Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta Receives The Medal Of Honor

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Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta became the first living recipient of the Medal Of Honor since Vietnam today, and it’s a reward well deserved. The ceremony is below. Obama did ok in presenting it and Sal Giunta is obviously a true hero who doesn’t believe he deserved it. In fact at the 10 minute mark Obama notes how low-key Sgt. Giunta is about the MOH and brings up the fact that Giunta’s Captain stated he lived up to the memory Audie Murphy:

60 Minutes did a great profile of Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta:

The Army did an excellent webpage on the Staff Sergeant and below is another video done on his story:

There are so many acts of heroism that go unnoticed today, but today our nation recognized a great hero and rewarded him for his dedication to his friends and his country. It’s so awesome to see the MOH awarded to someone still alive to receive it.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    I watched the 60 minutes piece on him. It was emotionally draining listening to him, and probably likewise for the rest of the people who saw it who served time in the armed forces of our country. I felt as humbled as he was when spoke about those that have given their life being more of a hero than he is.

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    Ima Wurdibitsch

    On good days, I remember that being a defense contractor means that I’m doing what I can to produce a safe, sustainable, maintainable and effective system for our Soldiers but on bad days, I get bogged down in the bullshit and beauracracy of my job. I find myself frustrated by things that, in the long run, really don’t matter.

    About a year ago, my parents were selling their house and moving to a condo at the beach. They had to get rid of a lot of belongings. I asked for and received my dad’s old army helmet and it now sits on the bookshelf in my office to remind me just why I’m at work every day.

    I will remember Staff Sgt. Giunta and these videos. He is, despite his protests, a true, American Hero.

    Thank you, Flopping Aces, for posting these.

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    Treasure that helmet, Ima! It is a piece of history to be proud of, I played with my dad’s stuff as a boy, broke and lost everything, that’s a boy for you. I wish I had something like that helmet. I am happy and proud for you!

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    What a shame this true hero was given a medal by a man who hates the United States, everything she stands for and the military.

    Would it be too much to ask that we not turn this into a politicized bash-Obama thread and simply honor Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta, given the MoH by the sitting U.S. president?

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    Sorry Wordsmith, but I’m going to have to side with disenchanted on this one. I about wanted to puke seeing the O shake hands and then give a hug to this soldier. A hug. Props to President Obama for awarding this MOH to a derserving soldier.

    It sickens me to see that this MOH was awarded by such a small man. This president is reduced in the presence of true character. No cheap shots here… just disgust in the holder of the office mixed with the honor of the ceremony and the character of the recipient.

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    TSgt Ciz


    I love the good SSgt’s final comment in the 60 min piece.
    If it doesn’t move you, then get checked for a pulse before you begin to rot.


    Maybe it is too much to ask,,, ;~) Perhaps if you create a separate thread you can move this comment there.

    I so wanted to remark that this was the first time in 2 years that I listened to the POTUS without my skin crawling. And in truth the first time through I appreciated the POTUS comments and presentation.

    However, having heard it three times now, I am itchy over how many times the POTUS felt he needed to point out that he was the CIC. Perhaps if I hadn’t read this article: then maybe I wouldn’t bristle so. I just feel a little queasy that someone who is the antitheses of SSgt Giunta should appear to be trying so hard to claim some of his honor.

    Then again. Maybe I am being overly critical.
    It’s possible.

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    @TSgt Ciz:

    Maybe it is too much to ask,,, ;~)

    Hey, I figured as much, but it never hurts to ask. 😉

    People are free to express their opinions, but again, I’d rather just honor Staff Sgt. Giunta without polluting the thread with political divisiveness. Plenty of other threads to make it all about Obama.

    Just my opinion. Carry on as you will, everyone.

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    I’m in agreement with the others.

    I find it ironic that the MoH was awarded to a man who IS a true Hero, by a man that THINKS he’s one.

    Also that it was awarded by a man who detests the very existence of the recipient. He must have been choking on all those laudatory words that he spoke…

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    This is Giunta’s moment. He earned the medal over there, to him and his buddies, it doesn’t matter so much who awards the medal. He is a humble and honorable man, who will outclass anyone who awards the medal, especially a loser and cowardly thug like Obama.

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    Guinta is very deserving of the MOH. He is a hero. A shame he had to receive the award from that Communist MFer that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. However am sure the late Col Robt. Howard MOH is smiling down on SSG Guinta for a job well done.

