Obama’s Supreme Court Comments Were Misunderstood Because He Is Just So Much Smarter Than Us

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Apparently when Obama uttered these idiotic words about the Supreme Court:

“Ultimately I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress,” Obama told reporters today while speaking with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Obama reminded reporters that conservative commentators, have complained about “judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint,” that “an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.”

People misunderstood him because we are all not as smart as he:

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

46 Responses to “Obama’s Supreme Court Comments Were Misunderstood Because He Is Just So Much Smarter Than Us”

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    When you rise above your level of competence with the help of affirmative programs you just are not capable of understanding just how little you know. Especially if the nitwits surrounding you keep adding to your illusion.

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    As I have mentioned different times, whenever a liberal speaks without a prepared speech, they either babble on and make no sense, or they tell the truth. Obama is a perfect example of this. Maybe he should “rehearse” what he is going to say, but that would cut into his partying, golfing, and vacationing time. That would be a hard decision for him to make.

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    wow, i didnt know 7 votes in the house constituted a “strong majority”
    and even fewer in the senate and they had to BUY many of those votes

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    To understand him, you need to really get into exactly what he was saying. That is, that the law was passed by a “strong majority” of “democratically elected congress. Which means that in his view, the GOP opposition doesn’t count, probably because he thinks, “I Won”. Narcissistic asshole with a pea-sized brain. And liberal/progressives wonder why conservatives believe Obama is a danger to this country.

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    Truth is…this guy is not very smart. There are reasons his college grades and senior thesis are in lockdown. They aren’t very good. Obama is a typical affirmative action admittee…as historians in about twenty years will discover. Placed on a campus and in positions because of how he looks, not what he knows. The Democrats are going to have trouble hiding this. As the campaign goes on, Obama is going to make many more misstatements, if I were Carney I’d look for a shovel to clean up with.

    No birth certificate…a social security number that makes no sense for being his…a selective service document that is a likely forgery. Like the Kennedy assassination these questions are going to linger…likely to be solved by citizen journalists around 2030. Who IS this guy?

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    Liberal1 (objectivity)

    It amazes me that with the multitude of problems and divisions that we have in this country, some people waste time offering their vast judicial knowledge and calling President Obama names, instead of discussing solution.

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    You conservative assholes! You’re just so blinded by your hatred for Obama that you fail to understand what he says. Most of you are not just happy that a black man is the president! You conjure all type of lies and stupid facts concerning his birth certificate..which of course he has publicly shown. You all believe his Presidency is illegitimate. He may not be a perfect President but he is a million times better than Bush. The mess he’s dealing with was created by the dangerous and destructive Bush policies. Of course, the democrats have to always clean up the mess created by the Republicans. FDR did so after Herbert Hoover in 1932. Clinton did so after Bush in 1992. Now Obama is trying to do so after Bush Jr came and finalized the disaster his father set in motion

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    Obama is framing this as SCOTUS taking away from people something that they deserve or have earned. Politically, that’s clever, but from a President, it’s pathetic. More than a few of us could never fathom where a right to privacy existed in the Constitution but they found it. Still, we end up having to respect the decision. That’s where Obama fails. He is supposed to be the President and insist that all respect the government, not just his whims.

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    I dunno perhaps we all should learn “talking in shorthand”…. which begs the next question – is this some kind of new Liberal/Progressive/Democratic/WH secret language that has come about in the last 96 hours?? Because I kind of thought English was the language everyone understood….

    The excuses this Administration comes up with [Jay Carney] is mindblowing…- I wonder if Obama told Jay that the new talking in shorthand ‘excuse’ was ‘brilliant’… This is top down unadulterated bullshit by many assholes ..unbelieveable!!

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    Comm0n Sense

    0-bama is easy to interpret. Waa waa waa I didn’t get my way and this will hurt my chances to be elected. I will now turn the story away from my incompetence, like I and the MSM have done before, and divert my failures towards anyone and everyone who gets in my way!!

