Shocking! MSM Ignores Leading Democrat Instructing Other Democrats On How To Spin Media

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Remember JournoList? That email list consisting of various liberal MSM members who conspired to get a certain message across to readers and/or viewers? That list is now supposedly defunct but you have to wonder, especially when news of Chuck Schumer’s remarks during a conference call are all but ignored by the MSM. He was overheard briefing fellow Democrat lawmakers how to belittle and denigrate conservatives.

Jennifer Steinhauer from the Times was one of the few to write a few syllables on it:

After thanking his colleagues — Barbara Boxer of California, Benjamin L. Cardin of Maryland, Thomas R. Carper of Delaware and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut — for doing the budget bidding for the Senate Democrats, who are facing off against the House Republicans over how to cut spending for the rest of the fiscal year, Mr. Schumer told them to portray John A. Boehner of Ohio, the speaker of the House, as painted into a box by the Tea Party, and to decry the spending cuts that he wants as extreme. “I always use the word extreme,” Mr. Schumer said. “That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.”

And use it they did:

“We are urging Mr. Boehner to abandon the extreme right wing,” said Ms. Boxer

…Mr. Carper continued with the theme, referring to some House Republicans’ “right-wing extremist friends.” Mr. Cardin decried Mr. Boehner’s giving into “extremes of his party.” Mr. Blumenthal closed by speaking of the “relatively small extreme group of ideologues” who are “an anchor” dragging down the budget negotiation process.

Somehow, someway, this isn’t news to our unbiased MSM:

Tuesday’s nightly newscasts on NBC, ABC and CBS all skipped the story. On Wednesday, Good Morning America, Today and Early Show did the same.

But they found other more important news to cover:

…ABC program did cover breast-feeding dolls and whether it’s “too much too soon.”

CBS’s Early Show featured a former girlfriend of the late JFK Jr. She informed viewers that kissing him was “magical.”

NBC’s Today covered a conversation between two babbling babies.

Amazing how this happens eh? News of Boehner uttering something like that would be blasted from one end of the media spectrum to another but not so much when its uttered from someone, and some party, they root for.

I mean he is basically TELLING the other members what to say…don’t answer the question, just spin it somehow with “tea party” and “extreme” in the same sentence.

I have a feeling that when Marco Rubio wrote:

…demagoguery is the last refuge of the spineless politician willing to do anything to win the next election.

He was picturing Chuck Schumer.

But why were these marching orders given to Schumer anyways? Andrew Stiles has some thoughts:

[Schumer] has been unrelenting in his badgering of House speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio), urging him to “abandon the Tea Party” and cut a deal with Democrats ever since 54 Republicans rejected a short-term spending resolution over the objections of GOP leadership. The only alternative, Schumer says, is a government shutdown.

Indeed, Schumer has also been the most outspoken rabble-rouser over the prospect of a government shutdown, or rather, in his view, Republicans’ determination to bring one about.

GOP leaders have repeatedly stated their opposition to a government shutdown, and more importantly, their actions have clearly confirmed this position. But Schumer has continued to insist otherwise until only recently. Now he has taken to accusing “extreme elements” within the caucus, namely the Tea Party, of actively pursuing a shutdown to the detriment of a “good and honest man” (Boehner). One Republican source tells National Review Online that it is the Democrats who would like nothing more than to see the government shut down. “It’s practically their only strategy at this point,” the source says. “They refuse to cut spending and they think a shutdown would benefit them politically by turning the public against Republicans.”

These suspicions, harbored by many on the right, were seemingly confirmed on Tuesday by the extraordinarily candid remarks of Howard Dean, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, at a conference panel organized by National Journal. Dean said that if he were still head of the DNC, he would be “quietly rooting” for a government shutdown, because of the political damage it would likely inflict on Republicans. “From a partisan point of view, I think it would be the best thing in the world to have a shutdown,” Dean said.

And right on cue comes the news that Democrats and Republicans may have come to a budget deal, replete with a whole 33 billion in cuts, and some kind of nuclear option written in for “next year”

Before you throw up your hands and decide that it’s third-party time, though, here’s a bit of breaking news from The Hill: “Senate Republicans will finally unveil their balanced budget amendment tomorrow, this time with leadership (I.e., McConnell) on board.” That’s the way they’re going to sell this to Republican voters, I guess — by accepting a deal on this year’s budget and then going nuclear on the next, replete with entitlement reform and a BBA.

Marco Rubio:

Americans have built the single greatest nation in all of human history. But America’s exceptionalism was not preordained. Every generation has had to confront and solve serious challenges and, because they did, each has left the next better off. Until now.

