Breaking News! President Obama Was Born In 1890, Well The Person Who Originally Owned His Social Security Number Was

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President Obama may have a more serious problem for reelection in Ohio than Mitt Romney. A 70 something private investigator has her ducks all in a row and it looks impressive.

Susan Daniels, filed suit on July 2 in the Geauga County, Ohio, Common Pleas Court demanding Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State, remove President Obama’s name from the ballot until the president can prove the legitimacy of his Social Security Number.

Daniels has run thousands of SSNs for former clients; she knows her business and has documented every detail. She insists:

Barack Obama has repeatedly, consistently, and with intent misrepresented himself by using a fraudulently obtained Social Security Number.

Daniels has become a valid write-candidate for president, thus she is eligible to make the challenge, according to Ohio Law.

Ms Daniels began her investigation in August of 2009. She has accessed a variety of proprietary databases, because of her Private Investigator’s licensure.

It is public knowledge the 042 prefix on a SSN designates the state of Connecticut for registery. President Obama has been using a 042 SSN since 1986. Ms Daniels ran ten sequential numbers in alignment with the president’s number and found they were all issued between 1977 and 1979 in CT. The numbers flanking the president’s SSN indicate the President’s number was issued during March of 1977.

In March of 1977, President Obama was 15-years old and living in Hawaii. There is no record of the President ever visiting Connecticut during this period of his life. To qualify for a SSN, an applicant must show up for a “mandatory in-person interview.” The president’s sister, Maya, has a legitimate Hawaii SSN, issued from the state of Hawaii.

From the database of the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles, Ms Daniels discerned the president used the same SSN to obtain a driver’s license, while attending college and has used the same number for filing taxes for 2009.
During the research, Daniels kept coming into a “marked anomaly,” multiple birthdates for the same person. The 08/04/1961 and 04/08/1961 was reasonable, but the frequent appearance of the year 1890 seemed suspicious.

Daniels feels the anomaly arises from the fact that the president’s SSN was originally issued in March of 1977 to a person born in 1890.

This assertion can be verified; the Social Security Administration maintains on microfilm a copy of all original SS-5 applications and their appropriate numbers. Daniels has been denied access to those records.

Consequently, Daniels filed suit:

“Defendant Husted, through this filing,” she argues, “has been made aware that the Democratic Candidate has been using a fraudulent Social Security Number, which would render Barack Obama ineligible under both the Ohio and U.S. Constitutions.”

She has asked the court to issue an injunction to prevent President Obama’s appearing on the ballot, until it is determined he is using a legitimate SSN.

Judging from the response of other courts, it is unlikely Daniels will receive justice for her efforts in Geauga County or from the Republican Secretary of State, but she has established a legitimate paper trail, a matter of record that will be hard for even the Conservative media with RINO sympathies to ignore.

The MSM or the president’s propaganda bureau cannot be expected to acknowledge the research; since it so far beyond their job description, but the research has been done and it raises the legitimate question, “Who is this man and why is he an enigma?”

The questions will never go away, until they are answered. They only cause Americans to lose faith in the system and the politicians and bureaucrats running the system.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has a personal website featuring his personal writings and historical novel type stories.

74 Responses to “Breaking News! President Obama Was Born In 1890, Well The Person Who Originally Owned His Social Security Number Was”

  1. 51

    Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    @Jason: How many SSNs do you have Jason? One is the legal number. If you had two accounts, would you be able to draw SS from both of them? If you think that is legal you have your head up your arse.

  2. 53


    Thanks for the link, Sarah. It is an excellent contribution, but most of all, it makes the Obma apologists look like bald faced liars.

  3. 54

    Larry Uloth

    skook you need to change “lose faith” into “lost faith” in our govt….I am dearly afraid that I am not alone…
    oh well time to clean my weapons again…ya never know when ya might just need them.

  4. 56

    Mr. Irons


    You are still ignorant:

    When the program first started, those orginal numbers issued to people born before the program started were the same numbers reprinted on new cards as the system was updated and reissued to the (follow along here) same person that number belonged to.

    Having multiple, legal or otherwise, different numbers to a single person is a Federal offense and is considered ID Fraud that can nail you big time in federal prison and/or big fines ontop of it. A new number can be issued but only under direct and dire situations and the previous defunct number is never issued out to another Citizen. Once it is used, and the person dies or needs the number terminated due to ID Theft it can not be used legally by another person ever. There is no recycling of numbers once someone is deceased.

    I went though this whole damn song and dance of having my Social Security checked out for varioius ITAR job duties I’m now doing. If you need to understand what ITAR is:

  5. 57


    @Mr. Irons:

    Clearly the “many people” Jason is referring to are former felons, illegal immigrants & identity thieves. You know. The same pool of voters that Holder’s Justice Department is fighting for.

  6. 58


    @Budvarakbar: Exactly!

    Even that event appears to be ‘unreal'; michelle obama never found it important enough to go and see her inlaw? At the same time, obama disappeared for 48 hrs in Hawaii, no record of what he did or why he was there. Shortly after that he ‘supposedly’ went to the funeral of madeleine dunham and, no grave exists?

