Did We Kill Bin Laden To Bolster Obama’s Image?

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Bin Laden’s role of a master mind of evil trying to bring down the US while living in a series of hi-tech caves was a masterful bit of propaganda that we fell for and now that same manipulation of our imaginations continues with Obama’s pretensions that Osama was still a vital factor in the world of terror, but why?

Obama needs a political boost for his reelection, no one but simple minded ideologues will argue that point, but to build up the image of a pathetic little man who was obviously vainglorious in his searches for himself on his antiquated electronics, does a disservice to the people of the world. His bravado of the past was so much BS, for when he was face to face with the warriors of the great satan he hated so much, he chose to surrender meekly or cowardly, choosing to rely on the good nature and sense of fairness of the evil Americans he despised and in direct opposition to the directives he demanded from the blithering idiots who blindly followed him. Surprise, Surprise, he didn’t get the royal treatment afforded so many examples of his class of cowardly scum from the bowels of the earth.

Shot down like the mad dog he was, to die with half a brain on the filthy, disgusting floor of the so-called mansion, he lived in with his vile wives and evil brood, none of whom had the temerity, decency, or hygiene to sweep the floor that became the death bed of Osama. He chose to live like the animal he considered “unclean”, the pig. However, the pig doesn’t have the ability to clean the floor. Osama and his harem with their brood of future haters and terrorists had the ability to clean the floors, but chose instead to live like swine of their own free will. They lived in their own filth without making the slightest effort to improve their lives when they literally had nothing else to do.

Calling this hovel a mansion only fuels the myth and image of Osama the Terrorist leader, it was a toxic hovel that few Americans would have considered sleeping in under any circumstances; yet, we add color and fantasy to the vile and ugly truth, for the pathetic benefit of Obama’s status as a hero for killing this comic book myth of a man Osama.

He was a broken man who had long outlived his usefulness, except to keep contaminating the world with his subhuman seed to hopefully produce more pieces of toxic human waste to plague the earth.

Yet, because Obama must polish his image of the giant killer, to insure his reelection, the Myth of Obama is fed by promoting the myth of Osama.

In the interest of winning the War on Man Caused Disasters, the image of the squalid and pathetic life of the headman of the Man Caused Disaster movement should be exposed to those who sacrifice themselves for the greater glory of the top pig, so they can get an accurate glimpse of the true nature of the ultimate leadership to whom they entrust their lives. They then may have doubts as to the legitimacy of this supposed martyrdom and the kindergarden virgins awaiting them; especially, after imagining the image of Osama relying on women to protect him as he so meekly and cowardly surrenders.

How many of us openly believed that the fearless and relentless Osama died in a hail of gunfire with resolute and deadly SEALS: only to learn that Osama did nothing, but submit like a lamb to slaughter to have half his brain blown away in classic biblical retribution. This is the cowardly vision of Osama that needs to be forged into the doughy brain pans of impressionable Muslim men and women who dream of 72 virgins or goats or virile young studs for the women.

Obama needs to stop contributing to the lies and legend surrounding the Myth of Osama and portray him accurately to the world and admit that we didn’t kill a dangerous terror leader, we just handed out some good ol’ whup ass to an old enemy that deserved to have his brain blown away. Continuing the myth only heightens the fear of weak Americans; thereby, unwittingly accomplishing the goals of Osama more effectively than he could himself.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

31 Responses to “Did We Kill Bin Laden To Bolster Obama’s Image?”

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    oil guy from Alberta

    Heard some transcripts from 60 Minutes that promoted the man made disaster. Gutsy and 72 versions. Leni Riefenstahl where are you?

  2. 2

    Hard Right

    My understanding was that when he didn’t surrender and made a “furtive” movement he was shot. Considering that for all the SEALs knew he was booby-trapped, I don’t blame them.

  3. 4

    Nan G

    If Osama was killed to bolster Obama’s image his death was ill-timed.
    Osama needed to be killed a week or so before the Nov 2012 election for Obama’s bump to do him any good.
    I saw a political cartoon the other day: Obama standing there cheering the death of Osama next to three newspaper stands with headlines about HOUSING slumps, UNEMPLOYMENT numbers and GAS prices.

