I Know A Few Horse People!

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Surprise Is A Near Sighted Porcupine Falling In Love With A Cactus
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I remember hearing my creative writing instructor say, we should write about things we are familiar with and understand. I repeat this advice to myself at least once a week; my old writing instructor’s words have served well as a guide, but they have never been humorous until today.

When You Got Nothin To Lose, Try Anything
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Robin Abcarian was probably excited about the prospect of covering the horsey story of Ann Romney, while trying to gain political traction for the failed presidency of Barack Obama; however, writing an article on a minnow in the shark tank and trying to expose the secrets of life in the shark world is laughable.

Apparently, Ann Romney sold a horse and the horse turned up lame at a later date. Does Robin know how many advanced Dressage Horses turn up lame at some point. I’ll let you in on a little secret, Robin, nearly all of them. Lameness finishes up all the careers of dressage, jumpers, hunters, and three day event horses; it is not a question of “will” or “if”, it is a question of “when”.

It was the end of a long day in a stuffy Simi Valley office building. Ann Romney had been under oath for more than four hours, testifying in a sometimes contentious deposition about a pricey horse she sold that may or may not have been afflicted with a condition that made him unrideable.

In the airless room, Romney was getting annoyed.

“That really is — that really is irritating,” she said when the opposing attorney implied she didn’t know who looked after her horse in Moorpark when she was at her home in Boston. “Of course I know who was looking after my horse. You’re just trying to irritate me.”

Stupidity and overwork on the part of a rider or trainer can lead to premature lameness, but if a horse continues to advance and compete, they will eventually become lame. (Ask any human athlete at the upper levels if he has lameness) There are a few “iron horses” that never display lameness, but they are approximately one in a thousand.

Is Dressage an Elitist Sport? It can be, especially, if you ride in Sullivan Canyon, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Hidden Valley, and Moorpark; however, there are low scale operations in those areas, where the riding is comparatively inexpensive. Although, I must report, some of the Liberals’ biggest and wealthiest donors and fat cats are horse owners who live in these areas and their horse stories of indulgence would make delightful reading material for many Americans. I am sure they would gain far more traction than Ann Romney’s deposition over a horse deal that went south. (Not an uncommon event by the way, but when someone feels like a fool in California, someone else should pay.)

When we speak of spending excessive amounts of money on equine indulgences, comparing the Libs in Sullivan Canyon and Malibu, to Ann Romney in Moorpark, would be like running a race between a freight train and a fat man. The LA Times might call some of the Lib Fat Cats with horses and ask if they mind having their horse indulgences opened up to the internet. Ask if they want the public to know of luxury bathrooms in barns that cost more than most homes in California or if they want to hear of wood from Africa and South America being used to build stalls for their horses. Luxury digs for horses within twenty or thirty miles of people living in the drug infested squalor of the ghettos of LA. The same ghetto dwellers for whom they pretend to care for so self-righteously.

Do Not Tamper With The Natural Ignorance Of A Greenhorn
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Ann Romney says she loves her horses and I believe her; although, I have never worked for her and I don’t know her, but I recognize her compassion for animals, for people like her, people with genuine or real compassion for horses, generally have the same compassion for humans.

Many horse owners have no compassion for horses when they can no longer perform, they become more like inanimate objects; to be frank, they become disposable, they become devoid of value when they no longer allow the limelight to shine upon the rider. They are discarded with extreme indifference, for they have served their purpose. This is the real story, a story of cold callous cruelty, especially, among those who wear false compassion on their sleeve.

“It’s like children,” Romney, a mother of five, testified about Super Hit, the horse at the center of the lawsuit. “You don’t … say one is better than the other, but I loved him.”

Ann Romney spends her own money on her horses, she feels they are therapeutic and for those of you who have read my articles on horses, you probably know, I agree with her.

Romney, who rode horses as a girl, began riding seriously as an adult after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998. “I was losing most of the function of my right side,” she testified at her deposition on June 3, 2010. “And I decided I needed to go back and do what I loved before I couldn’t do it anymore.”

She soon fell in love with dressage, a fussy Olympic sport that is also called “horse ballet.” In dressage, a horse moves in delicate, dance-like steps to music as the rider, formally clad in top hat and tails, imperceptibly guides the animal.

Because it requires tremendous muscle control, dressage also provided Romney unexpected therapeutic benefits.

“Riding exhilarated me; it gave me a joy and a purpose,” Romney told the Chronicle of the Horse magazine in 2008. “When I was so fatigued that I couldn’t move, the excitement of going to the barn and getting my foot in the stirrup would make me crawl out of bed.”

