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“Obama’s lecture on the euro crisis … is overbearing, arrogant and absurd.” The Bild, A German Newspaper

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Europeans are underwhelmed with the latest Obama Drama. With the sanctimonious attitude of a faux professor, Obama lectured Europeans on the importance of restoring fiscal responsibility to the European Union.

As humorous as it sounds, the Europeans found nothing to laugh about; in fact, they are insulted and indignant over the presumption of a profligate wastrel like Obama lecturing anyone concerning fiscal responsibility.


Looks like you’re going to have to treat that asthma with a breathalyzer as Obama promised [Reader Post]

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During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama said that asthma was a condition which could be treated with a breathalyzer.

He has made good on that promise. And in so doing, drives up the cost of healthcare.


Democrat Governor Suggests Suspending Elections “To Help Country Recover”

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Bryan Preston calls it the Save democracy…by killing democracy theory. Of courseher office, and some in the press, are already giving her a pass by calling it a joke but I have yet to see any video to prove she was indeed just “joking”:

As a way to solve the national debt crisis, North Carolina Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue recommends suspending congressional elections for the next couple of years.

Congolese soldiers wait at a military base in Rumangabo, Democratic Republic of Congo.    Lionel Healing, AFP/Getty Images

Is the world becoming a more peaceful place?

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Back in 2006 I made mention of the Human Security Report (along with its 2007 update) whose study suggests that armed conflicts around the world, along with genocide and other related fatalities, have been on the decline.

And in spite of current conflicts, including that which involves Islamic militancy and jihad-terrorism, the trend continues. Frankly put, we live on a more civilized, more peaceful globe:


Is AMTRAK A Model Of How High Speed Rail Will Be Managed? [Reader Post]

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President Barack Obama wants to “stimulate” the economy through infrastructure spending. High on his list is “high speed rail.” (HSR) He has even compared this country to China regarding lack of high speed rail. So, with Obama’s desire in mind, I thought a look at AMTRAK and the subsidies it receives might be in order. It can be argued that AMTRAK was not designed to be high speed rail, and that is true. However, I think that it can serve as a good model of how the government will manage high speed rail.


Obama supporters suffer from Battered Wife Syndrome [Reader Post]

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AP put up a news article describing Barack Obama remaining popular because of his “likability.”

“There are a lot of people out there who like the president, who think he is a good, decent person who is trying hard. They may have issues about the economy. They may have issues about the direction of the country. But there are a lot of voters out there who are giving him the benefit of the doubt,” said Mo Elleithee, a Democratic strategist in Washington. “Heading into the election year being well-liked puts him in a good position as he begins to make the contrast with the other side.”


Lessons From The Past, The First Televised Presidential Debate, 9/26/60 Kennedy vs Nixon

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Senator Kennedy and Vice President Nixon engaged in the first televised presidential debate on September 26, 1960, with over 70 million viewers watching. It was the first of four debates and it was focused on domestic issues.

The debate was an historical event: primarily, because it was the first televised presidential election debate, thus initiating television as an important medium in presidential elections and revealing how superficial and shallow the American voter can be regarding appearances, yet how critical or important appearances are in elections.

It can be argued that the visual contrast between the opponents was the defining issue that determined the election.


Flt 93 mother on Crescent jury: “I don’t want to reach out to those people! They murdered my daughter!” [Reader Post]

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Alec Rawls, who has been working with Tom Burnett Sr. to stop the Crescent of Embrace memorial to Flight 93, explains the circumstances (related by Mr. Burnett in 2008, but not published until now).

Mr. Burnett had been telling his fellow design competition jurors that the crescent is a well known Islamic symbol. In addition to the giant central crescent (now called a broken circle) Tom also objected to the minaret-like Tower of Voices. “I made a point at that meeting,” says Mr. Burnett, “to tell people that we have an Islamist design here that can’t go forward, please, stay with me.”