline was $1.81 per gallon. Since then it has more than doubled, nearing $4 per gallon. Obama’s reluctance to fully develop domestic oil resources and the delay of the Keystone pipeline contribute to the supply-and-demand problem.

    7. Work-force participation

    The August unemployment report contained a somber statistic: some 581,000 Americans have dropped out of the work-force and stopped looking for a job. The same report showed only 91,000 jobs were created in the month. With the number of Americans in the workforce—either having a job or looking for one—falling to 63.5 percent, the lowest in over 30 years, that kind of job creation doesn’t come close to keep up with the nation’s population growth.

    8. Manufacturing jobs

    At the Democratic convention in Charlotte, Obama made the ridiculous pledge that he would create one million manufacturing jobs in a second term and double the nation’s exports. Of course, he didn’t say how he was going to do that or, if it was so easy, why he didn’t create some in his first term. On the contrary, the September jobs report from the Labor Department showed the nation losing 15,000 manufacturing jobs last month..

    9. Inflation

    The consumer price index rose 0.6 percent in August and with severe drought in many parts of the United States, food prices are likely to take a price hike. And with the Federal Reserve starting to pump many billions of dollars into the money supply through its QE3 plan, the value of the dollar will erode.

    10. Poverty

    One area of growth during the Obama Era is in the number of Americans who have fallen into poverty. Since Obama took office, the number of people officially living in poverty—defined as an annual income of $23,021 for a family of four—topped 15 percent and increased from 39.8 million to 46.6 million. Those numbers will likely grow in a second term since his policies are more aimed at giving handouts than creating a positive climate for job creation.

  16. 23

    James Raider

    @Nan G: #22,

    #4, #5, and #10, are unfortunately the worse kind of “trailing indicators” on the economic health of the Nation, and therefore on its overall health. These aren’t minor blips on long term trends, these represent calamities for millions of families.

    The MSM has done a masterful job of suppressing these critical elements from getting to the forefront of voters’ consciousness.

    The media has used up the geothermal space with idiocies and non-sense on Romney, or with the latest Hollywood gossip. And they’ve lied.

    I find it hateful, spiteful, and malicious that this Administration with help from Reid-types and the media, speak to those who are included in your above noted segments, and provoke feelings of resentment, blame, anger, and jealousy, toward “the rich”. Who is “the rich”? Obviously, it’s anyone earning more than you are. Anyone.

    The country is in serious and urgent need of a President who INSPIRES people to achieve, rather than one who foments resentment.

  17. 24

    Nan G

    We’ve all noticed Obama’s over-use of the fallacies of the straw man and the bandwagon.
    Lately he’s also taken to simply mocking his opponent for having a different viewpoint thanb his own.But also lately he & his media have been re-writing history.
    Like, WHEN did Obama take office????
    1. Obama presided over the smallest increase in spending of any President since Eisenhower. (?????)
    Only IF….You don’t count a penny spent during all of 2009…..

    2. “Fast and Furious” started under President Bush. (????)
    “Fast and Furious” started with a DoJ teleconference on October 29, 2009.
    (Notice it is ABC News!)

    3. Chris (thrill up the leg) Matthews:
    “Unemployment was well past 10 percent” when Obama took office. (????)
    FACT: Unemployment only reached 10 percent once, in October 2009.
    Unemployment has not been “well past 10 percent” since 1982-83.

    Nope all of these lies are to try to minimize Obama’s failures by putting them all on Bush.
    Obama was President from late January 2009.
    These three are all ON HIM!

  18. 25

    Richard Wheeler

    NanG You consistantly rail agaist Obama Why? Under BHO Your stock portfolio is UP 40 percent. Your gold is UP 70 percent.
    You have NO mortgage
    Life is GOOD.

    Exit Question Why are you still in Long Beach?

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