  4. 5



    HR, with all due respect, we have heard so many lies and if the truth is among them, that means the rest are lies.

    If Osama wanted to go out in a hail of gunfire and if he lived with his trusty AK at his side like he wanted the world to believe, he could have probably taken down a SEAL or two before he bought the farm, but he didn’t. It was all a ruse.

    Thank goodness, no SEALS received wounds, if Osama wasn’t a myth, they probably would have suffered at least some casualties. “A furtive move” when your henchmen have already been killed? we must be careful not to fall for the Obama lies as well. (Technically, a question mark can be used in the middle of a sentence for effect)

    Neither Osama nor Obama live up to their myths if Osama weakly submits to summary justice. No I have nothing to base this on but human nature and the nature of horses, which isn’t that much different. With horses you can breed cowardly natures with great predictability and understand their reactions. Without going into detail that could qualify for another article, let’s say I am basing my assumptions on the behavior of cowards. Use your imagination on that one, please. I am alive and in pretty much one piece because I have studied the reactions of cowards and anticipate them. Not that all horses are cowards, by any means, it’s just that many people must breed teem to feel superior so there are many cowardly horses to study.

    The SEALs will never speak out; consequently, Obama has the green light to mold this story in all the glitter and glamour he can paint on himself. I am putting my self out on a limb more precariously than usual, but these are my opinions. Again, with respect HR.

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    Nan, the sands of time don’t cooperate as efficiently as a compliant press. Waiting could have created a bigger problem than the anticipated bump. It would have been more beneficial to have the raid closer to the election, but beggars can’t be choosers. You can bet that since Obama has accomplished one thing during his tenure that is appreciated by almost every American, he will be looking for that American Al the Locksmith and I hope he finds him, I don’t care when he puts a round between his running lights, I am pulling for Obama on this one!

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    I think that we, as a country, could have garnered many, many more positive effects from this mission, if we’d only KEPT OUR DAMN MOUTH”S SHUT!

    First off, we could have kept our involvement in UBL’s death quiet, even with the wreckage of a helicopter within the walls.

    Second, we could have seen just what kind of ‘allies’ we had in Pakistan, whether they covered up the results, or announced to the world the death of UBL.

    Third, the intel gathered from the mission could have been used, in secret, to out UBL’s most common associates, without the forewarning to them that their methods of communication were jeapordized. This could have led to even more big time terrorist captures or kills, assuming of course, that UBL was still in the planning circles.

    Fourth, the unknown of who actually killed UBL, and how we finally found him, would have instituted waves of trust issues within the AQ ranks. I’m sure that the ‘chatter’ heard by our intel guys would have led to more outings as well, as AQ leaders around the world would have been burning up the lines trying to find out just where their overall operation was compromised.

    Those are just a few thoughts on this, and why we should have kept quiet. As for Obama, I don’t believe that he could keep quiet, considering his recent polling numbers, and his narcissistic mentality, required him to shout “Look at me, look what I did”, to the world. A more thoughtful person would have looked at the issue more objectively, and reasoned that the long term benefits for our country, by keeping quiet, outweighed the short-term benefits to their own political career.

  7. 8



    JG you just wasted an article on commentary. You are exactly right, on all your points. We don’t see SEALs walking around like Banty roosters with three balls, no way; the country and the mission are foremost on their minds, they leave it up to the politicians to muddy up the water.

    It’s not too late, develop the story line or angle, it might be blasted all over the net. I like it.

  8. 9

    Mos 8541

    The killing resulted in a media frenzie…brainless opie did not give the order for the SO..he is too stupid. The HP assassination was very ill timed…Smile America you got screwed again. Who is going to pay for the clean up after the “payback” collateral damage..Gibb’s rule #45..clean up your mess…the only people who will pay will be every American and in the end it will be with their life first, than the big increase in “taxes” to pay for this major swrew up.

