Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

19 Responses to “Black Caucus Receives Marching Orders….Racial Incitement On The Way”

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    This is all the Democrats have to offer? It’s a sad day in America when a party can only run on racial hatred.

    Vote Democrat and keep America embroiled in racial strife and hatred, set America back a hundred years or more. Forget about progress and harmony, the Democrats have their virtual plantation and their designated slaves or serfs. If you don’t accept your position of entitlement and virtual serf, you will be expected to contribute and be a full pledged American taxpayer. What advantage is there in that? Keep your entitled hands out and vote Democrat. The world owes you a living, don’t forget that fact.

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    racist(noun): denotes the opinions of a person with whom you disagree. The disagreement, usually on issues of spending public money, is invariably [falsely] associated with the slavery of the New World, prevalent in the colonies and the early US from 1620 to 1865.
    Racism is now used as an incitement to violence {see Black Panther Party, voter intimidation}.
    If you are contending against racism, nothing you do can be wrong.
    If you disagree with the race-baiters, you are automatically racist.
    Hon Jesse Jackson, Jr., recently revealed that amendment X to the Bill of Rights was adopted to preserve slavery. Who knew?
    And since the Tea Party motto is “taxed enough, already,”, and since being taxed less means a corresponding decrease in the expenditure of Federal funds. calls for reduced taxes automatically constitute racism.
    The reason is clear: certain minorities consider themselves entitled to Federal funds in perpetuity, because of harm done (putatively) to their ancestors in the fifth and sixth degree.
    The charge of racism is bogus, and needs to be clearly identified as such.

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    Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    In a nutshell, it is this:

    Elitist Progressives & Their Dependent Voting Block vs. Middle Class America.

    Now, there’s an elevator pitch for the 2012 elections! Or, it could be updated to ” … Middle Class America, both black and white” (I don’t think the other “differently colored” folks will get squicked about that shorthand).

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    This is all the Democrats have to offer?

    What exactly are Republicans offering to the average American citizen? If we get down to brass tacks, what are the intentions of their special interest backers regarding the following?

    •Social Security
    •Medicaid (as in, nursing home care)
    •Employee wages
    •Employee benefits
    •Employee collective bargaining rights
    •Unemployment compensation
    •Consumer protection
    •Financial industry regulation
    •Environmental protection
    •Public education
    •Infrastructure maintenance
    •Women’s rights

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    Common Sense

    Greg, once again your Kool Aid binge is out of control. Open your eyes to the fact that 0-bama has spent (or should I say wasted) trillions and ruined our country in the process. He’s the President for now but November 2012 can’t come soon enough to get this unqualified racist idiot out of the Whitehouse and let an adult try and bring America back from 0-bama’s distruction. NO need to respond cause your ignorance has already been fully displayed.

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    Greg, how about you tell the readership here at FA where you stand on the CBC’s charges of racism at the TEA Party, and where you stand on the unions declaring war on the TEA Party. We’d love to see your words on that, rather than change the subject each and every time something like this comes up.

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    @Greggie: Ah, our resident troll does the expected and tries to change the topic.

    Well at the risk of letting you hijack this thread, I just have to throw your words back at you.

    You said:

    What exactly are Republicans offering to the average American citizen? If we get down to brass tacks, what are the intentions of their special interest backers regarding the following?

    •Social Security
    •Medicaid (as in, nursing home care)
    •Employee wages
    •Employee benefits
    •Employee collective bargaining rights
    •Unemployment compensation
    •Consumer protection
    •Financial industry regulation
    •Environmental protection
    •Public education
    •Infrastructure maintenance
    •Women’s rights

    Well, let’s see…

    •Social Security – The Tea Party wants to make it solvent.
    •Medicare – The TP wants to also make it solvent.
    •Medicaid (as in, nursing home care) – See the above two answers.
    •Employee wages – The TP wants the market to decide what is a fair wage.
    •Employee benefits – Again, the free market can determine this.
    •Employee collective bargaining rights – In the private sector, the TP doesn’t want to touch this, but in the public sector, there is a definite conflict of interest and wants to limit this in order to stop bankrupting the states’ budgets.
    •Unemployment compensation – Don’t you think 99 weeks is a bit excessive?
    •Consumer protection – The laws on the books are more than sufficient to protect the consumers.
    •Financial industry regulation – The TP wants regulation to regulate industry, not stymy it.
    •Environmental protection – See above answer.
    •Public education – Should be left to the states, the federal government has no business getting involved in this.
    •Infrastructure maintenance – Since a mere 6% of the stimulus went to this, it is surprising you have the balls to bring it up.
    •Women’s rights – The TP is in favor of this.

    Any questions?

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    It looks like Allen West has hit the nail on the head again. His speech about how the lefties want to keep the black folks on the plantantion is right on. They are so brainwashed, they can not see the chains.

