Hollywood Is Not Necessarily A Leftist Propaganda Center

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After the propaganda effort by the MSM to elect the empty suit called Obama, everyone is extremely suspicious of efforts to promote this man of no accomplishment. Thus when the White House gave Sony (a company that just hosted another fund raiser for the eternal campaigner) the supposed top secret details of the mission to assassinate Osama, the paranoia strikes deep; but seriously, is this president that ignorant to publicize top secret data on the wide screen to the world? I don’t think so

There is paranoia over Sony’s movie on Bin Laden; I am not sure it is worthy of our attention. Scheduled to be released a month before the presidential election, Conservatives are convinced it will be an attempt to cast Obama as a commander of commandos type role who couldn’t have been closer unless he was in the chopper and Liberals are hoping against common sense, it will portray the president in a positive light and will make the American public forget the failures of the past.

There are several factors within this dynamic that we as Conservatives and Liberals are ignoring. Propaganda films in the tradition of Goebbels are painfully obvious and laughable by standards of a literate viewer. The films of Michael Moore come to mind and they certainly swayed a segment of the cerebrally challenged, but now they have become cult films for those who are intrigued by the bald faced lies.

We are now comparing directors, Goebbels and Moore, they are considered caricatures of serious film directors. Robert Redford is a serious director who lets his political convictions overwhelm his artistic talent and his legacy will reflect his compromises.

Kathryn Bigelow is scheduled to direct the Bin Laden Film. She directed The Hurt Locker, if you recall there was no political motive expressed in that movie. It portrayed the characters who defuse the bombs in Iraq and she portrayed them in a manner that left the viewer breathless during the intense drama of the action scenes; at least I was breathing hard and my hands were shaking during those scenes. She did it, she showed us the men who do an unsung job and portrayed them as heroes. She didn’t promote the BS like the typical Hollywood Liberal of the Meryl Streep, Robert Redwood tradition of hating everything about America but the money.

In other words, she relied on artistic talent rather than Leftist rubbish to portray our heroes, a rare quality for our movie people.

She has a following and a name that can be developed. Do you really think she will jeopardize her future to make a propaganda movie for a failure like Obama.

A propaganda movie can also backfire on the Liberals and Obama leaving them shattered for decades. The world is not the naive place it was when Gore and Moore promoted their lies to the world.

I may be the only Conservative who feels this way, but I say let Bigelow make her movie. She, the Liberals, and Obama know the gamble of not portraying this mission accurately and the inevitable result of a propaganda movie becoming the laughingstock of the world.

There are many former service men and active military who will be watching this movie with the most critical eyes in the world. You aren’t going to fool these patriots. Let the cameras roll or should I say let the heads roll if you mess up.

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    Curious to know which actrie will play Valerie Jarrett, story remains that she interferred, blocked and almost exposed the mission plans to some foreign press until Bill Daley put her in a choke hold. The rumor has interest and should be further studied.

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