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    The irony is, a fourth grader has a better grasp than Obama of how the Constitution works and is also too smart to fall for Carney’s bull.

  12. 19


    Just watched “The Stand” by Stephen King and the character Randall Flagg fits well the Barack “Barry” O’BasketCase model.

    Liberal1, how’s that job going with Goerge Soros or has he figured out you’re a dolt with or without Volt.

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    @Liberal1 (objectivity):

    It amazes me that with the multitude of problems and divisions that we have in this country, some people waste time offering their vast judicial knowledge and calling President Obama names, instead of discussing solution.

    Many people have tried, Lib1. Unfortunately, Obama and the liberal/progressives will not listen to anyone else on what may be done to address problems. Instead, they rehash the same failed socialist ideals, as if by someone else doing it, it might actually work. Liberal/progressives fail handily when it comes to learning from history.

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    You conservative assholes! You’re just so blinded by your hatred for Obama that you fail to understand what he says. Most of you are not just happy that a black man is the president!

    And there it is. If you disagree with Obama and his ideas, you are a racist. Tell us, Henry, do you work for the NBPP? Or the NAACP? Or the DOJ?

    Here is a little wisdom for you, Henry. Most of us could care less, one way or the other about Obama the man. Personally, it takes too much energy to actually hate someone, so I reserve that for those who are truly despicable. Conservatives, in general, don’t hate Obama himself. We hate his ideology. The same statist viewpoint that has brought down in ruin many great nations. That you blame everything on Republicans is quite funny, considering that without them, we still probably wouldn’t have any civil rights laws, and Obama wouldn’t have made it anywhere near the presidency.

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    Comm0n Sense

    @Liberal1 (objectivity): I agree, the solution needs to be a bipartisan approach to health care reform and it needs to be constitutional. 0-bama and his minions passed a law that is NOT constitutional, was NOT bipartisan, and cost much more than he lied about.

  16. 23

    Comm0n Sense

    @Henry: And you my friend are a cracker hating liberal wacho idiot. See, anyone can say these things. You worship your black messiah as he destroys our nation. I don’t hate 0-bama but I certainly HATE what has done to our country. I also HATE how he lied to America to get elected. I also hate his racist attitude when it comes to Travon Martin. You need grow up and realize what an idiot you are!!

  17. 24

    Nan G

    Key was Obama claiming it was a ”duly* constitutional,” law.
    Just because a law gets written and voted on and passed does NOT make it ”constitutional.”
    Happened more than 100 times that the SCOTUS overturned a duly passed law as unconstitutional.
    Obama’s peeps turned in a 2&1/2 page paper that did not address what the justice asked for.
    He wanted comment on OBAMA’s viewpoint.
    The paper dealt only with historical happenings.

    *People should use a legal dictionary to look up ”duly.”
    as required,

    ObamaCare was NOT “DULY” constitutional.
    That’s what passing constitutional muster is all about in our government.

  18. 25


    @VoteOutIncumbents: #7

    There are reasons his college grades and senior thesis are in lockdown. They aren’t very good. Obama is a typical affirmative action admittee….

    One story I read said that his rich aunt might have bought his way in.

  19. 28


    @Henry: #11

    You conjure all type of lies and stupid facts concerning his birth certificate..which of course he has publicly shown.

    Why is it that liberals keep mentioning the lies the conservatives are spreading, but they can’t show any links to FACTS that prove they are lies?

    If you can get out of liberal mode and try to be in neutral mode, then, and only then, take a look at the birth certificate and look at these things:

    (1) Look how the letters and numbers have an equal space between them. Typewriters can’t do that.

    (2) Look how the letter “y” has its tail under each letter to its left. A typewriter can’t do that.

    (3) Look how the numbers don’t have the same font. A typewriter can’t do that.

    For those who want more info on this, go to http://www.wnd.com/2011/05/296881/

  20. 29


    @johngalt: #20

    Liberal/progressives fail handily when it comes to learning from history.

