Romney: Obama Knew ObamaCare Would Slow Down The Recovery But Passed It Anyway

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Damn right:


I saw something that I thought was pretty disturbing. A book that was written in a way that's apparently pro President Obama, written by a guy name Noam Scheiber, and in this book he says that there was a discussion about the fact that ObamaCare would slow down the economic recovery in this country. And they knew that! Before they passed it. But they concluded that we would all forget how long the recovery took once it had happened. So they decided to go ahead.

The idea that they knowingly slowed down our recovery in order to put in place ObamaCare, which they wanted, and they considered historic but the American people did not want or considered it historic, is something I think deserves a lot of explaining.

Byron York:

As Scheiber put it, Obama saw health care as a bigger long-term accomplishment. “There was a strain of messianism in Barack Obama, a determination to change the course of history,” Scheiber wrote. “And it was this determination that explained his reluctance to abandon his presidential vision.” So health care it was…

So when our President should of been working his ass off to bring down unemployment and hurry a recovery along he instead put all of his energy into getting a piece of legislation passed that would put him in the history books.

All about him.

Narcissistic to the core and we all payed for it.

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    Hard Right


    Ummm greg, the statists like obama and their close “friends” will be the only ones getting rich. Furthermore, they will be doing so off the “creativity and efforts” of others. Think of the Federal govt. as the biggest and most ruthless corporation out there who WILL suck the prosperity and money away from the average Joe. I know you are ok with that provided it’s the left getting rich and crushing the rights of others.

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    A total chameleon, I’m telling you.

    When in front of a French audience, he starts transforming into a Frenchman. It’s automatic. He can’t control it. Observe the telltale signs! His tie becomes crooked. His suit begins to become oversize and rumpled. Even his hair has started turning French. Sixty more seconds, and he would have been able to play the accordion.

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    Speaking of chameleons Greg, how about Obie’s membership in the socialist New Party?

    You likely won’t want to discuss that though will ya?

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    @Aye, #29:

    I don’t really have anything to add to the discussion, other than the observation that people around here seem to think anyone politically to the left of Ayn Rand meets the description of a socialist.

    I might take Stanley Kurtz more seriously if he actually presented some documentation, rather than just repeatedly claiming he has it. The links referring to “evidence” spread out, circle around, and ultimately lead to nothing at all except more allegations–unless the little old lady Obama has his arm around in the photo is a known communist agitator or something.

    It also might help Stanley’s credibility if he got rid of the Groucho Marx eyebrows.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Greg #30 Be wary of the F.A. cultists who worship at the alter of Ayn Rand.

    Is Stanley Kurtz related to Col.Kurtz?

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    @Greg: You said:

    You can vote for a Gordon Gekko chameleon if you want. I know who and what I’m voting for.

    Big surprise there, you’re voting for the guy whose picture you light candles to, in the alter of your living room – The Anointed One.

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    Hard Right

    I will say it again for you greg.
    Ummm greg, the statists like obama and their close friends will be the only ones getting rich. Furthermore, they will be doing so off the creativity and effortsâ of others. Think of the Federal govt. as the biggest and most ruthless corporation out there who WILL suck the prosperity and money away from the average Joe. I know you are ok with that provided it’s the left getting rich and crushing the rights of others.

    You are too corrupt to care that the people you lie about being for are the ones who will be victimized.

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    another vet

    For starters, here are four links to archives with news releases from the New Party, not some “right wing” web site, that show Obama’s involvment with them. The middle two links clearly refer to him as a member of the New Party. Naturally, physical evidence such as this will be dismissed by the Obama worshippers because their beliefs carry far more weight. People interested in the evidence presented here best save the links. They will no doubt be removed if they haven’t been already.

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    @Chuck Rogers:

    Scheiber recently wrote that Romney is “misreading” his book. But Scheiber’s explanation essentially conceded that Romney is, in fact, reading the passage correctly. ‘While he’s definitely misrepresenting Summers and the administration, there’s a kernel of truth to his interpretation of my book,” Scheiber wrote. “I argue that Obama really was more focused on long-term, historically significant accomplishments than marginal, near-term differences in the pace of the recovery. On some level, Obama was prepared to accept (and I’m making up these numbers for argument’s sake) three years of painfully high unemployment with health care reform rather than 30 months of painfully high unemployment without it. And the reason is the one Summers alluded to (before disputing): Health care was simply more historically important than avoiding those extra six months of pain.”

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    @another vet, #34:

    What does involvement imply, that Stanley Kurtz finds so damning?

    At link #1 I found a short bio of Obama, along with an endorsement of his senate candidacy.

    At link #2 there’s a 1996 New Party Update, which mentions Obama as one of three New Party “members” to have won Democratic primary elections. Probably it’s the reference to him as a member that made Stanley’s eyebrows jump up his forehead and permanently stick. But it was a Democratic primary. Obama was running to become a Democratic candidate. The New Party claimed him as a member, he didn’t claim to be one.

    Same deal with link #3: “New Party member Barack Obama was uncontested for a State Senate seat from Chicago.”

    His name must be mentioned somewhere in the document link #4 leads to, but I can’t seem to find it.

    The New Party refers to Obama as a member. Did he ever refer to himself as one? And–more to the point–what would it matter if he actually did? Exactly what is it about the New Party that makes people think it should be investigated by some sort of informally reconstituted Un-American Activities Committee?