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    The small-minded, mean and petty comments here about Obama giving a medal to a war hero says more about you commentators than it says about Obama.

    For those of you into reading, Sebastian Junger’s book “War”, published before the medal was awarded, tell the complete story of the ambush and what happened. It is also an otherwise excellent book.

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    Ima Wurdibitsch

    I found that watching the videos in the order they appear on this page was quite refreshing. While, like other posters, I had a couple of negative thoughts, I made the decision to not focus there but to focus on this wonderful hero and our other brave Soldiers.

    Skookum, thanks for the kind words and thoughts about my dad’s helmet. I’ve been declared the family archivist and while I’m minimizing and streamlining in every other part of my life, those military momentos and such will always have a place of honor.

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    Hey Rich, If you’re going to talk smack, at least have your own house in order.

    It’s SSG Giunta, not S/Sgt Giunta. He’s in the US Army, not the Marine Corps.

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    rich wheeler

    THEBRONZE Thanks for correction on SSG Giunta.A great SOLDIER.
    OT2 “clowns” referenced were specifically and only those on this post who used it to take political shots at the POTUS.Didn’t accuse nor expect you’d do that.

    Patvann Wonderful news for you and your family.This Monday I’ll be on base at San Onofre where we’ll be distributing about 1100 turkeys with all the trimmings to Marine families.As mentioned I live in San Clemente and would love to greet you and yours if you have the time. A.C. has my cell and I’ll ask him to send it to you.

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    Old Trooper 2

    @ rich wheeler, an old saying, be on target and be careful what you ask for.

    I don’t take anything personal. However I do wish that Obama has spent 13 weeks at Parris Island, for the sake of diversity or the 12 weeks that I spent at Ft. Benning to qualify for Ranger School. Then off to Somalia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan twice and Iraq. The use of the terms ‘clowns’ or ‘cons’ from anyone puts an edge on things that puts a bad taste on a discussion. I’d avoid that in the future. I am not a Democrat or Republican as neither has anything to offer me. I am an American that knows first hand the cost of Freedom.

    WE Jumped into Kandahar to liberate an airhead and destroy some Taliban. The Marines showed up a year later. Take it for what it is. Some of US have multiple deployments and don’t take kindly to “Clown”.

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    rich wheeler

    OT2 “CLOWN” As you know I’ve been called a lot worse here at F.A..Generally I laugh and consider the source.Have a great day Colonel.

    USMC First To Fight

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    TSgt Ciz

    This clown finds it amusing to listen other folks argue about who is *FIRST THERE* for the fight. Especially when they arrive via an established air head.

    This clown reserves the right to comment on the content of anyones speech *ANYTIME ANYWHERE*. If you don’t like it, I can help you find a fresh rope to go piss up.

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    rich wheeler said:

    Word Like S/SGT Gunta I consider you a class act.The rest of you clowns, not so much.

    Really, rich? And what, pray tell, makes the rest of us “clowns”?

    While I never put boots on the ground, as Old Trooper and TSgt Ciz have, I spent ten and a half years in service in the Navy, sacrificing personal gratification for the honor of serving my country. And while, as I stated, I never put boots on the ground, I reserve the right to comment how and when I wish to.

    Now, as you can see from my post in #1, I restrained myself and made no comment about Obama presenting the medal. From my standpoint, the only “clown” in this thread is the one calling other’s names for their post content.

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    I am very proud of Sal. I met him in Basic Training C Co 2/54 4th Platoon {Raiders} Ft. Benning GA. but I am more proud of the fact that what he did I would expect that from him as well as him to me than of him winning this award. You meet many soldiers throughout your career, some maybe shitbags, some maybe decent guys, some maybe gun ho! Those who are gun ho are just full of hot air cause when it comes down to it they are the first to buckle. Those guys who are decent are the guys who u count on to get the job done they end up being great soldiers. So if someone would have asked me what Sal have done in this situation? You damn right this would of been the outcome an I expect this from him as he would have answered the same an expected it out of me. No one is proud to accpet this award which is the highest award there is, BUT you can be proud of the honor it brings from the courage u gave an Hear him out when he says everyone deserves this award with him That is Selfless Service an THATS what the ARMY is about. Congrats buddy.

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