  9. 10

    rich wheeler

    J.G. You have certainly taken Ollie’s ideas and run with them.
    Mos 8541 example of ODS at it’s worse.I say good riddance to OBL AND CREDIT TO ALL FOR A JOB WELL DONE.

  10. 11

    Mos 8541

    The collateral damage is going to be high.. every American will pay for it..many with their lives, the rest of us via taxes and fraud funds..Ask the big ears, brainless opie who is going to pay the bill for the collateral?

  11. 13



    President deserves a “Salute”, but as always the “WELL DONE” goes to our military with special kudos to the SEAL Team that carried out the successful raid. It was a Head job pure and simple, my concerns are the strategic timing. Beyond all the hyped up ObamaNoise the truth remains for further scrutiny. Osama was held up in that three level hovel for a long-long time, that sty was lived in and occupied before the series of events started; first) he’s there, second) they (CIA) know, third) he (O’BingoGame) knows, four) they (Fox and Conservative news forces) know; thus, O’BoingBoing had to alternative but to move now. Behind all the hyperbole he had no choice, the timing could no longer be delayed. The photo of the room full of faces is just that a staged scene-shot of a room full of faces. If O’BlastingCap had his strategic druthers the raid would have been timed later and the outcome (Osama’s brains in a bag) would have been (Erik Holder) different.

  12. 14

    James Raider


    On the money again. The organization which Bin Laden funded, grew so many independent tentacles, and he was so effectively “hunted,” that he had to hide, almost to oblivion. It was a necessary hit but Bin Laden’s significance dissipated years ago.

  13. 15

    James Raider

    @johngalt: #7,

    By nature I enjoy maintaining anonymity wherever possible, and I also believe that flapping one’s lips rarely leads to anything positive, so my inherent tendency is to wholeheartedly agree with you.

    So much more could have been gained from a low-key strategy, rather than the chest thumping, ball spiking, we have witnessed from the President, although I’m also convinced that any President would have done the very same thing, but with more credit placed where it was due, . . . with the military, with the Seals, and with Panetta. I’m no fan of Panetta’s, but on this one, it looks like he made the call, against the Obama marionette handler Valerie Jarrett’s will.

    The Seals delivered the Military a much needed boost.

    I agree with your sentiment that over the Long Term, a restrained approach could have yielded great benefits.

    There is always time to “brag” in the future, once all of the data and knowledge have been analyzed, from the haul recovered in the operation, and any resulting strategies implemented.

  14. 16



    I cannot take credit for the ideas. I first heard them from Ollie North, the other day when he was on Hannity’s radio show. As usual, Hannity was more intent on slamming Obama for ‘spiking the football’, as it is being known, but I couldn’t agree with him, much as I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. J on that particular issue. But I DO agree with Ollie North, who has made some very brilliant points to consider on this. The only credit I would take is linking Obama’s narcissistic personality to his “Look at me, look what I did” moment, over any consideration for the possibility for the usage of the info gathered to further damage AQ worldwide. An article? Maybe by someone else who has more experience at it. Possibly you?

  15. 18


    @rich wheeler:

    J.G. You have certainly taken Ollie’s ideas and run with them.

    I guess that I have. I would ask you if anything I stated is absolutely wrong. Other than, of course, my opinion of Obama choosing to use UBL’s death for his own gain, rather than the possible use for further damage to AQ.

  16. 19



    JG, once Intel becomes common knowledge, it is no loner intel. Even admitting the existence of intel compromises the intel itself. Right now contributors, terrorists, sympathizers are scrambling to make themselves scarce. Thus ruining the greatest part of the raid. They didn’t need to be killed just observed to learn the total picture and like a big drug raid on organized crime, on a certain night we land on them like sledge hammers on toes and effectively wipe them off the face of the earth. This is the advantage we compromised for PR and campaign fund raisers. I doubt that we will ever have another opportunity as rich as this one might have been. Please, I know no more about Intel than any other low level grunt from my era, but some things are just common sense. Like every Israeli Citizen, we are all front line soldiers in this war against Man Caused Disasters. Janet our fearless Homeland Security Expert has told us we are the first line of defense. I take my role seriously, it might just keep me alive one day. Unlike most, I don’t fear terrorists: I like kicking ass at the proper time.