Our generation’s greatest challenge is an economy that isn’t growing, alongside a national debt that is. If we fail to confront this, our children will be the first Americans ever to inherit a country worse off than the one their parents were given.

…In a few weeks, we will once again reach our legal limit for borrowing, the so-called debt ceiling. The president and others want to raise this limit. They say it is the mature, responsible thing to do.

In fact, it’s nothing more than putting off the tough decisions until after the next election. We cannot afford to continue waiting. This may be our last chance to force Washington to tackle the central economic issue of our time.

“Raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.” So said then-Sen. Obama in 2006, when he voted against raising the debt ceiling by less than $800 billion to a new limit of $8.965 trillion. As America’s debt now approaches its current $14.29 trillion limit, we are witnessing leadership failure of epic proportions.

I will vote to defeat an increase in the debt limit unless it is the last one we ever authorize and is accompanied by a plan for fundamental tax reform, an overhaul of our regulatory structure, a cut to discretionary spending, a balanced-budget amendment, and reforms to save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

…Whether they admit it or not, everyone in Washington knows how to solve these problems. What is missing is the political will to do it. I ran for the U.S. Senate because I want my children to inherit what I inherited: the greatest nation in human history. It’s not too late. The 21st century can also be the American Century. Our people are ready. Now it’s time for their leaders to join them.

Conservatives understand the MSM is against us. They will ignore a smoking gun soundbite from a Democrat like Schumer but go apes**t over a similar one from a Republican. But it worries me that they can’t hold tough on a small pittance of a budget cut. How in the world do they expect us to believe they will hold tough to a nuclear option next year? Yes, I understand they are stuck in between a rock and a hard place but the demagoguery from the left will still be there next year. The MSM will still be in the pocket of the Democrats. And Schumer will still be instructing Democrats what to think so how does “wait till next year” make sense?

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    I’ve got a message for all you republicans; Don’t give up, we support you!

    I pray that god smacks some sense into these irresponsible individuals in the white house.


  2. 2


    There are natural laws of God and men. It matters not what men do to reverse the impact of those laws, eventually, the laws prevail. I believe there is some good in most men (and women). There is a time in every person’s life where they account for their lives. If you recall, even Ted Kennedy spent big bucks in an effort to atone for the sins of his life as he lay dying.

    One of my observations while in Iraq was the real reconstruction and change would be accomplished by the women of Iraq. Those women saw our women soldiers treated as equals on the battlefield. When the various media became available to them, they saw that Muslim women are treated poorly in many parts of the World. I did not think they would stand for that. I do not think the spin the media places on important issues will continue to fool most of the population in the US or the World.

  3. 3

    James Raider

    When the synapse challenged at Huffington’s trash writing web site use this as a lead-in, . . . “Marco Rubio refuses to take sides on a major issue, indicating he might eventually want to run for president as a Democrat,” . . . you know they are concerned with him.

    And then they can’t help themselves from continuing with abject stupidity:

    The Florida senator told reporters in the Capitol today that he will not endorse a Republican presidential candidate until the rest of his party settles on one. Naturally, this inability to take a stand or exhibit leadership skills has reporters buzzing that he might one day take a stand and lead the country. “I’m going to stay neutral,” Rubio said. Of course having the youthful and vibrant (and not to mention Hispanic) Rubio on the ticket would spare any number of leading Republican contenders from having to lose weight, get botox, or learn how to properly pronounce words for a Spanish-language ad intended to downplay their desire to send undocumented immigrants back to where they came from.

    (Shhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell national Republicans, but running a Cuban-American is actually not gonna automatically win them the rest of the Latino vote. There’s kind of a history there. Don’t worry about it, fellas.)

    Perhaps Rubio should throw his hat in the ring. The clowns are afraid of him already.

  4. 4


    @Randy: I know I’m stating the obvious but the media is not responsible for the debt being created by people who are less fiscally responsible than the average collage student. They hold public office and I do not. That’s unfortunate. I don’t mind when people don’t like me, that’s life for me, I would be happy to cut the spending by stepping on a few toes. I wish that people served there country before there reelection campaign.
    That’s a really interesting point about Iraq. How have women’s issues changed since the years we have been their? Have we advanced that part of our culture to the women of Iraq? Honestly, I have heard nothing but media spin on the subject.

  5. 5


    @Zac: As I watched the demonstrations in Iran and Egypt, there were so many women involved. I think it may tak a generation, but I really think the women of the world will not stand for second class citizenship in many of those countries. I think arranged marriages will be minimized as well as acceptable punishment of women by their husbands.