So now, we know why Romney is not suited for the presidency. His wife sold a horse that became lame and during a deposition she became annoyed with a lawyer or maybe it is because she has a healthy hobby, a hobby she pays for with her own money, instead of flying around on vacations at taxpayer’s expense with an entourage. Oh excuse me, Michelle’s vacations are to promote good will around the world and show poor people how the Obamas can spend money on indulgences like separate jets to vacation hot spots, now there is an indulgence.

I would rather write about more significant political ideas, but if the LA Times wants to continue trying to smear Ann Romney over senseless and inane horse trivia, they might be surprised at the some of the secrets of the elite equestrian world.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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  1. 1

    Nan G

    I read that Ann Romney paid $135,000 for one of her horses.
    Did you know that the horse that has won the Kentucky Derby AND the Preakness (I’ll Have Another) was bought for only $39,000?
    You just never know.

  2. 2


    I don’t know much about horses but I would venture to say that a horse could testify more accurately as to its owners compassion than any human. It would just take someone with horse sense to understand it.

  3. 3



    Nan, in the elite equestrian world, $135,000 is just above entry level. If you want to compete internationally, expect to write a check for $500,poo to a million for a horse that is winning; age, attitude, and soundness (lameness) will affect the price. Ms Romney was surely riding a safe amateur horse, what the pros call a babysitter. The pros often ride horses that eat meat for breakfast, but few amateurs can ever ride those horses, until the horse reaches a maturity with age. A horse that will pack an amateur around the arena safely will command a premium price.

    I like my dressage with a little more action, where mistakes are costly.




    This is my personal favorite type of horseflesh.

  4. 4



    Charley, some people are born with an ability to win the trust of horses, it is a gift. Horses have the ability to read people much better than people can read horses. Some horses are forgiving of poor behavior and others will clean your plow if you make a silly mistake. Make no mistake, a horse weighs 1200 to 1600 pounds and they cam move as fast as a house cat. I’ve spent a lifetime with them and I will surely die with them.

  5. 5

    Richard Aubrey

    Chances are the LAT and Abcarian in particular won’t be surprised at the part of the horsey set which swings left.
    My guess is, they know.
    They don’t want anyone else to know.

  6. 6


    Good Read Skook! You are lucky to spend so much time with these majestic creatures. I would imagine a horse in the wild could go lame as well…?

    I was unaware horses would eventually go lame in these ‘various’ circumstances. It also sounds like the person who bought Ann Romney’s horse was not aware of this ‘when’ and not the ‘if’ a horse could/will go lame. I would suppose doing your homework is wise when making such an expensive purchase? Or at least seek out a knowledgeable person [such as yourself] for advice. It’s almost like a buyer beware situation…

    So, nice try Robin Abcarian…stick to the REAL issue(s), because quite frankly, no one cares.

    A little sideline ……

    Once when I was in Wyoming, and as we drove by a ranch, I am not sure if they got spooked, or what but, there had to be at least 75 – 100 horses all running in one direction….
    …maybe it was dinner time!

    It was truly a beautiful sight, I was mesmerized…I never saw so many horses at one time…I will probably never forget that sight….

  7. 7



    Faith, you are showing good intuition.

    A lame horse in the wild is like any other animal, it becomes dinner for another animal. However, wild horses or horses that are allowed to graze naturally on large ranches spend most of their time walking and only running when they feel like a lark or to outrun a predator. Their legs become like iron and they don’t suffer from lameness like domestic stall kept horses that spend so much time in stalls their legs become like hot house flowers.

    The process of buying and selling expensive horses becomes complicated. There is a vet who is staking his reputation on whether a horse is sound and can stand up to the rigors of training. If they fail too many horses, they will soon have no business, make a glaring error and they will be filing depositions. The trainers for the buyer and for the seller act as agents, they each expect 15% for approving the sale. Some of them will try to collect from both the seller and the buyer to make 30%. Obviously, it takes very little imagination to see the opportunities for graft and corruption before, during, and after the sale.

    That was a bit of luck to see those horses running together. In Wyoming, they might have smelled a cougar or a bear, or maybe they just wanted to run for the sheer joy of running.

  8. 8



    Good point Richard, I assumed because these people have their noses stuck so high in the air, they don’t meet newspaper people, but in all fairness, some of these ultra-rich can be regular people. But the ones in California will never ask you in to break bread or have a cup of coffee.

  9. 9

    Wm T Sherman

    I don’t have a problem with a rich man who made his money in the private sector becoming President. Much better than what we have now, a man who made his money in government by selling access, and who, driven by his grasping wife, is desperate for ever more money.

    Thanks to Obama, Jimmy Carter is no longer the worst President of the last hundred years. Soon, Carter won’t be the worst ex-President anymore either. Assuming Michelle and Barack stay together, imagine how ex-President Barack will sell out the dignity and integrity of the office. It will be way worse than anything Bill Clinton has done, and that’s already pretty bad.

