The Obama Supporters Are Quickly Disappearing

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I thought if you don't vote for Obama you're a racist?

I'm sure we will get Jeb Bush any moment now calling him an extremist.

Well, we all know Obama Girl is an extremist right?

If Obama Girl isn't gaga over Obama anymore you have to know the party is over.

I kid of course. She matters not one whit in this election or the last but you know what does? Donors:

Percentage decrease in donors who gave $200 to Barack Obama in 2008 but have not yet in 2012, by state. The darkness of the state corresponds to the percentage of drop-off donors. (BuzzFeed/Ky Harlin)

As Mitt Romney's campaign fundraising gathers steam, boosted by huge contributions to allied groups, President Barack Obama is unexpectedly struggling to keep pace — and he may be having the hardest time in the mountainous west, where moderate Democrats have made deep inroads in recent years.

As BuzzFeed reported last week, 88% of donors who gave $200 or more to Obama in 2008 have yet to give that amount to his campaign this cycle.

A deeper analysis of campaign finance data shows that the west has seen an especially high level of drop off in Obama donors. Oregon topped the list with a 91% decrease in donors giving at least $200—the amount required for contributions to be individually reported—and Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho were close behind.

And all those kids who loved themselves some Obama? They're none too happy:

Obama seems to have transformed the cohort of 18- to 29-year-olds, a whopping 66 percent of whom preferred him over John McCain, from passionate voters who thought Obama really did offer change they could believe in, into people feeling, in the words of veteran political analyst Charlie Cook, “disappointment and disillusionment.”

Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg recently found Obama leading Romney among these same voters just 55 percent to 43 percent. And focus groups of young undecided voters in Ohio and North Carolina, conducted by the Republican organization Resurgent Republic, found them unhappy with the direction of the country, skeptical about an improving economy and deeply disappointed with the president. He “promised the moon,” one young voter told pollsters, “and couldn't even deliver the upper atmosphere.”

Black's voting for Romney, media seeking Obama lovers not feeling it anymore, young Obama voters disillusioned, and donors leaving The One in droves….who's to blame?

Let's blame Germany.


Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Nan G

    Swing state conservatives are reporting that Obama is running those TAXPAYER-paid ads for how you, too, can probably qualify for Food Stamps!
    I saw a bit of the ad and it is smarmy!
    The woman asks, But I have a job.”
    The announcer say, doesn’t matter.
    Then she adds, “I OWN my own home!”
    He says, that’s OK.
    She also points out that she has a car.
    It doesn’t hurt her chances.
    She should apply.
    That’s the only real way to know if she can get some help.

    And WE are paying for this.

  2. 4

    Common Sense

    This guy is far far too smart to be a member of the Democrat Party. It’s no wonder he switched.

  3. 5

    Hi Curt (Off topic): What do you think of using drones to catch speeders on the Freeways?

    I can see some value; it snarls traffic when a speeder gets pulled over. Additionally, it endangers the law enforcement officer. A circling drone could easily pick out the egregious offenders; shoot videos/snap license plate and driver photos, and so on. I think it would be both cheap and effective. I say this as a repeat offender, speeding-wise.

    – Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach CA

  4. 6


    Good for him! He seems like a guy trying to make a better life for himself…Perhaps this guy was always a [closet] conservative, it just took 4 years of an OFraud to make him realize it, then actually do something about it.

    The socialist/communists have been trying to hijack the democratic party…they use to call some in the democratic party ‘blue dogs’ – more fiscally conservative democrats with a social leaning ….the blue dogs now most likely feel they have been sold out by the party that keeps moving waaayyy left.

    From what we hear and see of the ‘left’ the party has turned itself into a major freak show….many of these freaks who were ‘created’ by the left…

    I keep saying there are so very many Smart/Intelligent Americans [Democrats] who see straight through this OFraud phony…and the socialist ideology, victim mentality of the left…. they reject it!!

    Funny thing about being a fraud, you get found out, sooner or later you get found out…

    A finger is pulsing on the reset button of America….

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    Wm T Sherman

    How one feels about drones for speed limit enforcement partly depends on how aware one is that the main motiviation for ticketing these days is the revenue that it brings to the government. They keep raising the fines and it’s not for public safety.

  6. 8

    Common Sense Drones to enforce speeding could provide benefit as you have identified. I guess the question would be one of cost and benefit. California doesn’t have the revenue to manage their current expenses. Of course if spending was brought under control then maybe we would have. At this time we waste billions with respect education, medical care, and law enforcement directed towards illegals. Granted, our failed economy has gone a long way to reduce this drain but still we look the other way and keep spending (or should I say keep buying votes).

  7. 9

    Brother Bob


    Larry W: Welcome back! I’ve missed your comments – greg and liberal(objectivity) have been driving us nuts with their obnoxious comments. Looking forward to having a smart lefty to disagree with me again!

  8. 10

    Hi Bob, Although my politics haven’t changed much, as a long time opponent of public sector unions (and equally long term supporter of private sector unions), and as someone who thinks that election results should be honored, I was glad to see Walker turn back the recall attempt in WI. Thanks for the kind greeting! – Larry W/HB

  9. 12

    another vet back! I thought maybe you were doing some work on the new prostate cancer drugs that are coming out. For the most part, ditto on the unions although my experience in one left a real bad taste in my mouth.

  10. 13


    administrator Hey there Larry. I guess it depends on the cost. It’s kinda like the cameras, if it’s cheap then I see no reason not to but speeders will still be pulled over by those out in the field. They won’t replace them. Most cities have dedicated traffic guys, or you have whole departments that are solely based on traffic (CHP) so they will still do traffic stops. So if your intention is to add a new tool then cool, but if your intention is to stop field units from doing traffic stops for speeders then it won’t happen.

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    another vet

    You know he is losing supporters when the liberal Washington Post dimes him out for lying about those teacher numbers he quoted last week. And those exit polls that his minions were frequently quoting last week that had him up by 7 in Wisconsin were a little off as well. The latest Rausmussen poll released today has Romney up by 3. Ooops.

  12. 16


    Different times I have said that the democrat’s philosophy is, “We don’t have to fool all of the people all of the time. We only need to fool enough of them long enough to get elected.” It looks like they can’t fool the same people again.