More Liberal Lunacy From Hollywood And The War On Women

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Sybil Tries The Wild Look of James Brown To Draw Attention

A fading actress and empty vessel has exposed more than her genitalia to the public, Cybil Shepherd known for her appearances in “The Last Picture Show” and for a nude photo session in Playboy, launched into a semi-coherent rant on straw men and GOP bullies who plan to take away her “Constitutional” right to abortions and condoms, during an appearance on “CBS This Morning”.

She has vowed to stand up to these straw men (?) and put her life on the line to protect the Constitutionally protected rights of abortion on demand and government provided condoms and contraception, for those moments when a girl loses control of her emotions and can no longer accept responsibility for her actions. She has become the geriatric fluke for those countless women who can’t keep their legs crossed when someone whispers sweet promises of roles or advantages in their ear or tickles their fancy with wild and ruthless abandon.

“Abortion is our constitutional right,”

She then told the world about her plan to march on Washington wearing a bullet proof vest, in a one woman march. She informed the audience that both she and her mother fear for her life over her defiance and courageous willingness to stand up to the straw men of the GOP. She worries that they will strike her down, before she has a chance to speak out on her feelings.

“I’m not going to wear a bulletproof vest. My mother’s scared for me,”

Oh Cybil, the world admires your selfless struggle for the right to kill fetuses on demand and your right to demand free condoms and pills that allow you to fornicate on demand to avoid all those inconvenient pregnancies and having to endure so many abortions, but before you are fitted for a custom kevlar vest that will exploit your feminine charms to their best advantage, please take the time to explain where in the Constitution you have the right to abortions on demand and free contraception.

I’m sure you will draw a lot of attention to your cause and the election of the Third World dog eater in the White House by cavorting down Pennsylvania Avenue with nothing on but your pink kevlar vest with its plunging neckline and your ample cleavage peeking out so shyly, but while exposing your ass once again to the world, please share with us your vast and intimate knowledge of the Constitution. Not in the biblical sense of knowing, for even Hollywood Elites with hinges on their heels will find it hard to know the Constitution by sleeping with it; just try to explain why the rest of us are responsible for your poor decisions and willingness to engage in a degenerate life-style.

Cybil in all seriousness, your concern about being the next to be “taken out” or in reality the first one to be taken out, I suggest you seek professional help, for such paranoia is most often attributed to illicit drugs or psychosis; either way, you should seek treatment rather than leading other simple minded souls astray with your senseless rants. I realize that actors are judged by their ability to lead others beyond the realm of reality, but you have no script and you are reading from your own delusions. Do the world a favor and accept the fact that young, beautiful, empty headed actresses can command attention, but middle aged, empty headed actresses will never re-inflate their sagging careers and body parts with senseless rants and self-serving theatrical heroics when no danger exists.

There are facts of life Cybil, facts that are more important than one night stands and the indiscriminate but oh so important sessions on the casting couch, we all age Cybil, some of us age better than others, but if we travel through life relying on a transient beauty, we have much less dignity for the stretch run. Unfortunately, bimbos without a credible cerebral capacity have little or no relevancy in later life. Trying to be relevant when you have obviously compromised your intellect to fine tune the power in your loins, leaves you short on the skills required for life when no one is lusting for 3o minutes of wild and wooly humpy rumpy with you. You made your choices in life, your vacuous and paranoid rambling make it obvious to all but the most mindless drones. You should retire from public view, watch your old movies and dream of your former self, back when your sexuality made you relevant.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    Wow! Skook you have hit a grand slam homer again. On a different topic, how is your book coming along and have you decided on which plot you will develop? The Beringa storyline or the SW Apache tribal runners?

    Thanks again for explaining the obvious to anyone who thinks they may have traction in helping Ms. Sheperd see the world of now rather than delusional memories of her long forgotten sexploits.

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    oil guy from ALBERTA
    THE REALITY, they break down like dolls once the toys of rich perverts,

  3. 4


    thank you, you always hit a nerve on the right person,
    good story of real life, look so miserable, it make one be content with life,
    and realize that the inner soul is as much alive than the outer projection anyone can see, but very few notice the inner part of even a profile of a human we encounter at times, which is undoubtedly true,

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    Damn ! She sure got ugly over the years……She was always a retard, right from ther beginning. typical liberal B#$%H , the older they get, the uglier and meaner they get.

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    @oil guy from Alberta Hey how ya doin !? Just got home from Wild Rose Country, and i made damn sure before i left, i voted Wild Rose ! Hopefully they send that fake Conservative Allison from WonderLand back to her Law Practice . weather was nice while i was there, not like last year, we managed to get all our calves on the ground without too much trouble. Have a “good Un ” !

  6. 8


    Marine, I have been working on my career as a horseman, with this amount of work coming in, I think I can manage to get out of debt before I die. The thought gives a guy the warm fuzzies knowing there is a slight possibility to once again succeed in this big poker game they call life.