    This is another one of those right-wing tempests in a teacup. Guilt by association–although in this case, even proven membership shouldn’t matter much.

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    another vet

    @Greg: @Greg: Is there any evidence that Obama at that time declined that he was a member? It’s kind of like the brochure saying he was born in Kenya. It wasn’t denied until he ran for President. If his membership in the party was not a big deal as you claim, then why should they go out of their way to deny it years later?

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    Hard Right

    AV, greg is not interested in honest debate. Just defending the dems no matter what and pushing propaganda. It’s pretty clear he says things even he doesn’t believe.

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    Nan G

    Greg, you brought up a good point about how Obama allows people to believe all sorts of untrue things about him:
    *His publisher-to-be was never corrected BY HIM in 17 years for writing a bio that Obama was ”born in Kenya.”
    *The New Party claimed Obama as a member, supported his bid for elective office and in all this time Obama has never bothered to disabuse them IF he was not a member of their political party.

    Greg, what astonishes me isn’t that Obama is such an empty suit so good at rhetorically selling himself as simply the frame while his faithful fancifully fill-in-the-blanks as to what is IN the picture frame, no, it isn’t that.

    What astonishes me is that people like you, Greg, once you derive that truth for yourself, continue to blindly support Obama AS IF he really is all that stuff inside the frame even as you now realize he is not!
    Your blinders are part-way off, Greg.
    Are you going to glue them back up or tear them off?

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    @Nan G:

    What astonishes me is that people like you, Greg, once you derive that truth for yourself, continue to blindly support Obama AS IF he really is all that stuff inside the frame even as you now realize he is not!

    Nan, Greg cannot, and will not, derive the truth for himself. He has shown that to be the case throughout this topic, insisting that Obama doesn’t even have socialist/statist tendencies, let alone be a card-carrying member of the club. Signing into law the biggest socialized program since the SS and Medicare programs isn’t proof enough for him. Stating exactly to Joe the Plumber the socialist’s ideal isn’t proof enough for him. The socialist/statist idealogues within the country falling over themselves claiming Obama as THEIR candidate isn’t proof enough for him.

    It’s almost as if Greg subconsciously knows that the term “socialist” is a dirty word for most of the country, so he bends over backwards and twists himself into a pretzel defending Obama against the accusation.

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    I like the Social Security and Medicare programs. Guaranteed access to an affordable health insurance program for every American also strikes me as a very good idea. Is that all it takes to be labeled a “socialist” around here?

    Is Mitt Romney a “socialist” for having put state-wide mandated health insurance in place as Governor of Massachusetts?

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    Mr. Irons

    The scarcity issue with minerals and rare metals along with money. There is not enough resources in the Nation as of now to satisfy the Socialist wet dream of something for everyone in terms of Healthcare alone. We’re already seeing a serious medical supply shortage across the Nation with various drugs needed for surgery and stablization drugs for emergency wards and to make matters worse these shortages are steming from Regulations hailing from the Affordable Healthcare law preventing timely production and increasing cost of labor and operations for businesses. We’re seeing prices for tanks liquid gases such as Oxygen, Helium, and Nitrogen going up in price either due to shortages or due to serious Government regulations from the EPA to ensure, “pollutants” don’t exist… from pure elements in their gas forms…

    There is roughly “8.2” percent of unemployement listed by the Government with about 12 to 14 percent actual unemployement by Labor stats. As of now roughly 70 percent of those who can work are actually employed, with about 48 percent of this working populaion not actually paying income tax. That’s a bit problematic for your little programs and the resource needed to fund them. And here’s a hint that 48 percent that isn’t paying income taxes while working? It’s mostly Public sector employees who are not paying their taxes. And to make matters worse projections have thrid quater employement drop below the 60 percent range. So where is this near 30 to 40 percent of the capable work force when the Government supposedly reports it’s 8.2 percent?

    And to top it all, if the Affordable Healthcare Law segment that mandates each American must buy a product that she or he may not actually want nor can afford is ruled as unconsitutional by the Surpeme Court then the resource funding your plans will be denied and your programs are doing nothing more than cuddling the weak and the naive into thinking there will be something for them.

    Here’s a bit of math for you:

    Greece welfare population: roughly 9 million people

    Greek working private population that’s taxed to pay for welfare: less than 3 million citizens.

    What’s happening in Greece? Riots because there’s not enough money to be collected by taxation on the workers to pay the parasites to make them feel good. And now the Parasites are tossing molotov cocktails at police, a Neo Nazi group named the Golden Dawn that is gaining power wants to increase taxes or seize the property of the few remaining private equities in Greece and to top it off they’re viewing Germany as the demon that’s the source of their problems. Spain needs 100 Billion Euros in bailout, Ireland’s liberal Socialist groups are pushing against Austery and wanting more spending, and France is going to need bailouts as well because Germany and Britain is not wanting to foot the bill from the massive spending.

    We’ve borrowed roughly 4 trillion dollars from the Chinese with projections to borrow twice that in coming decade. As our tax revenue decreases due to labor decrease and the People’s Republic of China using threat of force to ensure repayment of loans, there is no way we’d be able to afford your little blanky of feel good in the future if most of our taxation is spent on foreign creditors.