    This attempt by the Obama campaign to denigrate the Romneys as out of touch elitists will blow up in their faces like every other lame stunt they’ve pulled. I am becoming ever more confident of a favorable outcome in November. It will not be the answer to all our problems – much of the growth of the Federeral leviathan has occurred under Republican presidents and Romney’s history does not bode well. Maybe Romney will surprise us and show that he recognizes that it can’t go on like this. I don’t know. I hope to at least put the brakes on the rapid intentional degradation of our country that commenced after 2008.

    I fear that the statists will not go quietly. What will they do out of desperation? What contrived crises, what outrageous voter fraud, what overreaching executive orders, what disregard of the law will we see? They’ve already given us previews of all of it.

    And then there’s that interesting lame-duck period: November to January. Two and a half months or so to run amok with nothing left to lose.

  10. 10


    Ah Skook! Right on as always. While I honestly cannot relate to show horses, as you know I do know at least a little something about the subject of horses. LOL! And as the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a sound racehorse. As you state, working into shape, be it a horse or a human will result in injuries somewhere along the line. Very well put my friend!

  11. 11


    Learning to ride a horse takes training which requires trainability which indicates humility and submission to the coach and coaching so besides giving oral opera has O’BouncingBall ever been trained to ride a horse?

  12. 12



    Joe, I forgot about the racing world, (there is no such thing as a sound horse), how appropriate for this article.

    A great part of managing lameness is recognizing the symptoms and knowing when to back off the training. The cross threading occurs when the human ego gets involved. “I know he needs 90 days of layup, but the big race or the big show is next month. We will just train him till then and then lay him up.” The horse might not agree to destroying his body to feed human vanity, but he is not consulted and more than likely he will be literally destroyed within the next 30 days. The rider will feel disappointment, but not remorse. Someone must pay for their cruel stupidity, so they sue the people who sold them the horse; at least they do in California. There is nothing worse for a member of the elite than being humiliated by a horse in front of your friends. It is an insult to their horsemanship; actually, their prized horsemanship exists primarily in the imagination and is the brunt of many jokes.

  13. 13



    Sooth, to ride well, a rider needs agility, balance, timing, and an innate ability to rate and know your horse. Let’s spare horses the agony; the Zero would be lucky to lead a stick horse to water.

  14. 15



    I am glad you enjoyed the article and I am exceptionally glad to hear you have learned a few things about horses. Many more women enjoy the romance and mystique of the horse. For some reason, in North America most of the riders and horse lovers are women: in Europe it is men who love the horse. Boys now days want to ride bikes and motorcycles rather than taking the time to learn to ride horses. Women have a lightness on a horse, and that is an advantage, but when the chips are down in the midst of a catastrophic horse disaster, the testosterone, strength, speed, and boldness of a horseman pays off big time. I’ve said it many times and have been called sexist more than a few times, but a horsewoman who is honest and honest with herself will tell you the same thing.

    If you want to ride a horse and can swing it, I suggest going to a dude ranch for two days or two weeks, what ever fits your budget and time constraints. They will match with a suitable horse, show you some beautiful country, and treat you like the Queen of Britain. Hopefully you will see a lot of wildlife as well. It could well be the trip of a lifetime for you.

  15. 16


    Here’s the problem with the whole ‘all horses go lame sometimes’ argument Skook:
    The horse was not only lame when Romney sold it for $100k, but it had been shot up full of tranquilizers and blocking meds to HIDE that lameness. There’s this thing all buyers of horses do called a PrePurchase Exame [PPE} that a Licensed DVM does… the buyer had a PPE done on this horse [Romneys ‘Favorite’ who she suddenly could not tolerate either the trot or canter, but being a GP rider she did not recognize herself the horse was lame?].
    Ebeleing/Romneys Vet declared the horse sound and provided Xrays.
    The horse was not sound, as proven by a later Vet exam, and the professionals at The Acres should have knonw it, since GP rider Romney, another working student there, AND the new buyer of the horse expressed to Ebeling that the horse was ‘short’.

    All horses go lame eventually? So Romney sold off her favorite when it went lame instead of providing the cushy retirement for it she surely can afford. Classy.

    Oh and she does not pay for ALL her horsely activities, she has a nice ‘business’ RobRom she uses to write off the losses of some of it. How nice for her.

  16. 17


    how cinical you are, is it THAT YOU SUFFER OF, WOMAN JEALOUSY WHO CANNOT TAKE ONE BETTER THAN HER? OR RICHER ? OR SMARTER? or obamistick empty head?
    it sure look like it,

  17. 18


    8ooooo people illegal will take jobs from so many who have been looking for jobs which don’t exixt because of the entitelments of OBAMA,

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