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    Theresa, MSgt (ret), USAF

    But weren’t we all lectured during the 2008 campaign that if America elected Mr Wonderful, there would be no more racism and he would bring on a new era of loving thy brother, blah, blah, blah. Ah, that’s right, as long as there is money to be made (CBC/jesse jackson/al sharpton), whitey will always be racist. I guess the only way to truly remove the stain, is to resurrect slavery as it was, but this time any white family whose ancestors owned slaves will be owned by Blacks. We’ll have to go over to Africa and hustle up all the African families of the slave TRADERS who sold Africans into slavery as well, just to be fair. Problem the race hustlers will run in to is that the number of white slave families will be small since most of whitey’s ancestors came over in the late 19th century and didn’t OWN ANYONE. You know, well after slavery was abolished. And let’s not forget who started the KKK, Night Riders, and Jim Crow/segregation – democrats. The genius in the White House even went to grand kleagle robert byrd’s funeral and had nothing but kind words to say about him. At least his racist spouse had enough integrity to stay home. And please don’t tell me he had to go. This is the same individual who had to be coerced into speaking at the American Legion Convention this year and who went golfing right after laying the wreath at Arlington on Memorial Day. He could give a damn about what the President SHOULD do and only does what benefits him or when he can’t get out of something (see Arlington-Memorial Day 2011). His going to that funeral was by choice, racist hypocrite that he is. The democrats are modern day slavers and the CBC/jackson/sharpton are the slave traders.

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    @Theresa, MSgt (ret), USAF: It is too bad we must retire from the military before we can speak our mind. How many of your absentee ballots failed to reach you while you served? How many times did you follow dumb but not illegal orders while you tightly gritted your teeth? How many times did you silently question orders that seemed to defile the intent of the Constitution? Thank you Theresa for you comments.

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    Boy we Tea Party folks sure are inciting a lot of violent rhetoric. We have the CBC against us and now the Unions with the complicit support of the Executive Branch of the US Government. This sure is getting ugly. This really is beginning to freak me out for sure. I know one thing, I live in CA and I sure WILL NOT be putting my PERRY sticker on my car or wearing a Tshirt. I once wore a NOBAMA tshirt in Santa Monica to the beach (and this was in 2008), and boy did I get some nasty comments and stares. All I can say is from here on out the US is going to get mighty ugly. That is what a cornered rat like Zero will do. He has no choice.

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    Missy T

    I have to remark that since Obama came into office we no longer hear about human rights in China and opppressed countries, women’s rights (same issue) especially as it pertains to Sharia Law, Gay/Lesbian vs. Sharia law. All those “progressive” issues were thrown under the bus in favor of muslim “rights” and politically correct speak. There are no such rights in our constitution. In fac there are no words of separation of church and state but as the left has been repeating this for 30 years, people think it actually exists in our founding documents, which IT DOES NOT. The inner city education system is in a shambles but where are the benefits for minorities….down the tubes. We believe all the sound bites and we ask for no accountability; we are broke and we think “hope and change” will prevail. Well it will not. People need to take responsibility for their actions and their future. Stop the class warfare and let’s get back to individuals being responsible for their own welfare and get the government OUT. And, before some zealot asks, yes, I’m okay with social security if you paid into the system, and I’m okay for medicare/medicade for the elderly and infirm, NOT FOR ABUSE AND MISUSE by citizens and/illegal aliens. We should help the elderly and infirm, but not freeloaders. If we got the freeloaders off the dole we actually would have enough money to pay for those who cannot work; other able bodied – get off your butts and start getting useful in society!

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    Nan G

    I was watching CNN (at the gym) when a black author (can’t recall seeing his name) was interviewed about why he thought Obama would not be stupid enough to invoke race during this re-election campaign.
    Another black writer, Jonathan Capehart, is certainly no TEA partier.
    But he had this to say about Rep. Andre Carson’s racially charged words:

    [A]t no point have I heard anyone elected to Congress under the Tea Party banner say or intimate that he or she wants to go back to the days when African Americans “hanging on a tree” was a form of state-sanctioned terrorism that put a de facto limit on the promise of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Constitution itself.
    Unless Carson has evidence to the contrary, I strongly urge him and others inclined to follow his example to knock it off.

    If Obama thinks for a second that he can use race to shame white voters into voting for him after the record he has produced he is going to be very surprised and disappointed.

    Yet that appears to be his plan.
    Obama: “…So we’re going to be in a struggle for probably the next 16, 17 months…the key always is if the American people are mobilized, then change happens.” August 29th, 2011

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    Nan G

    This afternoon, [Sept 7th,2011] the Examiner caught up with Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., and asked him which of his colleagues in Congress wanted to see him “hanging on a tree.”
    Carson said that he was only figuratively accusing his colleagues of Jim Crow racism and homicidal ideation.
    “That wasn’t the intent, ” Carson said.
    “I was speaking figuratively but I was speaking to a mentality that I see that seeks to hurt poor working class people across the racial spectrum.”

    This story broke on August 31st.
    That was 8 days ago.
    It took this guy 8 days to realize he had to amend his remarks?
    I hope I’m not accused of being ”racist,” when I say that he must be stupid.

    Wiki says he joined the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and was detailed to an Intelligence Fusion Center, supervising an anti-terrorism unit.

    You might recall critics of Fusion Centers.
    Fusion Centers accused Ron Paul supporters, Tea Party groups, gun owners, returning veterans and anyone on the right side of the political spectrum of all being threats to national security.

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    Rep. Andre Carson’s ‘claim’ that he was only “figuratively” calling Tea Party members ‘murdering racists’ doesn’t cut it, and the party’s silence on these spurious attacks is indicative that they accept these reprehensible tactics. Such false accusations of racism have become the current Progressive movement’s equivalent of asking a candidate “if they they are still beating their wife.” Until the Democrat “moderates” purge their party of these ideological far-left fanatics, it is they who can “go to hell.”

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