    They learn from history. They learn what works and keep doing it, and try to modify what doesn’t work into something that will, just like what is done in battles.

  21. 32

    Comm0n Sense

    @Henry: And you’re a DICK!! You talk about Republicans and what they do to your failed messiah 0-bama and in the same comments bash Bush one more time!! Dude, your blame Bush crap has gone on for over 12 years. News Flash, 0-bama lied and got elected President over three years ago and he hasn’t done anything but spend billions to buy votes from his union pals, talk shovel ready (oops NO shovel ready) BS, pass an unconstitutional abortion of a health care law, loose the House for his party in Historic fashion, and create an administration that has lost billions on green garbage, and let thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican Thugs. You must be proud you turd!!

  22. 34


    @Comm0n Sense: #32
    Don’t let him take you down to his level. He is just seeing how far he can take you down. Stay at YOUR level. If you wrestle in the mud, you come out muddy. I have to admit that it’s fun to do it once-in-a-while though.

  23. 35

    Common Sense

    @Smorgasbord: Thanks for the advice and you are spot on. It’s really hard to do sometimes and your input brings it all back home, sincerely. It is like Rush and the Fluke incident. Regards.

  24. 36


    @Common Sense: #35
    With 20 years driving all over the country, I found out that most major cities have their overpowered base station idiot trying to start arguments just to argue. They would usually get someone to argue with them. I used to tell the one who started arguing with them to not go down to their level, and they would usually stop arguing with them.

    I came up with a statement I would make to the one who got sucked into an argument that stopped the conversation. I couldn’t believe it. I would tell them something like, “I used to think that there is no use whatsoever for a jerk like him on this planet. Then I happened to think that if we didn’t have jerks like him, we wouldn’t appreciate the really nice people as much as we do. So, thanks to this jerk, the next time I meet a really nice person, I will appreciate them a lot more. So, this jerk is serving a useful purpose after all, and he’s serving it quite well.” What surprised me is that the first time I said it, the guy never came back on the CB, and none of the others ever have either.

    If you are talking with someone, and they call you a bunch of names, have fun with them. Pick ONE of the names and, in a really mad voice, say, “I’m not “xxxxx!” Since you didn’t deny any of the other names they called you, they won’t know what to say for a while.

    Another example of name calling is when, in a CB conversation, they would say, “You’re gay!” Since I like to have fun with these critters, I would reply by saying, “Only my close friends know that. I don’t recognize your voice. What’s your handle.” Just for the record, I like girls, but I accept a person THE WAY THEY WERE BORN.

    It’s much more fun and challenging to play with these liberals than to argue with them. Try it, you’ll like it.

  25. 37

    Birdie Num Num

    “Henry says:You conservative assholes! …..”

    Welcome to professor Henry’s seminar on how to win friends,converts and influence people.

  26. 38

    Mr. Irons

    Well Henry seems to be one hell of a leftist moronic Troll.

    Let’s see, Bush policies? Are we talking about the same Policies that the current President Obama not only reinforced but expanded onto aka the Predator Drone/Sending troops into Nations we shouldn’t be in (aka Libya or Sudan)? Giving Energy businsses, given Green but still energy, a major Federal Loan contracts only for the businesses to go bankrupt with the upper management of such Energy companies collecting most of the money? How about aggressively trying to make Congress and the Senate useless by appointing, “Czars” that don’t answer to Senate power? (Obama has further expanded Bush’s use of Czars).

    So far, the Left railed against Bush but since Obama is doing everything Bush did it’s now… fine? Conservatives did not agree with Bush over his actions as the Man was hardly an Economics Conservative himself, but really Henry you’re grasping at a weak recall of History here.

    That and if you really think you’ll win an argument calling your political opposite assholes, well kudos on proving to most Conservatives that the Left is composed of irrational and hateful pepole.