    I spent some time with some bona fide cowboys that made me feel like a green horn up in Idaho. Of course I have new material for my book on the Oregon Trail. I also spent some time looking for fossils and stone tools from our prehistoric native people.

    The cowboys and country people up there tend to regard me as someone special after they check me out on FA, but it is all I can do to keep a straight face when they talk so elegantly about my writing. No, I didn’t need a shoehorn to get my Western hat on, but it was nice to talk to people who are more Conservative and knowledgeable about the Constitution than me. It is hard to run into those kind of people in the places where I work; actually, they represent about one percent of the people I know.

    Needless to say, I am refreshed and ready to write again.

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    Rides A Pale Horse

    Ya know……….

    I’ve been up for about 38 hours now, reading and re- reading and RE-reading this darned ol’ Constitution of ours and damned if I can find so much as a mention of the “right” to an abortion or contraceptives.

    Am I missing something?

    Maybe if I got a pair of commie goggles?

  8. 10


    Rides A Pale Horse
    I think you should switch to a recipe book instead, it must be there
    somewhere between the chicken and the egg recipes

  9. 12

    Rides A Pale Horse


    Well Bees, if it IS in a cookbook, I’m sure as Hell not going to waste any more time lookin’ for it. I’m flat wore out looking for all these “rights” that the left keeps telling us are in the Constitution.

    Since I can’t find ’em anywhere in MY copy of the Constitution, I’m going to assume that they aren’t there and educate every moron that I encounter that DOES believe that “rights” that do not appear in the Constitution really are there.

    Who am I kidding? They cannot and WILL not be educated.

    Fucking waste of time.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range.

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    I don’t think she needs to worry about condoms of having an abortion…

    Another fading starlett trying to claw out five more minutes of fame…

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    oil guy from Alberta

    @PALADIN: I was in the high country running tombstones(cement plugs on abandonment). It was cold with north winds and rain/snow. Nice job with the calving. Everybody I know is voting Wild Rose. Redford leads the pack that have filled their pockets for too long. Nice hearing from you.

    Tip of the hat to Bees and Skook also.

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    I was just thinking. I hope your book has some good stuff as to the racetrack life both you and I were lucky enough to be part of at a time when it was still fun. Either way, your book is one I am most looking forward to. There will be some great life lessons all can learn from in there I’m sure.

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    The focus of one of my storyline-scenario is marriage and one of the lines in the latter part of the screenplay script discusses the young couple loving sex, beauty, attraction before them getting married says as a warning “Physical beauty dies with the first fart” which shows relevance to Cybil Sheperd because all her films were farts. Nice pixie of Bamzilla.

    These Blurbs on TV are often cannon shots on a sleeping career, planned by the agents, announcing that the has been actrie new appearences in film or television. Sure enough (IMDB)
    The Client List (TV series)
    – The Rub of Sugarland (2012) … Linette
    – Ring True (2012) … Linette

    2012 White Camellias

    2011 My Freakin’ Family (TV movie)

    The situation reads, “Publicity gets ratings and ratings gets revenues.”

  14. 22


    Wow. Expressing your freedom of speech… in America! Surely Cybill Shepard is the greatest hero in American history. That or dumber than a bag of rocks. Yeah, probably that one instead.

    And boy, did Father Time take a bat to that face or what? Textbook case of what happens to brainless beauties when they get old.

  15. 23

    Hard Right

    She was known to be an egomaniacal nutjob back when she was doing Moonlighting.
    Even funnier is that she probably does think she’s in danger from the eeeevil right wingers during her march.
    She is nuttier than a squirrel turd.

  16. 25


    I think someone needs to tell Cybil that she is a little long in the tooth to be worried about birth control. As for being shot she might want to take a note from history and look at who a lot of stars were shot by, thier own fans not people that hate them.

  17. 27

    Nan G

    Stunning that any PP building has windows, that is.
    I have watched locally as one church after another, one synagog after another and many other places have become fortress-like.
    All the windows are plastered up.
    All the doors are extremely securable.
    Only two or three doors, manned by guards (or attendants) are open for services.
    Our local PP has much better security that this place in your photo.
    No windows, that’s a fact.

    Sometimes I wonder if they set themselves up for it.
    Just for the publicity.

  18. 28

    Hard Right

    Ummm greg, when she starts performing abortions or working at an abortion clinic maybe then she’ll have something to worry about. Until then it’s just the rantings of another mentally ill leftist sufferung from paranoid delusions and delusions of grandeur.

    Oh, and the people committing those crimes mentioned “in Canada and America” are shunned by the Conservative right, but you know that. Also, they have to go back to 1977 and include Canada to fluff the numbers because they are so insignificant. You are pathetic and will do anything to protect your fellow marxists.

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