  7. 61


    and after he won 2008 , he send HILARY TO KEMYA,
    on a diplomatic secret task,
    did anyone learned why.

  8. 62



    Bees, like most SCOTUS decisions, they are a mixed bag. In the case of AZ, the biggest question was whether law enforcement had a right to ask for immigration papers during a normal police stop. The SCOTUS said yes, they do… so the AZ case isn’t the failure you believe. I read the case and the other three issues were sufficiently explained… nor were they the largest question.

    The problem with AZ is the decision was good, but Obama’s Homeland Security and DOJ stepped in and made it a moot point by saying they will be ignoring calls from AZ law enforcement INRE illegals they find, and they are discontinuing their cooperation program. So it was a win with SCOTUS, but the Obama WH just cut them off so that the win would mean nothing. The law enforcement can check IDs all day long, finding illegals… but the Obama HSA and DOJ has told them they don’t give a crap.

  9. 63



  10. 64

    Don, PhD

    The boy in the WH is illegal. The fact that he passed an exec order HIDING his records proves quite clearly that he has something to hide, contrary to his statement Apr 2, 2011 – “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” – Barack Hussein Obama. The trail of events clearly prove his agenda and that is to destroy America and beat Americans down to the lowest level ever. I’d like to ask all of you intelligent people, blacks NOT included because they voted for him simply because he is black, but why the hell did you vote for a jr senator w/4 yrs experience? someone you never heard of? Why? How will you help save America? 32 years US Army Veteran and I’d do it again because I believed in America…………, I don’t believe in America at the present rate and with 99% of all politicians being liars, becoming millionaires and where the hell are they getting all this money?

    I hope you people realize you have a mob/gangsters running the USA. And if they don’t like you, or you’re getting too close to exposing them, POOF………’re gone mysteriously. They MURDER you. Now we have drones, NDAA, wiretaps, snooping, illegal laws and the US Constitution is nowhere in sight.

    Roberts was bought, or threatened.


  11. 65


    Don, PhD
    YES SR, very scary, and the borders bring in his friends with the same mindset,
    the one you where fighting,

  12. 66


    @Zelsdorf Ragshaft III: @Jason: Jason, I lost my card a long time ago. When they issued me a new card after I had filled out the new application they gave me the same number.

    I think someone here is full of stuff that stinks.

    I’ve been trying to make that point, but nobody seems to listen.

    Years back, when SSNs were issued from local offices, it wasn’t unusual for people who lost their original Social Security card to get a new number by mistake when they went in for a replacement. This was particularly common with kids who got numbers early in life for summer jobs, etc, then misplaced their card. It often happened simply because a wallet was lost or a card went through the wash. If you don’t believe that, call any Social Security office and ask how often multiple numbers come up. Or read How Many Social Security Numbers Do You Have? Around 20 million Americans have had multiple Social Security Numbers.

  13. 69

    Mr. Irons


    And if you read what you posted and linked to, the SSN issue is mostly coming from clerical errors of Credit bureaus mis-keying a person’s SSN to a credit file, they were not issued these numbers by the Government. A leap of conclusion there.

    As for the orginal topic at hand, a Hawii Prefix range from 575-576 and grouping 750-751 and since Obama’s birth certificate is in Hawaii and how the SSA is written in law that his Social Security number should be within one of these prefix groupings. Connecticut’s grouping is 040-049 prefix and is issued to only people born within the State borders or are sworned in as Citizens within that State’s Border.

  14. 70

    Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    @Jason: No they don’t Jason. You have no data to back up that claim. When those people get old enough to draw social security, which account do they draw on? I think maybe you, Jason, have multiple personalities. All defective.

  15. 72



    I laughingly reject a this so called ‘evidence’ (propaganda) from a a self described Obamabot (James A. Johnson aka William L. Bryan aka P.J. Foggy,):

    ‘There isn’t much point to denial,’ source says of White House-linked James A. Johnson

    A radical Obama supporter who organizes an “Obama-Robot” website has admitted in online posts that WND correctly identified former chairman of Fannie Mae chairman James A. Johnson as the group’s White House-associated ring-leader. William L. Bryan, who posts under the username “P.J. Foggy,” is the organizer of, a self described “OBOT,” or “Obama-Robot” website. On his weekly “Reality Check Radio” broadcast July 21, Bryan began the show by acknowledging the veracity of the WND report.

    “As far as I know [WND] got the boss,” he said. “There just isn’t much point to denial.”


    As previously reported, Hale told WND he spoke with JimBot numerous times on the telephone and that JimBot insisted he was a Washington, D.C., Democratic Party insider who directed OBOT activity in the Foxbow community from his office across the street from the White House.

    JimBot further told Hale that he paid as many as 100 OBOTs in a disinformation campaign aimed at people questioning Obama’s eligibility to be president.

    Top anti-‘birther’ confirmed to be ex-Fannie Mae chief

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