  17. 20



    By the way JG, if you think you can’t publish with the crew of English profs here at FA, you are selling yourself short. Oil up that key board and sight in on the 500 yard line, you’ll do just fine.

  18. 21

    rich wheeler

    J.G. RE skooks endorsement ” I second that emotion”
    RE. Col.North A GREAT MARINE
    A decent political analyst
    A poor politician losing to fellow Marine Officer Chuck Robb in Va. Senate run

    Would have been very hard to keep OBL kill quiet. Would add I don’t think far right North would have suggested Bush admin maintain secrecy.AQ guys are worried SEALS could appear in their grille at anytime.I LIKE THAT. Collateral damage minimal,Psychological gains huge.
    IMHO No purpose in over thinking this one. Outstanding job

  19. 22


    @rich wheeler:

    J.G. RE skooks endorsement ” I second that emotion”

    Thanks, I think. 😉

    Mata stated something similar, about keeping the lid on this not a likely possibility, and while I agree that it would have been hard, it’s not impossible. And those AQ guys, worried about SEALS in their grille, are probably pretty scarce as of this moment, hidden into their own secret hidey holes, but still able to accomplish mayhem. I would have liked us to at least attempt to use the info gathered for further destruction, even if we eventually found it not possible. At least an attempt would have been made. And yes, I think it likely that Bush would have opted to go that route, although it is entirely possible that he would have done the same as Obama. Reagan wouldn’t have, and showed numerous times that some secrets should be secrets, at least until the advantages of the secrets have gone away.

  20. 24



    JG, Rich is serious. He is a Lib, but he knows as well as me that a one party system becomes stagnant and fails. We need people with original ideas and perspectives to step forward, they can’t be afraid to be slapped in the face now and then, and they should accept victory with dignity. That my friend is about all we can do while debating politics in our own microcosm at FA.

  21. 25


    your thoughts are mine; you stated it nicely!

    Obama’s chest puffing killed the credit of our military’s role all together. The behind the scenes backslapping video of Obama, Biden etc was ‘amateur’ and appalling. Obama’s narcissism was on full display! If he were able to delay this (if it’s even true, the spin just doesn’t add up, its more wagging the dog for me personally) until October 2012, he would have. Reason being is that he knew beginning in 2009, confirmed pretty much in August of 2010 serves as proof to me.
    His hand was forced due to wikileaks etc.. among some other add’l reason.

  22. 26

    rich wheeler

    Skooks #24 EXACTLY I came to this site to learn more about the principles of Conservatism from people like Word,Mata yourself and J.G.I will also defend certain liberal principles when I feel they are being misrepresented. As a former Marine I certainly like the pro military stance engendered here and I want to assure all there are patriots like Jim Webb in the Dem column.
    Keep up the good work Skooks!

    Calli #25 Are you calling OBL kill “wag the dog” and “facts don’t add up”.How so?

  23. 27


    What a pathetic rant. Conservatives are now bemoaning the death of Osama because it happened on the watch of Obama and Obama cano no longer be accused of being weak or indecisive. Conservatives look small and petty and look to be rooting against the USA. Keep it up and Obama wins a landslide in 2012.

  24. 28


    Never let a good crisis go to waste….!
    If you do not have one – CREATE ONE….!
    obama knows now that he is not well liked…!

  25. 29



    That is NOT why we are criticizing Obama. Nearly all of us conservatives here are quite happy that UBL is finally taken care of, no matter who is President now, and most of us have given Obama at least a modicum of credit. Read the responses here, in this article, and others at FA, and you will see why their is criticism put forth.

  26. 30

    Hard Right

    I hate Emo wussies. The males want to look like girls and are almost as masculine. Go away and get back to cutting yourself already.

    BTW, will Greenpeace sue for polluting the ocean with OBLs body?

  27. 31



    At least they are whining about Obama over the death of Bin Laden as opposed to the many many posts regarding the pathetic birther debate. Obama can do nothing right to please the right. And why bother – they are never going to vote for him.

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