  6. 6


    @Randy: I hope to be in the middle east when my papers get processed at the citizenship office. I’m pretty exited. Everyday I hear more good news about what we have done their. The media has tryed to undermine the great accomplishments, like that.

    Like you said: “I do not think the spin the media places on important issues will continue to fool most of the population in the US or the World.”

  7. 9


    The fact that the MSM has chosen to use this as another way to not only spread their hatred for our entire system of government, but to further foment turmoil as to the differences between the left and right is not only demoralizing but to me completely unpatriotic! That the MSM would ignore the spiteful words of one of their leaders is just SOP and has been for years now! Ignoring something like this is just another way of misleading the electorate or as I say, Lying to us!

    Repeat from an earlier post! Who made the following quotes? “How fortunate for governments that people they administer don’t think. The broad masses of a population are more amendable to the appeal of Rhetoric than any other force. Make the lie Big. Make it Simple, and eventually they will believe it.” The answer: ADOLF HITLER . ” Lies, Lies and more Lies! That’s all these Marxist/Leninist wanna be dictators (I purposely used that term just to tick off you libbies out there) have as ammunition now.

    And what do so called reporters politicians and other leftist hacks get once they’re caught (in this case, open ignorance as to asinine remarks by a Democrat)? NOTHING, other than a pat on the back from the left for vilifying an opponent enough to cause them harm! One has to give these jerks credit though. They are performing their duties in the highest tradition! That is if one considers the likes of Pravda, Tass, maybe our friends in Venezuela, or any other totalitarian regime an ideal. Funny thing though, once the powers that be get what they want, the MSM is expendable as a so called Free Press. What the hell though. Journalists today have more than proven that not only are they in the tank for the hard Left, but they apparently never bothered to study history. If they had, they would know theirs is a precarious perch at best!

  8. 10

    L. E. Liesner

    I think that this was a setup to get the Republicans fired up and off message. The Democrats know the MSM will only say what they want them to say, so they can talk openly and without fear. This is way to much to do over nothing. Planned, staged and ececuted by Schumer and the boys.

  9. 12


    Obama sets a very, very low bar for winning the award for transparency.

    Shh! Obama gets anti-secrecy award

    President Obama finally and quietly accepted his “transparency” award from the open government community this week — in a closed, undisclosed meeting at the White House on Monday.

    How did his team do it, you ask? Well, let’s see the most recent example that VP Biden has given us.

    Er, we made a mistake… Vice President’s aide apologises to journalist locked in a closet for hours during fundraiser

    An aide to Vice President Joe Biden has apologised to a reporter who was locked in a closet for hours after he was invited to cover a Florida political fundraiser because they did not want him talking with the guests……….

    Read more:

    And the reporter? One of only one covering the fundraiser, and only allowed out when Biden and Nelson were giving their prepared speeches. Is this the kind of transparency we are applauding now, as a nation?

  10. 13


    I have made my Republican Senators and Representatives aware that if they did not support drastic cuts and more fiscal spending that I would work to make sure they had new careers next election. I have recently recieved letters from McConnell about how he understands our concerns and that he is going to do more to cut spending. Now lets see if they take the warning seriously.

  11. 14



    I have recently recieved letters from McConnell about how he understands our concerns and that he is going to do more to cut spending.

    Until we see actual action by the GOP, as an entirety, and not just a handful of conservative voices, I’m not gonna hold my breath for them. $33Billion? That is a paltry 2% of the projected deficit. Or, .1%, that is POINT ONE PERCENT of total estimated federal spending.

    Looked at another way, the amount of federal spending for fiscal 2011 is just under $1Trillion MORE than it was for 2008. And a $33Billion cut? Somewhere around a 3%cut of that spending increase.

    We want to see hundreds and hundreds of billions in cuts. Is there any conceivable reason why spending should have increased to such lofty amounts under Obama? Other than the tired “he inherited the economy from Bush” theme?

  12. 15


    Maybe the propaganda media isn’t commenting on Chuck Schumer’s comments because they possibly have had such conversations amongst themselves, and possibly democrats. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    What The Tea Party Patriots and other Tea Party groups need to do is have another contract for them to sign, only this time they have to have a clause that states what bills the politician will introduce. If they don’t introduce the bills or cosponsor them by a certain date, then the contract is also there resignation notice, effective on that date. The contract would also state the politician would have to vote for the bills when they come up for a vote or it will be their resignation notice. Just because you introduce a bill or cosponsor it doesn’t mean you have to vote for it.

    I’m tired of giving to politicians who promise one thing, then, after they are elected, it’s politics as usual. We need to start putting non-politicians in office and term limits.

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