  27. 39

    oil guy from Alberta

    @Smorgasbord: I bought the Adobe Illustrator and my nephew is going to show me how to build a birth certificate. And not to be outdone, my little niece is making some with crayolas. I praise her constantly.

  28. 40

    Keyser Söze


    Henry, Henry, Henry

    You really need to stop using your own urine as a mouth wash, the ammonia content is having a profound effect on your brains neuron transmitters.

    This entire debate is about what is, or is not Constitutional. In Madison v. Marbury, the court ruled…

    “that a law repugnant to the Constitution is void, and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.”


    This in itself puts all politicians and government employees on notice, they are responsible for supporting and defending the Constitution…the reason they are required to raise their hand and take an oath to that affect. When these people act in a manner which is repugnant to the Constitution and their oath, they can be declared…”domestic enemies”. With this declaration the people have recourse to remove them from their position of power or employment.

    When Bill Clinton and the Democrats passed the assault weapons ban, they all violated their oath and should have been impeached, because in 1939, the Supreme Court ruled assault weapons were perfectly legal to own by the general public. The case involves this moron named Miller, who got caught with a sawed-off shotgun and tried to claim it was his right to possess it under the Militia clause. The court went as far back as 1632 in an effort to determine what weaponry was compatible for use in the Militia and came to this conclusion…

    ” ‘A body of citizens enrolled for military discipline.’ And further, that ordinarily when called for service these men were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.”


    The operative words here are…”and of the kind in common use at the time”…Miller lost his case because sawed-off shotguns were not of current military issue. Under Bill Clinton however, assault rifles of the time are compatible with military weaponry of today and would therefore fall into the Militia clause category.

    So Henry…Bill Clinton and all of the Democrats who perjured their oath with enactment of the assault weapons ban, should have been impeached immediately…not over some silly cum spot on a blue dress.

    HENRY!…some reading material for you.

    Barack started suing banks in 1994 forcing loans for deadbeats. He started the collapse and the NYT tried to warn about it two years before Bush took office.




    Your idiots…Clinton/Gorelick failed.


  29. 42


    @oil guy from Alberta: #39
    It will probably look more real than our illegal president’s.

    What amazes me is that the democrats have had the propaganda media doing their brainwashing of the public for them for so long that they think they can say and do anything they want, and the public will believe it.

    Anyone with an open mind and common sense can see very quickly that Obama’s birth certificate is fake. Then, the propaganda media goes along with ANYTHING the democrats say, and they can say the most outlandish things. I am almost 100% sure that the propaganda media and the democratic party has been infiltrated by those who want the USA overthrown. Since the republicans aren’t doing anything about Sheriff Joe declaring the birth certificate a fake, I have to wonder if they have been infiltrated too.

  30. 45


    Even WaPo’s fact checker gives the president two pinocchios:

    First of all, the president has a rather distorted view of what constitutes a “strong majority” if he thinks the Affordable Care Act vote makes the cut. Not only was the victory achieved by a margin of just a few votes in the House, but the supporters were from only one political party—his own.

    Second, Obama’s remarks implied that the Supreme Court would be acting in extreme fashion by overturning the health-care law. That isn’t necessarily true. Some would say that invalidating an economic regulation isn’t extraordinary at all.

    In fact, the president delivered a sort of factual history lesson on Constitutional law, which he then used as the basis for his argument about judicial overreach. When all was said and done, he had suggested twice that the justices are in danger of becoming the next despicable group of activist judges — like the so-called Lochner court.

    On balance, the president earns two Pinocchios—which means creating “a false, misleading impression by playing with words and using legalistic language that means little to ordinary people”—for his comments about the pending Supreme Court decision.

  31. 46


    My guess (and hope) is that Obama’s words won’t push the Supreme Court his way, but instead, will push any liberals that might have been undecided, to vote the right way, or they would be perceived as puppets of the president.

    That would make a great comedy act: A marionette with a puppet, and the puppet is a marionette running a puppet. Maybe we will see an act like this in a few months. That would be funny to watch.

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